Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield Trivia - Round 5

Round Five of the Cloverfield Widget Trivia has begun.

Here are the questions [and answers]
1. What is the record-high listing price, in dollars, for a single apartment in New York City? - 70 million
2. What creatures turn into man-eating monsters in the 1950’s film, THEM? - Ants
3. Which of the following films is credited with being the first to feature a robot? - Metropolis
4. What weapon did Gort the robot use to attack humans in the 1950’s film, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL? - Laser eye beam
5. In approximately how many years will the Sun die out? - 5 billion years
6. Who wrote and directed the 1973 film, WESTWORLD, about an amusement park of robots gone bad? - Michael Crichton
7. What was Marlon Brando’s character (Dr. Moreau) infamous for doing in the film, THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU? - Turning humans into animals
8. Between 1789 and 1790, New York City was which of the following? - The Capital of the United States
9. The opening scene to what classic horror film was shot in Iraq? - The Exorcist
10. Who was the creator of the original DAWN OF THE DEAD? - George Romero
11. The southern tip of Manhattan – covering approximately 25% of the island’s land area – lies above which of the following? - A landfill
12. Who starred in the monster-hunting film, THE OMEGA MAN? - Charlton Heston
13. Where was the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON discovered? - The Amazon
14. Which of the following does New York City produce approximately 27 million pounds of daily? - Garbage
15. Dr. Zaius is a character in which of the following films? - Planet of the Apes
16. Which of the following films did not originally come from a Steven King story? - The Exorcist
17. Which of the following planets is not named after a Pagan God? - Earth
18. Where does Carrie get her revenge in the film, CARRIE? - School prom
19. When France gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA in 1886, what was its original name? - Liberty Enlightening the World
20. Manhattan Island was originally inhabited predominantly by what Native American tribe? - Algonquin


  1. yay! dennis is back! missed ya buddy

    and does this mean the arg continues?

    first post?

  2. Hey, i just had a theory!

    What if there's a sequel, and its from the Whistleblower's point of view?

    That'd give us a few answers, AND be awesome in a more sci-fi espionage kind of way.

    I also wonder if Teddy is really dead, and if he may have been the whistleblower, but that could just be conspiracy theory.

  3. I have gone to see the movie a couple of times and this is just a theory but has anyone entertained the idea of more than one monster in the movie? The reason I ask is that the monster at the end seemed smaller and almost looked nothing like the monster that pulverized manhattan. Another thing is the bridge scene when the tentacle destroyed the bridge....the monster in Manhattan didnt have any "visislbe" tentacles. Lastly the statue of liberty sits in the the monster went to Manahttan and then got back in the water to destroy the bridge then back out to keep destroying manhattan? Just some observations and totally loved the movie

  4. I thought the monster destroyed the bridge with his tail. go figure.

  5. 1st-monster swims from sea and tears off statues head than destroys tanker causing explosion while rob and them are on the rooftop...

    2nd-throws head and then we spot him in the streets

    3rd-monster gets spooked (probaly by the people) and gets back in water than destroys bridge with TAIL!!

    4th-if you look carefully his tail is visible throughout

    5th-he looks smaller because of the new view of him, its just a mishap, theres only one monster guys just one and his little ticks that are crawling all over the place...

    p.s.- if you watch cloverfield online, at about 7:37-7:39 you can see jamie on the right side of the screeen dancing you can tell its here by her brown dress, blonde hair, and shes wearing high top boots...jus an fyi guys

  6. There is only one monster..

    Can the multiple monster theories please end.

    The monster is the same size throughout, it is only the different angles and depth of shots that make it appear any different.

  7. Ice T came to speak to my university as a part of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. During his speech, he talked about things he believes in. (He's a great guy who speaks his mind.) Among God and ghosts, he said he's scared of monsters. "Monsters...that's some scary shit. I'm scared of monsters." He said he saw Cloverfield and it was awesome! He also told everyone to go see it.

    After his speech, I got to talk with him about Cloverfield. He mentioned that it would have taken them longer to get to different parts of New York City but that it was a great movie. His wife, Cocoa, was especially interested when I told them there's a backstory. Ice T said he'd spend way too much time looking if he started. Props to Ice.

  8. now we just need to name the monster.

  9. DANNY,

    thats right, I was kinda bummed it had no name. But I realize the concept of the movie and concede that naming the monster during the movie, would be stupid, since everyone is so freaked out. "something very bad" and ALSO something very bad was Totally hilarious!

    Cant think of a name though.

  10. There were easily 2 monsters your deceived.
    Here are the slight differences between them but make them separate but still are the same type of creature.

    Creature attacking the city
    -Was the size of a skyscraper, which would indicate that its at least 500ft or taller, also the main cloverfield website even indicates that a monster the size of a skyscraper attacks.

    -The monster stretched out even with its arms was like a couple blocks. The Monsters feet also were large enough to cover and crush an entire Tank.

    -The monsters mouth was basically able to consume any human being with one bite even if it wasn't trying to it would of swallowed a human whole

    Creature in Central Park
    -It was clearly visible that you could see around this creatures body in the camera shot, except the arms were not visible.

    -The monster looked to be about 25 to 30ft tall, and its body was fully extended in the air as if it was looking off in the distance it wasn't even crouched in any way.

    -The monsters mouth was visibly clear that it would be able to consume a human being in one bite, it didn't to hud, also its feet were not even close to the size of crushing a tank.

    Also as they are dragging rob out of the helicopter there are Jets still flying into the city and bombing, you can hear the explosions, then another appears behind him. I believe there were 2 on those reasons of perception, sure your opinion may differ but to me its pretty undeniable.

    I was thinking about that too... Only thing I can come up with is that the monster can JUMP FAR! The shots of the monster 500 ft tall were of it walking on two feet. Maybe it has two modes, BIPEDAL, and crawling? The part where the 4 are on the roof and they just gotBeth and she sees it coming... the monster was crawling. Remember the helicopter scene? They didnt feel it jump because it probably jumped after the helicopter as it spiraled down. The jets flew by, but no bombs. The monster has at least 6 arms/legs. The two back ones are muscular. The top two near the head are for crawling/attacking. The two others look like support arms for when it crawls. I thought I saw a scene where the monster was holding itself upright with two long arms.
    You could see the monster because maybe Hud was like 300 feet away and he zoomed? Could be the camera has a wide angle shot when you pan out (reverse zoom/wide angle). Look at the camera on sale at Ebay, that thing has a WIDE ANGLE Lens that makes my videocam's wide angle look puny.

    No tanks near it, or any building, just sky, so its tough to determine scale and height. The reason for 2 heads, could mean the thing morphs when pissed off, and looks different calm/curious? It seemed like it noticed Hud there, realized Hud was human, or smelled funky, and ate him? It did seem like the thing was hunting HUD. Perhaps its sentient and read HUD's mind or heard him celebrate in the helicopter? Maybe they had BAD LUCK. LOL. I DONT KNOW!

    That being said, I am not 100% sure. Its possible there are two monsters. MAYBE there were two monsters, MOMMY and Kiddo.

    Read this I posted this on another comment section:

    The key to it is that the monster was a baby. The monster was suffering from separation anxiety and was absolutely disoriented and pissed, "where's mommy?", and terrified. That was the most important aspect of the creature. Not only was he furious and in a rage but he was scared, because to me there's nothing scarier than something huge that's spooked.

    THE KEY LINE THERE.....WHERE'S MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So either that interview was bunk, or there's mommy......I think maybe Tagruato has Mommy prisoner. Or the Mommy thing was a metaphor. It sounds like the kid monster was the only one attacking if you read the interview, he always says Monster, not monsters. Everything is singular. So we'll need more interviews to clear things up!

  12. Oh yeah I forgot, I swear the monster had another set of teeth/jaws inside its mouth. You see it when it eats HUD. I could also swear it holds itself upright with two big legs (ones that smash the tank) and another set of arms. Also its funny that the myspace page of Hud says he's 2 feet 6 inches tall. Dont know if it got hacked? all of them were updated on 1-18-08...

    Dammit I gotta see it again...LOL.

  13. Also to add to the 2 monsters could it grab and fling the statue of libertys head, then 5 seconds later appear in the middle of manhattan? I know its big but still...

    And also the bridge scene..i SWEAR i saw a tentacle hit the bridge but when i saw the monster had no tenticals but a tail i was like wait..cuz i thought i saw suction cup things on w.e hit the bridge..

  14. First off the one the camera that is on sale was used for the movie, but as the movie itself we are watching it from just a home video camera you would buy at best buy, your not going to carry around a 10,000 dollar camera or however much it is, especially the size of it carrying around it would be ridiculous, so don't look at it as its the camera they used for the movie.

    Also our brains can scale things by looking at them even from point of view, I'm on my way to see it a third time, and at the end if you are paying attention and listening there are giants flying into the city still and blowing dropping bombs, while another one comes up behind them. Also the tail on the creature looks like a tentacle in the shot on the television when they are in the electronics store, but later int he movie you can't really see it that well. Also the only question anyone asks is about the Monster in the city destroying things not about the monster in central park.

  15. sorry i had a bunch of grammar errors in that. It also wouldn't matter if it was a wide angle shot he was not 300 feet away because he still had to look almost completely straight up, plus the camera was not zoomed in when he dropped it to help pull out rick it was all one continuous shot.
    He picks up the camera looks forward while picking it up, you can see underneath it and see its tail extending backwards and see the end of it and you can see under it, there are little arms coming out of its chest like you would see on the Alien Queen from Aliens, and the chest is not even nearly as large nor is its head nearly as large as the one destroying the city. If reeves confirms that there is not a 2nd one then I will believe it even tho it will be hard cause that is one messed up point of view then.

  16. I'm new to the sight...
    Ever since I saw the movie with my bro he and I both agree that there were two monsters. I think the one that was destroying manhattan was a female, because of the smaller creatures. The creature in central park must have been male, because of the lack of smaller creatures. Also, in the animal kingdom the female is usually larger than the male. I also thought the creatures seemed buglike...

  17. About monster size: When Hud falls out of the monster's mouth, he falls for several seconds. If the monster was only 30 feet tall, he would take about a second to fall. So, the amount of time he fell indicates that it's the giant one, but the camera just screws it up.