Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cloverfield and Lost

There is a Lost easter egg in Cloverfield's opening sequence. Eagle eye viewers will notice a Dharma symbol, similar the pearl station logo from Lost.

There is also a strange Lost coincidence with Beth McIntyre. She shares the same last name as Hugh McIntyre, the Communications Director for the Hanso Foundation. However, he was killed in the Lost Experience.

Interestingly, there is also an image of the Statue of liberty head from Cloverfield hidden in the new Lost ARG -

If you haven't been following the Find815 ARG, you still have time to get caught up before Season 4 of Lost begins on January 31!

Here is a summary from Lostpedia:

The storyline revolves around an Oceanic IT technician Sam Thomas who is intent on finding his love, Sonya, who was on board Oceanic Flight 815 as a flight attendant. Sam has been active in campaigning against the airline's decision to cancel searching for the flight, disgruntled that they wish to move on and resume business. The player learns of Find 815 through a hacked video placed on the website.

BTW, This ARG is HUGE, and way more of a "game" than the Cloverfield ARG. If you are interested in playing along, or just catching up, check out the Oceanic Conspriacies blog.

And once Season 4 of Lost begins (Jan 31st!), come on over to my favorite Lost blog - - where we discuss the episodes each week.

* Thanks to anonymous for the screenshot.
* Find815 photos from
* Thanks to Thomas S for emailing about Beth.


  1. Hmm...connection, or simple cross-promotion? (Personally, I'm leaning toward the latter, but who knows?)

  2. Ha, I noticed that image when I saw cloverfield to! I told my friend, but he just kinda looked at me funny.

  3. I hope there's a connection - then I'd actually start watching Lost. lol

  4. i guest i'll check it out, never really watched lost


    Could it be this symbol?
    Station 7: The Slusho?

  6. I have to say, if all of what's left of the Cloverfield ARG is just a way to get folks to tune into LOST and the LOST ARG I'm going to be mighty unhappy.

    It'll be a huge slap in the face sort of like when Ralphie gets his decoder and Little Orphan Annie tells him to, "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

    I'm not a LOST fan at all, just never got into it and won't even bother now that they're into their 4th season. They've pretty much guaranteed themselves little to no new viewership since all of the seasons and the ARG tie in together. It's impossible for anyone (with an actual life) to play catch-up.

  7. I dunno shesaid.... With the way that LOST goes for months and months with absolutely no new episodes, it would be pretty easy for the average curious viewer to catch up using the DVD's. I didn't start watching until the beginning of this past season (I watched the previous seasons on DVD during those long breaks.)

  8. I love lost,and I love cloverfield
    but if they were somehow connected it'd be kind of a letdown.
    I don't think this means much of anything,but I may be wrong.

  9. So, my idea is that before they started doing ocean drilling, Tagruato was doing the kinds of things that have been shown of the Dharma Initiative on the show. This would kind of explain the weird monster/smoke thing in the jungle. It seems that whatever Tagruato touches turns into a evil killing monster!

  10. I don't think there is a connection. Just a simple homage to Abrams' work I'm sure, and a little wink to the Lost fans watching the movie.

    And if you haven't seen LOST before: DO NOT START AT SEASON 4. You will be...for lack of a better term...lost.
    Do yourself a favor and rent or buy the DVDs. If you can make it past the twist at the end of the 3rd episode, you'll be hooked.

    Mark my word.

  11. I knew I saw a DHARMA logo. I never got around to checking the Internets to see if I was making things up. Glad to see I wasn't going loopy.

    I'm sure there's no connection intended, but it certainly lays the groundwork just in case. Same thing with Heroes. They're all buddies.

  12. I dunno. I hope beyond hope that there IS a connection...but that's just because I'm a huge nerd and that could lay groundwork for LOST to reveal some stuff about the background of Cloverfield (LOST taking place in 2004 and Cloverfield in 2008 or 2009.) I dunno. Apparently, that's just me.

    Deep down, however, it's probably nothing more than simple cross-promotion.

    And by the way, I was a LOST skeptic myself, until I watched all 3 seasons on DVD over Christmas break. Now I'm hooked.

  13. i might need to start watching lost again.

  14. you can watch the first three seasons on if anyone is interested, but I've been following Find815 and I just can't see how they could link.
    JJ always messing with us.

    theres also a star trek site up also if no one has mentioned it.

  15. I think that, just like the Slusho connection in the viral marketing, he is placing all of this material in the same universe.

    So, Alias, Lost and Cloverfield are all in the same reality.

    Now, just think. Maybe the new Star Trek picture is set in this same universe. If it does well, then Abrams may remake Star Trek 4. Then we get to see the crew come back in time to pick up the Cloverfield monster and bring it to the future.

    Then, of course, it would communicate with the interstellar cloud things and have it kill all of humanity.

    End of Start Trek.

  16. i will ask for a refund if lost has anything to do with this. i gave lost a chance but things didnt work out between us. someone would have to tell me the lost clues if there is any the pertain to clovie

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  18. It would be so trippy if there were links between the island and seabed necter, or Tag and Dharma.

    But then again, I'm a LOST geek.

  19. Mike said... Nope, that's 'shopped. The Dharma logo is NOT in that graphic in the actual movie. First of all, I would have noticed it when I saw it in the theatre 'cause I'm a nut like that. Plus the bad camcorder copy that I saw on my friend's computer doesn't have the logo there.

    The Dharma logo IS DEFINITELY THERE, I've seen it. It only appears for a second, which is probably why you missed it.

    FWIW, I don't think LOST is "connected" or related to Cloverfield in any way, I think these are just fun "easter eggs" from JJ.

  20. Lost is actually really good.

    I used to be one of the people who reckoned it would be absolutely terrible, and I never ever watched it on TV. My sister bought the first 3 seasons on DVD however, and I caught flu so I was off school for a week.

    Managed to get all three seasons watched within a week and now i'm hooked.

    Only advice I'd give to someone new to lost is be patient and never watch it on TV.

    The commercial breaks will drive you insane and you need to watch at least three episodes at one sitting I'd say.

    There's only something like 48 episodes left of the whole thing anyway because the next few serie's are shorter. That's what I've read anyway.

    But yeah I'm not watching Season 4 on TV, waiting for the DVD box set. :)

  21. JJ said in an interview that there is no connection between the two, but there are several "shout outs" to Lost that fans will appreciate. I was sad to not pick up on a single one the first time I saw the movie. I am hoping to go on Monday, so hopefully I will pick up on one or two this time around.

    I agree with the above posts about watching the DVDs of Lost. I got my in-laws hooked, my brother-in-law hooked, he got his girlfriend hooked, and my wife got her best friend hooked all by loaning them season 1 on DVD. Same goes for Alias - anyone who hasn't seen Alias just needs to watch the first two episodes to be hooked. You can completely ignore season 4 of Alias if you wish without much problem.

  22. While i should say i can only hope the 2 are intertwined, i KNOW in my heart this is the monster on the island. No wussy smoke nano-being, THIS is what ate that pilot in the... pilot.

    And it would only make me happier and happier to see the tiniest of references to any of this in one of the Hatch's we havent discovered on the island yet. Damn you Dharma Initiative. Damn you to hell!!!!!

  23. Mike: Dennis is correct. I will vouch for him. I said to my g/f right after the movie that I thought I saw a DHARMA logo in the opening frames.

    It's most definitely there.

  24. Hey guys do you think it will be a little to late for me to start watching Lost? I saw one episode and i thought it was pretty cool..i just don't know if i will understand the show if i start watching it now.

  25. Kevin said... Hey guys do you think it will be a little to late for me to start watching Lost? I saw one episode and i thought it was pretty cool..i just don't know if i will understand the show if i start watching it now.

    No, it's not too late, but I would definitely start at the beginning with Season 1, instead of jumping into Season 4.

    As xtremdelt8 says: "Do yourself a favor and rent or buy the DVDs. If you can make it past the twist at the end of the 3rd episode, you'll be hooked."

    And Ereen also points out: "you can watch the first three seasons [for FREE] on"

    LOST is one of those shows that benefits from watching all the episodes together as a set, because there are story lines that run thought the whole season.

  26. Simply put, I have no interest in LOST and definitely not enough interest to try to play catch-up with 4 seasons. I work three full-time jobs with one of them being a night job -- I just don't have the time or the interest. I watched two episodes of LOST season 1 and was bored off my rocker.

    As I said earlier, it will be a let down if the remainder of the Cloverfield ARG is just a big commercial for LOST. Enough that I would probably not go see a sequel/prequel/concurrent filming -- whatever.

  27. She Said said... As I said earlier, it will be a let down if the remainder of the Cloverfield ARG is just a big commercial for LOST.

    I don't think that's the case at all, don't worry. It's just some random "shout-outs" to Lost fans. In fact, the "ARG" hasn't mentioned Lost, AFAIK.

    She Said said... Simply put, I have no interest in LOST and definitely not enough interest to try to play catch-up with 4 seasons. I work three full-time jobs with one of them being a night job -- I just don't have the time or the interest. I watched two episodes of LOST season 1 and was bored off my rocker.

    No one is forcing you to watch Lost :) However, I will say that considering there is a writer's strike going on, there's not going to be much to watch on TV for the forseeable future, so this is an excellent time to get caught up on TV shows you might have missed.

    She Said said... I watched two episodes of LOST season 1 and was bored off my rocker.

    Horses for Courses.

    BTW, What TV shows do you watch?

  28. LOST is my favorite show
    CLOVERFIELD is one of my fave movies
    CONNECTION is a possibility
    AWESOMENESS??...Hell yes

  29. I take it back, upon further review, the logo is there... it appears just before the scene switches... dang.

  30. What's "AFAIK" mean? I thought I was all caught up on my internet abbreviations. :)

  31. I came to a connection with Lost, when I was thinking about why the date in the movie was so unexpectedly in May. I thought there has to be a reason behind it, since they could have easily changed it to any other date. Well I remembered what happened at the end of Lost’s last season, and it seemed like pretty bad news for the survivors. Then I thought, what could have happened, didn't that air in May? Then I found that the last episode was on May 23rd, the day the monster was attacking.
    I can't see how this would be coincidence, and started letting my mind wander. Then I thought this island is very secretive, with many experiments being run within it. There was an electric forcefield around the island, until Locke blew it up. There was something within the island, covered in black smoke, which sounded chained up, and had very long arms. What if the island was harboring the monster from underneath, and the pressing of the button was very important, to keep the monster inside, until Locke forced it to blow, allowing others to capture it, or unleashing the monster into the ocean.....just a deep thought to wonder.

  32. Dennis asked: BTW, What TV shows do you watch?

    None - I don't have time.

  33. Thanks, roe.

    Also, that's an interesting insight, ddogg. That's the kind of connection I don't mind. I'm not a Lost fan, and I probably won't become one...but as long as the movie can stand on its own, and still have a connection like that, I'm fine with it. Doesn't change anything about the movie, which was awesome on its own--with or without all the viral stuff. Sure, it'd be kind of disappointing if this just turned out to be a big Lost commercial...but I can still enjoy it.

  34. LOL

    I guess it doesn't matter then ;)

  35. Yeah, I'm one of the few not affected by the writer's strike except that I work as a horror fiction editor and a program director for a horror convention. But even the bit of problems the strike has posed there have been minimal (so far! fingers crossed).

    Hey, thanks for keeping up this site by the way! It's been a wealth of information without the attitudes I've seen elsewhere.

  36. Horror fiction editor = desensitized to more subtle forms of suspense.

    And pardon me, but three full time jobs? Is one of them "sleeping"? You do know there are only 24 hours in the day.

    8 + 8 + 8 = 24

    /was told there would be no math

  37. Heh, my jobs overlap.

    One is as an overnight emergency veterinary technician.

    I work as a pet sitter. Not to be confused with a dog walker -- I do long term visit in people's houses. Sometimes they go away for a weekend, sometimes a month or two and I just move into their house. rarely in my own home and can visit upwards of 6 houses a day when I'm extremely busy and then I work for a horror search engine as I said above, which I can do anywhere. My laptop goes where I go.

    Essentially I'm getting paid to do two jobs at the same time at almost any given moment (the exception being when I sleep) I sleep maybe three hours a day (if I'm lucky) In other words, I get paid for every minute of my life.

    I love what I do. =)

    I also don't consider myself desensitized. One of my favorite writers is Kealan Patrick Burke who is a master of "quiet horror"

    He's far more about atmosphere than blood guts and gore although I make no secret the fact that I do love me some grue.

  38. I definitely e-mailed you about the ARG connection last month sometime, but I'm glad you finally have it up on your site.

  39. I'm not doing the Lost ARG, so maybe I'm a bit confused as to what's going on or something... But I see the lamp-post and the shop-fronts...but I don't see the statue's head in the photo. Is it there?

  40. Hey it's my screenshot!!!!!!!

    posted in this Board first:

    credit it please to Strandkorb ;)

  41. Hey, i just checked on the darma symbol and went frame by frame and have the darma symbol in full view and it is only there for 3 fremes that is why most people didnt notice it. Aim me if you want a copy of it.

  42. ok so connection is totally legit

    ABC might have told LOST that they could only do 2 more seasons so they decided hey we can just make a movie and intertwine them and just continue in movies