Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield Action Figure

The Hasbro Toy Shop is listing a Cloverfield action figure that can be pre-ordered now, but won't ship until September 30th. There's no image of the monster yet, but the description has all the juicy details:
Cloverfield Movie Monster product imagery unveiling is coming soon!

Cloverfield Monster Features:

* 70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
* Authentic sound
* 14” tall
* 10 parasites
* Two interchangeable heads
* Statue of Liberty head accessory
* Special Cloverfield collector’s edition packaging

In conjunction with the launch of the highly anticipated CLOVERFIELD movie release, Hasbro, in a partnership with Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, has produced a super-articulated and highly detailed limited collector’s edition Cloverfield Monster.

The Cloverfield monster is available exclusively through HasbroToyShop.com. Reserve your Cloverfield monster today to have the opportunity to receive it when it ships later this year. Limited quantities are available.

Cloverfield TM & © 2008 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

* Thanks to Brian L, Robbie S, and Andres G for emailing me this.


  1. They are just going to put 10 little tics in the packaging... or at least that's what it's going to look like if they use the same scale.

  2. September 30th--i bet i'll forget i had ordered it!

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  4. sorry for the double....but...

    "Two interchangeable heads"

    possibly clearing up confusion of there being more than 1 large monster?

    I still have doubts though...gotta see the flick again

  5. Ok...$99.99 and no image of what you are getting? I loved the movie, but I want to see the thing I am spending that kind of money on

  6. i've seen the movie 3 times already and im convinced theres only uno gigantor in this everlasting picture show

  7. Hey HIGGINS,
    I saw the movie again because I had that same problem. I thought the monster morphed or something. I knew there wasnt two monsters. I think when the monster is calm, it looks like it was before it ate HUD, and when it's pissed and scared, the jaw and mouth become unhinged or something and the face looks more pointy (triangular), and I can swear that right before it CHOMPED HUD, I saw another set of teeth/jaws within its mouth like the movie ALIEN. The monster has an upright mode, and a crawling mode (faster movement)

    For better monster pics:

    Check out this link, they have a good pic of the monster and some sketches.

    I also think (not 100% sure) HUD got chomped in half, because I heard chomping noises, and when the camera was "falling" all I saw were teeth.
    I think they edited out his blood and guts as well as the dialog to make the PG-13 rating.
    I DONT THINK HUD IS ALIVE....LOL. Some people have suggested that. I also think that JASON IS DEAD. Before he dies, he LOOKS STRAIGHT UP, then SLAM! DEAD. Plus I dont think he would survive if the tail missed him and he was tossed into the river.

    By the way, If anyone wants a recording of the end mystery clip, let me know I have a copy. There's also a download of ROAR! cloverfield overture on the Facebook Official site (look in the forums).

    I have a program that can reverse the clip at the end, and it does IN FACT say ITS STILL ALIVE!. The original audio sounds WEIRD. I think they threw that in, because someone did spectral audio analysis on "ITS A LION ITS HUGE". If you analyze it, it doesnt say a thing in original format. You must reverse it.

    Hey Dennis, can you post some debunking on people's crazy theories. Lot of people out there are mis-informing others, and posting things without proof, etc. and many many are being misled. Many are confused about the 1-18-08 .com pictures and the ACTUAL MOVIE TIMELINE. I personally think the movie is set on May 23, 2009.

    There are many more clues coming in after the premier, a good one is MARLENA's PHONE NUMBER on the CD, but maybe thats a HOAX? I called it and got a weird message though.

  8. forgive the double post

    but if anyone knew or didn't notice HUD was bitten in half--check out his myspace profile---his height is changed to 2'6......the monster must have hacked his profile and changed it for him....

  9. some interesting links:

    ROAR! Cloverfield overture download:
    Found it on FACEBOOK Cloverfield site:

    Also, this article intrigued me.

    The key to it is that the monster was a baby. The monster was suffering from separation anxiety and was absolutely disoriented and pissed, "where's mommy?", and terrified. That was the most important aspect of the creature. Not only was he furious and in a rage but he was scared, because to me there's nothing scarier than something huge that's spooked.

    THE KEY LINE THERE.....WHERE'S MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!! The baby looks for MOMMY! or mommy is dead. LOL.

    He says that the monster was white? DIDNT it look GREENISH BLUE? Weird.

  10. Hey URRICC,

    If Hud is 2'6" tall,
    That means Jason should be about 0'2" tall after that tail slam...LOL.
    you can definitely hear Hud's bones being crushed/chomped in the movie.

    I think we'll see Hud chomped in half better on the Directors cut DVD or special edition one with the "ACTION FIGURE". I think they toned it down to get a PG-13 rating.

  11. Wow, smokey...that link has some truly terrible drawings of the monster on it, lol!

    I agree that I'll have to see a preview pic of this thing before I order it. Also, I'm hoping they make a cheaper version for those of us who...you know..are poor. ;)

  12. haha....the director's cut will reveal that beth had a HIDDEN VIDEO CAMERA and will get to the bottom of what her and "Travis" did after Robs party

  13. hey smokey can i please get that coney island clip?

  14. I wish the figure came with an exploding Marlena made of sponge material that you reload by soaking it in red liquid.

  15. *shakes fist* hey, i emailed it to you too! at like 10pm! *goes into a corner and sulks*

    heh. j/k. i can't wait for a picture of it...

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  17. REEVES SAYS: "The monster was suffering from separation anxiety and was absolutely disoriented and pissed, "where's mommy?".....

    Could it be that "mommy" is what we see in the last picture on 1-18-08.com? And in the nightvision picture, that's the attack on the mother monster?

    Tag killed whatever it was that took down Chai....but what they didn't know was that there was another..and the monster from the movie is sooo pissed because it can't find it's mother......

    How 'bout that?

  18. @higgins

    the thing is, considering the effort they had to go through to kill the monster in NY (that evidently didn't even die), i think it's highly unlikely that they killed the mother in the ocean. not only do i think that maritime fire power isn't going to be as effective as what they threw at the one in NY, but if the ocean is the monsters natural environment then those boats would have had little to no chance against a fully grown monster.

    also, i must have missed a post. where does it say they killed the thing that took down chuai? i assumed it just bled out alot.

    how about this for a theory: the monster at the chuai station and new york are the same monster. the drilling platform was destroyed for whatever reason and the navy blasted the crap out of it afterward. they injured it enough that the tagruato was able to capture the monster and tow it to NY using one of their oil tankers (shown at the end of the prequel manga), where it broke free near the statue of liberty, capsized the tanker, and wandered onto land completely disoriented and pissed. this still leaves the mother out there somewhere.

    i still donno how the satellite fits into all this. until someone puts up a looping .gif of the crash in the ocean i'm still not convinced this is an alien. i really hope it's not. it'd be somewhat of a cop-out i think. i also don't like the idea that the monster is only like it is now because it fed on the seabeds nectar. i think the nectar is linked with the monster in much the same way the sand worms from dune are connected to the spice.

  19. also, i donno if anyone has heard this, but the facebook group has been throwing around the idea that the reason marlena 'esplodes is because the parasite venom is somehow pure concentrated seabeds nectar and that the rapid cell growth caused by the nectar caused her stomach to burst. personally i think this is bunk, because i would think that cell growth is different than cell expansion, and even if this were true then we would have also seen rapid tissue growth as well, meaning she would have gotten BIGGER too, not just expanded. also, if it was nectar concentrate, one would think marlena would have been super friggin happy all the way up to the popping.

  20. with all this stuff about may, and the figurine being released in september (WTF?!?!) i think there will be a sequal around may and prehaps a prequal around september. The sequal will prehaps have a second monster (mommy seeking revenge on what hurt its baby?) hence why the two heads. Speculation of course since i havnt seen the movie yet.

  21. JAY, I'll upload the RAW original "unreversed" clip and post it on boomp3.com tomorrow.

    Here is the first guy I've seen that reversed the clip:

    It was EXACTLY the same thing I got on my audio after reversing it.

    EVERFALLING AND HIGGINS, great comments...dunno about Mommy, maybe Ganu has her locked up at another drilling site? Or momma is dead? I'd think those sacs on its head (breather/smeller) would be a HUGE WEAK SPOT? Maybe its super flexible and strong? Dont know. I just thought the MOMMY thing was key.

    I agree with Everfalling about the facebook theories. They're strange. Maybe its venom, or something that liquifies you, or eggs, but injecting seabed's nectar? Could seabed's nectar is mashed up parasite? MAYBE, but thats a HUGE MAYBE? If its a growth stimulant, then yeah marlena would have grown huge, then blown up. Maybe too much SBN will make you blow up? I know that the parasites bite slows bleeding, because a bite that huge would make you bleed to death. Maybe the venom/saliva has to be pretty tough to penetrate the monster's skin thats bomb proof! I agree, venom/toxin must be strong to affect a huge creature! SO a bite to us would be fatal. Someone said Imagine a bee as big as a dog, it would suck if you're stung...reminds me of that futurama episode...lol.

    All I know, getting bit, BAD. Why Marlena only got bit out of the four...mystery. also very unlikely. Hud was being dragged away, he should have been bit too!

    WE NEED MORE INTERVIEWS... LOL. They seem better than the viral marketing.

  22. Guys,

    Definitively it had or there is still another monster, I remember that I saw clearly in the Chuai Station that there were tentacles getting entangled in the columns of the platform and when they were shooting him....

    Just Thoughs....i still have more questions than answers...

  23. Hi Dennis,

    you know surely, that Cloverfield comes to Japan in April 2008 as 破壊者 (Hakaisha, "Destroyer").

    But perhaps you don't know about that cool Cloverfield related merchandise:
    check it out:

    Cloverfield picture changing postcard. With recording of the Monster's "rroaaarr!"

    Here is a link to the swf-file: http://www.04-05.jp/ticket/ticket.swf

    I want it. Cool
    P.S. I'll post it to Unfiction asap.

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  25. Check out JJ's production notes on his site. http://www.jjabrams.net/showthread.php?t=190

    The idea of a singular monster is talked about through several pages. Not monsters, plural.

    Also, from the production notes, and I quote, "The concept for the monster (affectionately known simply as “Clover” in-house) is simple, says Abrams. “He’s a baby. He’s brand-new. He’s confused, disoriented and irritable. And he’s been down there in the water for thousands and thousands of years.”

    This is consistent with the monster being in some form, perhaps an egg or something down in the ocean, that was recently awoken by something else.

    Also, I believe the timeline of the ARG is meant to lead upto the day NYC is attacked in the movie (even though the movie dates are off, I think that is simply a release date issue).

    The Chaui station was destroyed a couple of weeks or more prior to the attack on NYC.

    I don't have a problem with it being the same monsters. A 1000 miles is nothing for some whales to migrate in a few weeks, I doubt it is a problem for the Monster.

  26. Dang it, I can't edit. I said monsters in the last line of my post, contradicting myself. *cry*

    I meant to type, "I don't have a problem with it being the same monster."

    I burned myself. Go figure. :p

  27. Question, if it's going to take until September, why are the quantities limited? And $99? I have to wonder how much of that is the actual item and how much of it is price gouging because they know at least a few dedicated individuals will buy it at that price.

  28. price gouging or not im trying to talk my mom into getting me it for my birthday. only problem with that is from april to september ill be staring at pictures of it bitching about how i cant get it.

    wouldnt it be kinda cool though if it came with some extras they dont mention? like some other footage or something?

  29. After I saw the Japanese changing postcard, I'm starting to think that if the two interchangeable heads could actually be of SoL instead of the monster. It also comes with SoL head accessory...

  30. Never mind, the two heads are of the monster. According to Hansbro's press release, "The figure also comes with two interchangeable heads, each depicting one of the Monster’s moods: calm or agitated." So, there you go...

    If you want to read the full press release, here's the link:

  31. I like the idea somebody mentioned earlier about the pissed off baby monster theory. It perfectly parallels the manga which was posted, of the boy whose mother is killed. The final panel shows him locked in a closet and getting angry, swearing revenge, just at the same time as we see the monster rising out of the water. This could explain that the ships are attacking and killing the mother on the 1-18-08.com photos. And to placate the single/multiple monster debate . . . the monster which ate Hud may be responding to the distress of the one which trashed the city. That way when they're united they can say they're sorry, hug and go back to drinking Slusho.

  32. Guys $99 is probally the pre order price i have bought alot of stuff that online before it came out and after it did the price dropped, so i think the real price should be $80 because they will mass produce these and there are a few cloverfield fans that would pay that much for one(i would though).
    But why are they only hasbro.com exclusives.. this movie isnt going to be the U.S Godzilla if they dont put toys where little kids can reach em. Well by the sound of this toy its a collectable and they will have smaller cheaper toys at stores like walmart and toysrus pretty soon.

    i dont remember ever getting this happy for a... toy...do you guys?except the original transformer toys.

  33. I'm bummed. I was really hoping McFarlane would get to do the monster figure. Then we'd know what kind of quality to expect!

    Plus, $99? Maybe if it was a Weta or a McFarlane, but not a Hasbro. That's not how you start a franchise, folks. I'll wait till the $25 version hits TRU.

  34. but... but it says limited quantity!

    You know that it says that and once preorders are full or they release it... oh looky here, monster figures for $30! Imagine that!

  35. so noone thinks their gonna slip some more viral into the box?

  36. yeah im gonna hold my breath for this.
    tho getting a detailed look at it would be gr8.
    So has the viral died, or are there clues going around that havent been posted yet.
    I keep hearing about that degrassi crap and stuff like that.

  37. heh... I am thinking that there are two monsters: one from outerspace and one from the ocean. Perhaps they are huge interplanetary beings, and the outerspace one came to the rescue of the one captured by Targuato.

    I've been reading all sorts of weird theories on multiple versions of the film. Personally I was looking for the object falling from the sky and didnt see it, but maybe I just missed it.

    from supermonster.net:

    Update- Cloverfield Anagrams
    Filed under: Uncategorized — supermon @ 1:14 pm Edit This
    “Cloverfield Monster” is an anagram for “Milder Voltron Feces” as well…. I think that I just solved the mystery of the “Deep Sea Nectar”. “Deep Sea Nectar” is an anagram of “Era End, Pee Scat”, perhaps alluding to the end of an era and Slusho’s real secret ingredient.

    Comments (0)
    Cloverfield is VOLTRON prequel
    Filed under: Uncategorized — supermon @ 3:26 am Edit This
    Simply, “Cloverfield Monster” is an anagram for “Film Decrees Voltron.” JJ Abrams and his crappy viral marketing stunts took away from the movie. He built up all of the viral nonsense which had nothing to do with the actual plot.

  38. OI spoiler tags on the monster with interchangable heads thing? i dunno... i havent seen it yet :/

  39. My friend was looking online and found out osme stuff about the DVD (she forget the link but I trust her so yeah). The movie was supposed to be rated R but they scaled it back to PG-13 so that it would be able to grab more people. Supposedly the DVD will be uncut and have a lot more blood and violence, and that they filmed an alternate ending to the movie. Just thought I throw it out there, if I find the link I'll email Dennis.

  40. i'm seriously hoping that all those 70 points of articulation aren't joints that you can see. anyone ever buy/see model of Sachiel, the third angel from Neon Genisis Evangelion? The joints are covered by a nice rubber fitting that smooths out the arms and chest so you get this cool articulated body without all those little hinges and visible joins everywhere. i seriously hope they do something like that with this toy, because i would hate to have 70 points of articulation that were all joints you'd see on some cheap Macdonald's toy.

    here's a pic of Sachiel for reference:

  41. me, you know I haven't really complained about anything regarding the movie, but even I need to see what I'm buying for $100.

  42. ty, i know you don't complain. you seem to be the most sensible one here other than myself and dennis. But, I definitely have been waiting for the day that I could by my own Clover ever since I read JJ announcing that there would be a toy/statue that was in the works. And now here it is and I defintely want it. Plus it will put to rest alot of arguments once it comes out. lol...

  43. Although I didn't like the movie, I'm going to put the action figure on my "wish" list, so I can have Mr. Grumpypants hanging around my office.

    I saw the movie "cold" (i.e., no exposure to the viral marketing) and I can see where knowing all the backstory makes for a more involving experience. OTOH, I don't think the sense of fear or bewilderment or helplessness would have been as strong if I'd been clued into the larger story already. Also, I think whether one perceives MGP as malefic or merely provoked is going to depend entirely on whether you saw the movie as a stand-alone or as the culmination of the backstory.
    Is this making any sense?

  44. Yeah, I don't see why the fact that the monster is looking for "mommy" means that there actually is one. It could still be one of a kind. You could take Abrams's comment to mean that the monster just doesn't know its purpose for being yet and is frustrated about that.

  45. But perhaps you don't know about that cool Cloverfield related merchandise:
    check it out:

    Cloverfield picture changing postcard. With recording of the Monster's "rroaaarr!"

    Here is a link to the swf-file: http://www.04-05.jp/ticket/ticket.swf

    Whoops, almost forgot to comment on this. I like how that ticket shows the equivalent picture of the city the day before the attack. (Pre-Photoshop, eh?) But why does the statue's arm appear to change in length? Did it get shoved inside somehow?

  46. I've actually been thinking about a figure... just not one with all the articulation. I would enjoy having more of a model, i guess you would call it. In a sweet pose.

    Although the extras included with it sound great.

  47. I am SO angry that I cannot purchase this item from Canada. It's supposedly available exclusively from the website, which seems to me, doesn't ship to Canada. I've mailed Hasbro asking how I can place an order, but it seems to me I'll be waiting for one of these to show up on eBay late in the year. I'm pissed.

  48. This website has gone from being cool to nerd.

  49. Hey JAY,
    Here you go, Cloverfield Whisper recording original & untouched.

    Here is the link for when reversed

    I think you wanted the Coney island clip...thats tough! There's some on the net, but its not clear. I dont want to risk taking a video cam into the theater...they friggen got nightvision goggles and they're cracking down. Its bad enough getting audio...LOL.

    TRUST ME, I saw the movie again, and ITS THERE! It splashes next to the boat (top right corner). Dont look at the boat! look at the water to the left of the boat, you'll see it fall from the sky, then splash a few boat lengths away. I think its best if you look to the left area of the boat and look up at the sky, because you'll see a slight smoke trail then splash. It happens pretty fast.

  50. September!? wow. That's a while away

  51. I have a Hasbro Starscream toy based on the original animated version. It has two heads. They have different expressions. This does not mean there are two Starscream's in the original Transformers series. You'd think people these days would be a bit more savvy to how collectible toys are marketed.
    I agree with the few rational people who are not trying to fit this into a personal fanfiction. That whisper at the end is the production folks screwing with you all for that "It's a lion." rumour mongering after the first trailer.

  52. so with the monster being young, was it hibernating with its mother underground, or were they both awake? and was not it said that it had been down there for thousands of years?

  53. hey guys wasup 1st time postin on here but i see every1 is lookin 4 a good vid of the satellite crashin into the water heres this link 4rm youtube thats the best so far...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XYERYYOyJQ