Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cloverfield In Spain

Cloverfield opens in Spain tomorrow, 1-2-08, where it will be called Monstruoso. Spaniards can check out the trailer at their official movie website, and this Yahoo exclusive interview with JJ Abrams (subtitled in Spanish).

If you live in Spain, stop by and say "¡Hola!"


  1. ¡Hola queridos amigos! :D

    Well, I must say we are quiet furious with the title.. "Monstruoso"?!?!?! ("Monstruous") Oh, come on!! I hate it... I'll always call it "Cloverfield"...

    Tomorrow will be an incredible day... Lost, Cloverfield,... ^^

    And I want to thank Dennis for this indredible site ;)

    ¡Hasta la vista!

  2. luckily her in Mexico its cloverfield: monster which means cloverfield: monster

    I so wanna see it

  3. It's a stupid title for the film, why are spanish translators so "inspirated" for film titles?

  4. Hola!

    But I'm from Mexico. I was seriously considering doing the 2 hour drive to see Cloverfield in the US a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't. KNw, just a day! Ans I managed to steer clear from spoilers :P I can't wait to finally watch it.

  5. ¡Hola!


  6. It's a stupid title for the film, why are spanish translators so "inspirated" for film titles?

    I think they said in an interview that they were going to change the official name of the movie to Monstrous everywhere, and when there was outcry over the original posters, they changed it back to Cloverfield and made more posters with different words to cover it up. So maybe they just didn't change the name back for all regions, for some marketing reasons or whatever.

  7. "HOLA"

    Excuse me by the english because I using the google translator.

    Well, I'm Spanish, I am angry with the title of the film is very .... I do not know lol


    I like Cloverfield...

    This weekend I will go to the cinema to see CLOVERFIELD.

    I have followed all the publicity from the beginning, and I have been waiting for this moment since long.

    "Un saludo desde Madrid"

  8. Hola a todos!

    I've just come back from watching the movie in Barcelona, Spain. I enjoyed it a lot, but agree on the terrible title in Spanish. It's like they were thinking about Spanish audiences being really stupid when they "translated" it like this ("we should say in the title that the movie is about a monster, I don't think people are as clever as to read what it is about in the newspaper").

    My rating: 8/10.


    - I had thought we wouldn't see as much from the monster as we finally did. Personally, I didn't like the "close-up" moment in Central Park.

    - I still don't know what the hidden thing in the final scene really means. I think it provides more questions than answers.

  9. Hola..ejem... Hi guys!

    I just to arrive to home from the theater.... and it's GREAAT.... perfect inmersion experience.... waiting for a sequel with the same cinema experience.

    See ya! taluego!!

  10. Hola! As everybody does, I hate the spanish title also. Why didn't they just call it "Cloverfield"? "Monstruoso" sound just ridiculous in Spanish..

    I have just come home after watching the movie and I liked it very much. Thanks Dennis for this wonderful blog!

    Saludos desde Madrid!!!

  11. Holaaa!

    I'm from Venezuela (South America), the movie opened here today, february 1st and I really liked it, people walked out of the theater wowed.

    I hate that title "Monstruoso". Thank god here in Venezuela the title was "Cloverfield: Mostruo" like "cloverfield monster". Which is wrong because for what I know, Cloverfield is not the name of the monster. But spanish titles are always horrible, so I'm used to that.

  12. hola!
    I'm from Mexico and I just saw Cloverfield! I absolutely loved it!! Also hated the title...

    Thank you for your amazing blog! I followed the clues and everything around the movie here, but stopped visiting the 1-18-08 because I didin't wanted to spoil me the movie XD

    Saludos =)

  13. Hello... I had the opportunity to watch the movie last weekend (a week in advance) here in venezuela. I watched It for the second time today, the day of the official release.

    Let me tell you, I was amazed, It topped my expectations which were pretty high since I've been following everything since the beginning.

    Now, I've been avoiding this and other sites because of spoilers, but now that It has opened everywhere I have a couple of questions that may have been discussed already.

    First: The date on the tape. Why is It May 22??? Wasnt It supposed to be January 18? Is there any explanation to this?

    Second: Are there any theories regarding the object that splashes the ocean in the final scene? I dont think Its the monster. A monster that big would have caused a huge Tsunami if It'd hit the water from space.

    Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon and that you liked the movie as much as me and my friends did.

    P.S. Thanks Dennis for all the hard work.

  14. Hola!

    I've been following your blog all this time so congratulations for all the work you've done!

    Monstruoso is an awful title, of course, but the movie was ok. I enjoyed it but I think I was more seduced by the campaign around it. Thumbs up to Abrams and Reeves.

  15. Hello, friends of "Cloverfield Clues"!

    I went yesterday to watch this magnificent movie. In the beginning, I tried to reduce the hype, because after months of waiting for the movie and one superb crit from someone whose criteria and mine tend to be quite similar, I went to the theater with high expectatives, and that usually ends with a great dissapointment according to my experience. It´s no use. The movie is so fuckin´ GREAT that it doesn´t matter the expectatives, you are going to exit the cinema comletely euphoric. (Well, at leat people like me. My fiends weren´t precisely very much excited). It´s an incredible cinematogrpahic experience, a real proof of narrative craft. The movie is so inmersive that hours after I stil saw our dear monster crushing buildings in Madrid´s Broadway xD. I haven´t feel so enthusiastic about a movie in months.

    And now, look at me, looking for clues about the "second storyline" given with the viral markeing campaign, which I lost the track months ago. ´This website goes automatically to my blog´s link section, right now. Good job, pals! And congratulations!

  16. Holaaa! me ha encantado la pelicula! Pienso volver a verla! Un saludo!!

  17. In Colmbia the movie starts tomorrow (the 8th), but still I'm all boosted up again, even after all I've read and seen!!!...
    So HELLO and thanks for the news!!!

  18. Well... The movie is EXCELLENT... and to me it was like watching a big ensemble of things (with the internet stuff and all), great credit score!!! and now expecting Cloverfield II

    I enjoyed the whole movie, but my favorite is the chopper scene!!!

  19. ¡Hola!

    Great movie, pathetic title of the film in Spain.