Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cloverfield In UK & Ireland

Cloverfield opens tomorrow, 1-2-08, in the UK and Ireland. Here is some Cloverfield information for our friends from across the pond.

Empire Magazine has an exclusive Matt Reeves interview in which he talks about "re-imagining the creature feature, the origins of the monster and his plans for a sequel." He specifically mentions the second video camera on the bridge and it's place in the movie.

BBC Radio's Movie Cafe has an great interview with NY journalist Ben Walters, and another Cloverfield expert, me! :) Cheers! to Bronwen Tulloch for the interview, but unfortunately, things went a bit pear-shaped when it came to pronouncing my name and plugging the website ;) Click the fast-forward "5mins" button, twice, to jump straight to the interview, and stick around afterward to hear an interesting piece about the history of the Statue of Liberty in movies.

Yahoo! Movies has a few new Cloverfield videos, including their review of Cloverfield (5 out of 5 stars), and interviews with JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves.

Also, check out the
Yahoo Cloverfield contest to win a trip to NYC! There are also some exclusive Cloverfield contests over at the official Cloverfield site:
If you are from the UK or Ireland, pop in and say "Hello!"


  1. Yo Dennis, Cloverfield releases in the UK, Ireland, and Spain on 2/2/08.
    Just being picky! :)
    It's about time you got interviewed!
    Can't wait to see the vid when I get a chance, it sure sounds awesome.

  2. The movie opens tomorrow, February 1st, which is 1-2-08 everywhere in the world, except the US, where it is 2-1-08.

    BTW, I've actually been interviewed several times. See:

  3. i'm from ireland and i'm going to watch it tomorrow. i've been coming to this site for months but have stayed away for the last few weeks in case any information was here that might ruin the movie for me.cheers for all your hard work dennis. without doubt the best cloverfield site for updates

  4. Finally the waiting is near over, well still have another 5 days since I've got to wait since I'm going to see it with someone, but from the press that I've seen on Cloverfield, it looks like it'll be a hit. The Sunday Mirror 4/5, stars, Local paper 4/5 stars, The Times 4/5 stars and Johnathan Ross on Film 2008 the only real film review show here in the UK said it was brilliant.

    I cant wait but seems I have to, oh well at least I've got my homemade Slusho T-shirt.

    Obsessed ... me... never...

    Great site btw!

  5. Dennis,
    In Germany it opens today, on 31st January. I saw it, it's alive and fantastisch!

    So I say Guten Tag! :-)
    Now I can read averything without beeing afraid to be spoiled.

  6. I'm watching it tomorrow. I've waited patiently and I've avoided watching any crappy bootleg copies on the internet. This is gonna kick!

  7. Hola dennis!!!. Your webpage its great. I´ve read it almost dialy and now im going to do the same with your Lost page. By the way, here in Mexico Cloverfield also opens tomorrow!!!! Theres not much hype down the border as it was in the States because not many people got involved with the web experience, but i can´t wait to see it!!!!

  8. Cool, I've from the UK but moved to NYC three weeks ago so got see Cloverfield earlier whoo. I wonder if the advertising campaign (for TV) is as huge over there?

  9. did anyone see the cloverfield commercial during the new episode of lost??

    it has a clip of the monster. we paused it and could see its face/upper body perfectly!

  10. To me, part of Cloverfield’s charm was just how decidedly anti-Hollywood it was. No happy ending, no easy answers, and no need for a sequel.

    It would have been boring if it told us everything, and we saw what happened to the monster. The whole mystery and clues is what has me hooked to this movie.

  11. I'm from the uk and have had my tickets booked all week.

    Been following this movie since last june/july.

    Thanks to cloverfield clues for helping with the campaign.

  12. FYI, during LOST, an ad for CLOVERFIELD apppeared to show the monster.

  13. Hey, I'm an Irishman living in London :)

    Just saw Cloverfield this evening, it certainly lived up to the expectations! The monster looked pretty weird, but also pretty kick-ass. I saw the thing drop into the water at the end of the movie, and i stayed till the very end of the movie to hear the weird voice at the end of the credits.

  14. i got my slusho! t-shirt today and it came with a piece of a Japaniese news paper. i looked over about 3 times and i couldn't find anything that i thought could be connected to TIDO or Tagruarto. anybody have any info on this?

  15. UKer, 22 years old and approximately eight hours ago some thing attacked the city on screen as I got to watch Cloverfield. :)

    Whilst I usually have to let a movie sink in over a night's sleep to get my full feelings on it, my initial reaction is that I loved it, and my brother who is more critical on things also enjoyed it. Well worth the hype.

  16. You should know that February 1st it's also the release date for South America

  17. So I had an idea... what if the arg is still running? we just have to wait for aftermath after the rest of the world has seen the movie. they want the rest of the world to catch up before putting any new information up. you think?

  18. I did see the point of staying to the very end of the credits, al I found thre was some radio crackling and a possibilty that someone said something but it was so hard to hear it.
    Really good film, they could do a sequal but I think it's best to leave it where it is
    Loved this website, it has kept me in suspense waiting for a great film and I was not dissapointed I recommend it to everyone. I would have liked more coverage on slusho but maybe that could be the sequal

  19. My goodness.
    I saw the movie yesterday afternoon with my friend in Manchester. We went to the cinema across town so there was only perhaps 20 people there, we were in the centre of the cinema with an epic screen to enjoy.
    We were talking about the movie for like an hour afterwards.
    The prequel or sequel or whatever they're releasing next will be awesome. The character of Mary Anne will most definitely be developed, right? Seems she has something to do with the whole thing. Did you notice that the monster thing stayed above the subway station when Mary Anne was still there, then left the guys alone when she died or whatever?

  20. Well, it may be two weeks after the US, but yesterday, after nearly six months of waiting, I got to see Cloverfield.

    Me and two friends took the train to Manchester for an absolutely amazing evening. We managed to get an earlier showing (more time to discuss later ;)) and were completely blown away.

    Don't want to ruin it for my fellow Brits, so I'll keep it short, but WOW, what a film. The monster is amazing and I loved the camera style (and had no motion sickness). Now lets just hope the possible sequel (hopefully not called Cloverfield 2) can answer some questions...

  21. I went to see the film yesterday with a friend, after following the arg and hype on the net since last summer and it didn't let me down. Absolutely stunning sequences - JJ Abrams manages to achieve the level of fear you experience when watching Lost - the idea that what you don't see is more scary than what you do is so powerful in this film. It comes highly recommended to all my fellow brits and people around the world. It is a stunning acievement.

  22. I'm so happy that the majority of our friends from the UK seem to have loved Cloverfield :) I wish that the people who didn't like it here in the US would have the same open mind about it, but it seems that those people just wanted a cookie cutter monster/action movie.

    To me, Cloverfield is not only the best monster movie. It's also a breath of fresh air, a great and unique experience.

    My wife and I are going to see it again very soon and I can't wait to buy the DVD which I'm sure will have tons of goodies :)



  23. Went to see the film last night and wthought it was great. Id read reviews where people criticised the camera work and the fact you didnt know all the back story (where the monster came from etc). Dont understand those critics, if thats what they want why dont they just watch Godzilla again! Came home and spent 4 hours trawling the internet for details on the back story lol !! Not often I think about a film after its finished. 9/10 And kind of agree with the comment that it should be a one off film, keeps you discussing the whats and ifs for a long time rather than having it all explained for you.

    Mark, Glasgow

  24. hey hey!
    awesome site you have here. i've been largely unaware of the viral campaign and so have been digging around here checking it all out after seeing the film twice. i did wonder why people were whispering in the cinema about that girl passed out at rob's party - it all makes sense now! :)
    and yeah - i totally agree - no sequels please! the film rocked - let it be!