Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloverfield Official Movie Premiere

The 'official' Cloverfield movie premiere was tonight, but unfortunately I wasn't invited :(

Antidis was there, and posted a link to some photos of the event. Thanks Antidis !

Check out all the photos here.

UPDATE: IESB has their own photo gallery here.


  1. screening cloverfield tomorrow night!

  2. Yay First Comment! Your Site Rules! I wanted to see Cloverfield today but I couldn't because it was on too late!

  3. screening cloverfield tomorrow night!!!!!!

  4. And that was the best movie I have ever seen.

    My friend brought his camera and I will soon have pictures of every monster moment in the movie...

  5. *prepares for all the film bashing"

    watching the midnight showing here in Nashville tomorrow night.

  6. I was going to see it tonight but the man was sick so I'll see it tomorrow. Ten dollars says it's a musical.

  7. OH MY GOD!!!

    I just saw it (Gold Class, might I add, with special sundaes and gourmet food and reclining chairs) AND OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD!

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

    (notice the amount of exclamation marks there)

    I want to go see it again, right now.

    Some people will hate it, though. But that's fine, cos they don't matter. We understood, JJ. We understood, and WE LOVED IT!

    My friend (who never read any of the marketing stuff) turned to me halfway into the movie and said "instant cult classic". I reckon a few people in the cinema didn't really get it.


    (PS I want a plush Cloverfield monster. Is that sad?)

  8. I didn't want to put this in my OMG post in case this somehow goes against the spoiler code (I respect it wholeheartedly), but we came up with possibly the best way to do sequels...

    Same occasion, different stories. That way there's no endless horde of ever-increasing monsters, no chance of there being weird overkill, little chance of it getting out of hand. The majority of the events are pretty hard-wired now, only George Lucas could manage to defy that.

    But there's a thousand stories to tell, a thousand angles. Military, civilian, other people at the party (we sniff a possibility of this being the plan!). Jamie, even.

    And, once again, i must re-iterate... I LOVED THAT FRIGGIN' MOVIE! *swoon*

  9. im soo pee-d off right now, in Australia Cloverfield is ment to come out on the 17th, my local theater isnt showing it till the end of the month! why!!!!

  10. Very excited about the level of the reviews so far. Rottentomatoes has it at 68%, and many of the positive ones are absolutely glowing. Taking into account some people who will always hate this type of movie, I'd say this is about as positive as you're going to get, unless JJ just hit it out of the park. When you look at what we have to compare it to (Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, and various monster movies that are even worse), this thing is going to be just what Harry said . . . genre defining.

  11. wow, i must be one of the few thats actually watching friday.
    And late friday at that, im goin with my whole crew, which is a mistake, but eh, wtvr.

  12. Just went and saw Cloverfield, as we got it a day ahead here in Australia... for once! :-P Anyway, oh my God, it was AMAZING. There was me cockily thinking I was a jaded filmgoer who couldn't get scared in a movie - but no, I was bloody terrified. I was literally shaking afterwards. I'm just stunned by how effective and well-made and damn SCARY it is (and I'm a film student, so that's saying something... feigned ambivilence tends to be our more usual response to a movie, hehe).

    Also, nice blog. I'd been avoiding too much of the hype before I saw the film for fear of accidental spoilers and the like, but now I'm going to have some fun with it!

  13. Mike, Odette, Jessica and Lizzy all look amazing, shame there's no Michael and T.J. though.

  14. Hey, I'm from Hong Kong and JUST came back from the movie.

    Def. a must watch and you will have no problems following the story if you've been following this blog.

    My bet is 9 out of 10 walking out of the theater are wondering WTF cuz they had no idea what / why / where things are coming from.

    Won't leak much regarding the story.. but hey, honestly, don't put too much hope on this movie.

    Sorry to say, it's just "another monster movie". However, the ad and the promo technique used - to keep everything a secret - was amazing.

  15. Where's Rob? In Japan already? :P



  17. It is one big bad-ass movie. And Its worth the 6 months, And its not a hype. And dear American friends, wait for a movie monster magic tomorrow. Ive seen how it went down.

  18. Who the hell is Antidis, and why was HE invited and not Dennis?!?

  19. Wait is CloverfieldClues going to go all spoileriffic after the 18th? I can't wait till February to keep up with the game D=
    Stupid backwards England :(

  20. Dennis, Dude,

    I agree with Kon-foozed.. PLEASE keep this site 'spoiler free' until feb 3rd at most for those 'elsewhere'..

    Im a Londoner and have booked the 1st off work to go hang out hours before at the cinema for the first screening. This site has been a Haven, informative, great comments and debates, but no spoilers..

    *Heineken don't make websites, but if they did they'd be just like this*


    I wont see it till the end of the month (stupid cinema here), i guess i should stay away from this site till after ive seen it.

  22. um. seriously? the movie blows chunks. and no, not because i don't "get it." i've been following these sites too. it's vapid, and meaningless. it does nothing for the marketing. if they never made the movie, everything on the internet would be just as interesting as it is anyway. watch the trailer, and you're effing set. then relax and read the effing back story.

  23. Odette Yustman is so beautiful!

  24. what day was the premiere?