Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cloverfield Trivia - Round 3

Round Three of the Cloverfield Widget Trivia has begun- 20 new questions, now with a timer and a leaderboard.

Here are the questions (and the answers):

Who starred in The Pallbearer – the first film directed by Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield? - David Schwimmer
In the 1998 film, what was supposed to have created GODZILLA? - Nuclear bomb testing
About how many people in the greater New York area were left without power in the 2003 northeast blackout? - 21 million
During the 2003 blackout, Amy Hilfiger – star of MTV’s reality show Rich Girls – was filmed doing what? - Riding a bus
What actor plays the President of the USA in the disaster film, INDEPENDENCE DAY, starring Will Smith? - Bill Pullman
On 1.18 1999, which hurricane ripped across western Europe, killing over 44 people in 20 countries? - Kyrill
When does Freddy Krueger stalk the kids in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET? - In their dreams
Why does Janet Leigh’s character hit the road in PSYCHO? - Stealing money from work
Which of the following disaster films grossed the most money at the box office? - Titanic
Approximately how many people are currently held in state or federal prisons existing within New York City? - 3,000
Where did the volcano emerge from in the 1997 movie, VOLCANO? - The La Brea Tar Pits
Approximately how many robberies occur in New York City each year? - 25,000
What oil company accepted responsibility for dumping 17 million gallons of oil into New York’s east river in 1950? - Exxon-Mobil
What is the rank of New York City among the US cities most likely to experience a major earthquake? - 4th
What is the likelihood that New York City will be hit with a hurricane in the next 50 years? - 75%
Where is the film, THE THING, set? - Antarctica
In what country is the Lock-Ness monster claimed to live? - Scotland
What is the name of the 260-foot-long giant shark that scientists have yet to prove extinct? - Megalodon
What was the name of the shark-hunting boat in the film, JAWS? - The Orca
From what country was the monster film, THE HOST, produced? - South Korea


  1. first post again! awesome.

    i dont get these questionaires. what are they for? like, is their a purpose to them? or is it just for fun?

  2. its most likely just to bring the hype up, and i have a theory iv been thinking (and reading) that there building it up to fast and too much to let go and understand in 13 days, So i think there gonna use Tagurato in Lost, the boat that "Ben" says is unfriendly and w.e? mabie its Tagurato, because they were headed to
    Japan or w.e when there plane crashed. Mabie somewhere near the chaiu station? there fore theres a tagurato ship there ect unno just thinking aloud

  3. if they were to tie tagruato into lost that would be the coolest thing ever. but what "unfriendly boat" are you referring to and what is w.e?

  4. here's something wierd. the text on the history page of Slusho! is gone. is it just my computer or is this something?


    Do NOT return to The Farm. It’s crawling with agents on Tagruato’s payroll.

    It’s a set up!!! All of our members know our goals and motivations are preservation of Mother Earth - NOT mass murder!!! Granted, we’re not upset that Tagruato has one fewer “death station”, but we would NEVER kill to accomplish our goals. This is yet another crime on humanity that Tagruato is trying to push off on the innocent.

    And let me be clear: we will not stop until we find our missing brothers and sisters. We can’t give up hope.

    Wait for Janice’s picture. Then you’ll know where to meet us. Tagruato’s lies will not go unpunished this time. Something happened to our comrades – and that station - and we’re going to find out - even if we have to go all the way to the top!!!


  6. w.e is Whatever, and in season 3 the last episode, that woman parachutes down saying her boats not too far from shore. and Ben (the "leader"? of the others) says that there not the good guys.

    ALSO someone noticed that there IS a Tagurato Logo on the burning boat in one of the videos and i thought that was a good find (Y)

  7. sorry for tripple post but i just noticed a few things about!

    1) If you right click it and press Forward, the images come up saying qoutes lol


    2) If you right click and press play look at what happens =D

    sorry again for tripple post =[

  8. Jaws and Volvano are two of my favourite movies. I just love monster movies and natural destruction movies.

  9. when i right click and hit forward nothing happens :\ and play just makes the slusho window get bigger or smaller. whats supposed to happen?

  10. Thats basicly it, but i dunno i just thought it was cool

  11. Obviously the Monster is a Megaladon now.... just sayin' haha. :D