Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1-18-08 - Photo # 10 - Chum

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

There is a new photo on site*. This appears to be after the nighttime military attack, seen in the previous photo. There is nothing on the back.

Was the military strike unsuccessful, or did they kill a different 'monster'?

UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

* Thanks to Dan C, Josh H, and Treefrog19 for emailing me first!


  1. Perhaps the military strike was successful. Doesn't have to be a different monster or unsuccessful.

    I'm not sure that a quality sequel could be pulled off in the near future, because the originality of it would be gone, it'd take a few years for people to forget. Maybe the military strike is successful and no sequel was ever planned.

  2. maybe that comic has something to do with this? normally they put chum down to attract sharks, some whales, squids, and other aquatic animals

  3. this is weird was there two monsters or was one just really hurt... could it b a spill of somekind maybe? just throwin it out there but im sayin its blood more than likly

  4. i think i am more confused now, and i didn't think that was possible.

  5. I find it interesting that this is not an actual photo but really an oil painting.

    it also appears, when the fisherman is enlarged, that there is a kid by his side. lower. but part of the child has been airbrushed out of this photo

    strange things...

  6. I'm pretty sure JJ is smart enough to make a sequel or companion film. My guess is that we see more of the monster in the future. Perhaps an attack on Japan? I could see a docu. group doing a story on the monster a couple of years after the incident.


    to be honest, these pics could have had better quality, they look badly photoshopped!

  8. So assuming the red is the monster, that is one big...thing. We can see the red going off frame in the distance.

    That fisherman has no chance.

    Any idea what the ship this is taken on is.

    I must say, this is no where near as cool as the previous two. Oh well - I'm sure everyone will pick it apart.

  9. i think they didnt kill anthing but wounded it and it blood is seeping out like when u scrap ur nee or somthing or cut u bleed a little bit so if the monster is taller than the billdings that much blood has to be just about the size of a cut it will heal though and resurface and attack new york ahhh

  10. They definitely hurt it... I wonder if it will be hurt when it attacks New York? wow... this is great and especially with them collecting its blood samples...

  11. Hmmm ... Maybe the attack was unsuccessful, and this away that they are trying to get the monsters attention by seting bait out for it..either that or it is for sure badly hurt

  12. Looks like a painting more than a photo.


  13. From wikipedia...

    chum: a mixture of fish parts and blood used to attract fish

  14. Funny you said that Dennis. I speculated in a couple threads the possibility of more then one monster. Some people say the case designate thing means just this portion of this event. I dont know if I agree with that and there is no proof of what any of that means. I wondered if there is or will be more then one monster in the future/sequels/video game etc etc. JJ said he wanted America to have its own "Godzilla". Well that is fine and dandy but Godzilla was only Godzilla alone in 1 movie. All the subsequent flicks had friends and foes to help make him who he was and keep the story going.

  15. MASTER
    The red is blood, look at the waterline of the boat, how its red as well. Has to be blood.

  16. it's a sea of slusho!!

    - The Newly Ragin' Cajun -

  17. It looks like something big is either hurt or dead. Reminds me of the Jaws films when they blow up the shark and you see all that blood everywhere in the water ....

  18. perhaps this is the site of the Chuai Station.

  19. It sure looks to me like that's a lobster pot or something like it. Maybe this isn't the monster's blood, but chum as you all suggested along with some live "bait" being dropped to attract whatever it is up for whoever was behind the two attack photos to hit it?

    Orrrrr... this could be a spill of some sort.. orrr.. as some suggest it could be the remains of a creature and the guy is dipping for samples?

    I actually find this picture to be the most intriguing of them all.. could THIS be the shot Tidowave told us to wait for?

    What makes me think it's not an after shot is the lack of other debris. In the nightvision shot and the other "attack" shot, there's some serious damage happening to more than just whatever they're hitting so there should be some debris from ships/other craft or so I'd expect. Of course this whole deal has been completely different from what we expect so I'm probably wrong..

  20. maybe the blood is just that- chum.
    Whenever I go seabirding we throw out baitfish and cheese popcorn to attract shearwaters and albatrosses, and even leave slicks of fish oil. It attracts not only the birds, but the dolphins as well who drive up smaller fish that the birds go after.
    Maybe this could just be a blood slick set out to attract the monster as well as other things the monster may eat.
    just a thought.

  21. Is the fisherman chuming the waters to catch sharks feasting on whatever is bleeding or is the blood a result of the chum. And if he is chumong to catch sharks, I certainly wouldnt use a boat that size with various reels on everyside of it as it seems you may end up the chum when one actually takes the bait.Makes no sense.

  22. I wonder if the fact that it looks like he is putting out crab traps into water means anything? I am from the south and we use boxes like that to capture crabs. I'm confused by this

  23. we are all missing something that is crutial to understanding these photos!

    A couple days ago, someone speculated that the site is merely a posting of photos confirming things that are "in-game". I now think that is absolutely true. First we got a few pictures from the movie - nothing big. Then, we got a picture of characters with names to confirm that the myspace pages were in game. Then we got a picture from the Chaui station attack confirming that those international news reports were in-game. We also got the picture of the chef with the recipe on the back to prove that Seabed's Nectar (and hence Slusho, Tagruato, and TidoWave) are in-game. Now we have gotten confirmation that something that happened at sea is also in game. The problem is, we haven't solved the clues to discover the source of those pictures, so we don't know what's being confirmed.

    We missed something... which is why Tido has gone silent - they're not giving us any more until we solve the riddle of Tagruato's lies - my guess is that it is related to the AFA/FDA discrepancy. "Maybe it's Ganu...maybe it all 'lies' with him." There is something there we need to solve and until we do, we won't know what the next thing is, or what these last three pictures are confirming.
    We all know there is no American Food Association (there is an African-American Food Association that is totally unrelated) - AFA also stands for Air Force Association, but I doubt that is related. Maybe this is all wrong, but since that is the most obvious discrepancy (or the most obvious of Ganu's lies) I think it has to be the clue.

    We also maybe have to wonder what was in the briefcase that the dude in the helicopter was handcuffed to while evacuating the station before it sank. That might be something too.

    I also agree that maybe the Tido survival kit is a riddle. If you are concerned about hygene, why bring a soft comb and not a tooth brush? Why is warm towel in quotes (and why does the towel need to be warm)? Why does Swiss Army Knife appear as a link?

    Sadly, I don't really have any guesses - but I know there are people out there way smarter than I am.

  24. I'm with musicolgy92: When you consider the size of the monster, that's not all that much blood...

  25. @ Rick:

    Actually, Godzilla was alone in two movies:
    "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Godzilla 1985".

    But I get your point.

    Also, this is for Dennis, do we know this happened anywhere NEAR the attack?

  26. its looks like he is dumping it in the water and there is like poles around the boat he is trying to bring it out by attracting it with whatever is in those cages

  27. So far the basic setup this is trying to establish, in my view, is that the monster attacked chuai, and started following tagruato ships from there, as seen in the manga (Tag. logo on the ship) and the new pictures on (aftermath of where the manga left off; monster attacking the ships). What ties all this together, bringing clover to NYC? The explosion seen in the trailer is from a capsized ship in the harbor; perhaps a Tag ship the monster followed there. I mean, the first thing I thought of when I saw the destroyed ships in these new pictures was the ship that exploded in the trailer.

  28. I think that the creature DID get badly wounded, b/c looking @ the previous pics you could see airplanes or whatever shooting @ the beast that has been pixelated. AND the monster left the scene. Possibly heading towards New York City, where we all know Ganu Yoshida is heading to for SLUSHO! (Maybe he will die in the movie!!!)

  29. I'm wondering if this story is going to end up being Grendel in reverse. You know, you kill the thing's mother, but the young one still has to be dealt with.

    I don't know. That comic is really interesting and I'm trying to fit it into the equation of these three pix.

  30. This may sound amazingly simple, but maybe more logical then coming up with all these 2 monster theories from one photo.:

    Maybe it's slusho?

  31. Dennis, i lighten the picture up and fixed the saturation, etc., It's a lot more clear, post if you think it will help people figure what's going on:

  32. Long time lurker - first post...

    Thought: This could precede the military strike, and be in closer relationship to the Manga. This could be the initial "baiting" to attract the monster (or squid trolling in the Manga). This would have been followed up by the attack and photos of destruction that ensued...just a thought! Love the site BTW!

  33. Two Monsters...Thats Blasphomey!! Naaa, Probally Jus Dead Fish Blood

  34. is it possible that all of the picture's we've seen on are the plot of the movie?!

    -people scared/ in street
    -japanese chef
    -chuai station
    -military attack
    -dead monster?!

    i dont know about you, but this sounds like the whole plot of the movie condensed in to 10 pictures

  35. The ships aren't firing at something in the air. When missiles are fired from a ship, they are fired into the air.. acquire target... and descend.

  36. the point is, this guy is trying to catch something, and what was mentioned earlier (and makes a lot of sense due to slusho website) is that hes catching crabs. if not crabs, then something that is attracted to this 'blood' or something. Because notice he's not catching anywhere else but the red spot...


    if we look to the right side of the picture, it looks like a boat? so is this picture being taken (and then somehow edited) from a boat watching this guy and his son fish for something in the 'red' sea?

  37. You know, this hammers home something that's been bugging me about this ARG since the beginning, and it speaks to the nature of viral online games in general, I guess. They make everyone so suspicious of everything, so overly analytical, and in some cases, so prone to behavior that borders on paranoia. The mentality that "anything could be a clue, therefore everything MUST be a clue" takes hold, and has some really strange results. The extreme of this would be our old friend c_lover. But all of us have been swept up by it in some way. Using this example:

    Why assume this picture is before, or after, any other event? How does it "appear [sic] to be after the nighttime military attack?"
    Why assume this picture represents the same location as any other event? The planet is 75% water, this could be anywhere, at any time.
    Why assume the blood belongs to "the" creature?
    Why suggest that this picture lends even a hint of evidence that there might be more than one creature?

    It's a guy in a little boat. Some of the water is red. These are the only facts presented.

    Occam's Razor: "all things being equal, the explanation requiring the least amount of assumptions is the most likely."

    I mean, seriously, I just read dozens of posts on another website by people practically arguing over the serial numbers of the military hardware in that (extraordinarily poorly photoshopped) "nightvision" picture from yesterday. What does that accomplish?

    Because some of the websites that were built around the marketing of this movie were "meta in game" a kind of indiscriminate Wiki universe has sprung up, authored by blog commentators, to dissect EVERYTHING and ANYTHING related to it, that when you really sit down and think about it, has contributed nothing to our understanding of what we will see on the screen in two days. Just a lot of people running around like the sheepishly gullible disciples in "The Life of Brian"..."He wants us to walk with one shoe!"... "This gourd is a Holy Relic! We must praise It!"

    Yes, we know a little about the characters, as was intended. But how many little c_lover's out there are going to be utterly devastated when they don't see a smoke monster shooting laser beams? Or that the monster isn't Teddy? Or that Marlena and Jamie don't also secretly belong to TIDO... or any of the other patently ridiculous theories that have surfaced -- so many of which have sparked hateful and absurd online debates -- which won't be true except in the Saturday Night Live spoofs they'll eventually do of this...

    The fever to dissect every new piece of information just becomes a distraction from what this obviously really is: expositional foreshadowing. Nothing more.

    Everyone remember Close Encounters? The opening scenes of that movie showed the military investigating a freighter or tanker ship found in the middle of the desert. Later some guys in India were singing to the sky.

    Was Close Encounters about a ship?
    Was Close Encounters about a desert?
    Was Close Encounters about Indians?

    Since this movie is only 84 minutes, and because of the unique format in which it will be presented, THESE (pictures, the sonar images, etc.) are the opening scenes they can't otherwise include. Exposition. Ratcheting up the tension. No hidden codes. No clues. Those, so far, have been obvious.

    Sit back and enjoy. You'll sleep soundly even if you never find out whether the monster's blood type is A+ or 0-.

    Oh, and mdpetersen: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, you are the only other person I've seen who agrees with me that the "survival kit" post on TIDO was a tremendous clue, that no one has paid any attention to.

    Finally, to loltrain: That's a practically criminal mis-use of delicious cheese popcorn!!! :)


    If you're right about 1-18-08 site being a "confirmation" site, then perhaps the Chum pic, number 10, is confirming the Japanese manga?

    On the Manga, they're trolling/fishing with squid, or they caught the monster somehow. Then maybe the night scene, picture 9, confirms the Tagruato ships in the manga. Then picture 8 confirms the capsized tanker mentioned in the Japanese video?

    Whats with the platform and the pulley/ropes on the bottom right of the chum pic?

    I AGREE WITH LIMEDELSOL, doesn't it look like the guy is using a crab trap or lobster trap? If he's chumming, dont they just throw guts and fish blood out with a bucket? You wouldnt need a "box" or trap thing holding the chum. Thats STRANGE. Also, those things that look like antennas actually look like fishing poles, but with the lines and reel deleted.

    I agree with TP. This looks like an oil painting. I see the KID like SHADOW on the guy's trousers. WEIRD. THIS MUST BE A CLUE.
    This seems like a famous fishing painting, thats been altered, perhaps thats the clue. We need to find the painting that this image matches with. Its strange because this picture is not clearly linked with the story.

  39. looks like that red liquid trails off into the what ever made that spill has either left the scene or just arrived and that dude happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  40. Now, lets not ignore mdpeterson42, There IS a good chance we've missed something.
    Unfortunatly, ive never played one of these games and dont have the faintest clue where to start. But If we actually brain storm about that and get off all this crap about the blood in the water, then we can figure out where to start work from there.

  41. This may be my eyes playing tricks on me, there something inside the water? Next to the box and the fisherman, there is a faint shape that could be in the water.

    Of course it could just be me :\

  42. I think that you are all wrong I think this latest picture takes place before the attack. I think the fisherman is chumming the water and the monster attacks. If you look at the back of the boat you see what appears to be a small tentacle. Also , the boat in the foreground is the same in the aftermath photo and the ships in the left background of the aftermath photo have the same silhouette as the ships in the left background of the photo were the navy is attacking something. I think it is not one destroyed ship but two. These two ships bare resemblance to the two ships that are attacking on the right side of the photo. You would also have to wonder why someone would fish in an
    area that is red for no good reason and you have to assume that he would know that a monster was attacked there and would not take his kid fishing there.

  43. I thinks I gets its! The military just killed whatever destroyed the Chuai station. But that may have been a JUVENILE Cloverfield. Anyone else wonder why it'd go after the US when it wasn't the US drilling, and Europe was closer? Because big bad momma/poppa gonna follow some boats back to a certain harbor in NYC to bring some ruckus.

  44. Here's a nutty idea. What if Rob is somehow involved? I mean, what are the odds the new VP of Marketing for Slusho would be in NYC on the eve of what's presumably a Slusho-based attack? And Ganu being there the same time?

  45. Fish blood....interesting...

    I remembered something i read in one of the first post in Tidowave...someone said he was working for slusho and his boss asking to dump the left over slusho in to the river behind his office...after a while the fish were waiting for him and fight for the slusho he trows away...

    Just a though...

  46. actually after looking at this picture more i retract my theory about this being chum at all.
    Look at the boat its taken from, obviously a large vessel, possible military. Why would a little wooden trap boat be with it? doesn't make sense. Also, given the size of the dingy, i think this is relatively close to shore.
    So maybe, this is just a photo taken from the larger ship of the path of destruction the monster made.
    The monster comes through, kills a lot of stuff, crabs feast on carcasses, little old fisherman just trying to get by finds a gold mine for crabs. Nothing relaly hidden, just an indication of the natural carnage by the monster. I hardly think the military (or tagruato for that reason) would have little painted wooden fishing boats aboard thier vessels.

  47. Couple of thoughts...
    1) The photo's have never been in order chronologically.
    My speculation is that this latest photo, leads into the sea attack photo, which leads into the destroyed boats photo.

    In story form, fisherman notices weird bloodied ocean, decides to fish as the blood will bring fish.
    Blood might be from a whale or something the monster decided to eat or something like that :)
    Monster appear, eats fishman, leaves, guy with camera forward shots of mayhem to the Navy, who unsuccessfully hunt the monster, and get their asses handed to them.

    Ok, thats obviously total guesswork, but certainly ties the 3 photo's...and could well be tied to the previous 'fleeing the sinking' photo...maybe the monster got hungry after pulling down the rig and decided to eat Free Willy :)

  48. Again i say we don't know what this creature is capable of...i personally think that it has the ability to camoflauge. So maybe its just the color red now. The reason why it can be camoflauge is because you are always seeing it behind smoke and then all of a sudden the mouth pops out in that one clip. So its either that or something else

  49. I mean, look at the evidence. Rob says in different posts on his MySpace page that he's "sick of being the overlooked guy" and he's taking the job with Slusho for "more money, more power...and you know how much I've always wanted underlings." Lil responds to one post by telling him not to do anything "for the wrong reasons." And why the desire to document the whole thing. Wouldn't you be running your ass off?

  50. This 'blood' or w/e else it may be may be directly linked to the infections that many suggest happen along with the monster attack. This red substance in this picture could get into the mentioned water supply system in the post referring to Ganu the other day. Once in NYC's water supply, it could be highly infectious and just be another thorn in everyone's side.

  51. I noticed two things about this picture.

    1) There are none of the rectangles hiding things in the picture, so perhaps this isn't a military photo like the previous ones might have been.

    2) There is nothing but sea on the horizon. So if (and I stress if) this is the site of the battle, then it is far offshore. (And maybe we'll have to suspend our disbelief a bit around the oversight of tug boats and A-10's being too far from land?)

    My belief is that these photos are coming out in "in-game"/real time. (I have no justification for this, but I just don't think they'd be so evil as to confuse us that much.)

    And, despite my previous claim that the 1-18-08 site was to be there specifically to confirm other things, I think these last few pictures are all there are on this.

    The Chuai station videos primed our minds around the action, then drew us back to the 1-18-08 site, and then got our imaginations to run away with us when they show us a few cool pictures. (In the few seconds before my rational brain started analysing the firing trajectories and other such technicalities in the Night Vision shot, all I could really think was "holy crappingly awesome!")

    But then we go and over analyse them all, creating even more of the confusion, anticipation and hype that the viral marketing campaign is intended for! Yay viral marketing!

    Underneath it all, I think this photo may represent the idea that the military think they got it, and everything in the world is now alright... the locals are just back to fishing on the sea as usual... nevermind the the huge tide of blood! ;)

  52. Has anyone done a search to see if we can find an itinerary (sic?) for Ganu's trip to the U.S.?

  53. I personally think that the JJ Abrams theory, "everything means something", is legitimate for this OIL PAINTING (it's not a photo) ....

    but I think we might be looking into this a little too much.

    it's just the guys, in the marketing department, goin crazy. gotta get the hype and buzz up cause it's ONE DAY TO GO!

    let's go back and focus on the two military photos before this oil painting just randomly showed up.

  54. Maybe it's just a metaphor for saying the water has been tainted and it's baiting the monster to come to NYC?

  55. The picture is long ago - The boy in the boat is the young Ganu Yoshida, pining for his lost mother & wondering if that red tide has something to do with the secret ingredient.

  56. Hi to evereybodt; Marty from Italy here!

    Ok, there's one thing i've noticed in this photo:

    No parts, no "meat", no "corpse"...

    We see only blood, not the dead monster; military may have wounded it, BUT it survive and went rampage on new york...

    Next question: why NY?
    The Tagruato base was a lot distant from NY, why the moster go to NY?
    Ganu is in NY?
    How the **** the monster knows that Ganu is in NY?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad, bad english=)

  57. I'll never wear a lifejacket again.

  58. I think it's a pun- the makers have thrown this painting out as chum to attract theories from all the fans and bloggers.

  59. If this is a painting that's been altered, then perhaps this is Janice's picture. If we knew something about the painting, perhaps it's name, or it's location, that would be a clue to Tidowavers in the know??

    Just a thought...

  60. I think Adam said it eloquently. Before that, I figured at any point in time people would have blown up this picture 100x to see if the stuff in the boat is the TIDOWave survival kit or something crazy like that.

    What kind of fishing pole is that? THAT IS A BIG CLUE!

    I have followed this ARG for six months now and have loved every second of it but we have all gone a little over with the fine-tooth-combing. I'm just excited about tomorrow!

  61. Does anybody know if Ganu Yoshida's myspace is in-game? If it is, there's a very intriguing picture with the caption "I will always remember this day."

  62. The 'thing' That The Guy Is Putting In The Water...Looks Like A Lobster Trap

    Of Course, That Means nothing

  63. After reading adam's long post, I can really see what he's talking about - people are saying stuff with no backing. Take the idea that 9 comes before 8. Dennis suggested that in his post and suddenly everyone accepts it as fact.

    I think while this image may have some clues in it, it won't be completely full of stuff. Take the Tagruato discovery - it was a very obvious clue - a sea bed nectar search in Google was all that was needed, nto a bunch of cross checking.

  64. A fishing pole is not a big clue, dude.

    Incoming long post

    Everyone's been reading in a bit too deep into this. It's kind of obviously the monster's blood, as they posted this pic after the climatic butt-kicking the Cloverfield Monster served last night (maybe last night, at night anyway). For pic #8, the blurred thing is NOT the SoL:

    Last time I checked, the SoL hadn't taken the identity of a radio tower lately

    If it was, it's way too close to shore. The monster could've served NYC 2 days ago if it was.

    I doubt most of the ARG (I don't even know what that means) will matter, like the TIDOwave Army Knife. I KNOW none of the backstory will be in the movie, it's too short for that.

    In regards to this photo: Not only have people decided that they see a child's shadow in this pic, they have also decided that it's Ganu. NO!!!!!! No kid, Just a dude with a crab trap!!!!

    And NO tentacles!!!! I think a lot of people will go away from the movie disappointed that it didn't have tentacles, not noticing how good the movie really was.

    My advice: When you see it, don't analyze. Just sit back and relax.

    PS- New TidoWave update!!!!!!!

  65. "someone said he was working for slusho and his boss asking to dump the left over slusho in to the river behind his office...after a while the fish were waiting for him and fight for the slusho he throws away"

    I agree, this seems to fit, also that its Ganu, but who knows? The boat deck in the lower right bugs me, why is it there? Is it a Tagruato ship? *questions with a rhetoric taste*

  66. @ Stuve.

    I meant the fishing pole thing as a joke to sort of emphasize the over analyzing being done now but I forgot that the internet isn't really the best place to express anything with sarcastic intent. But otherwise I think we are agreeing to the same side of the coin.

    Sadly though, I have already seen the spoilers.

  67. Ok, this was so weird! I was just X-ing off the internet and then I saw that photo #10 (chum) was my background! idk if I did this myself with knowing it or that something happened when I just went to and let me add that I was just there and then went to yahoo before I X-ed out. this is kind of freaking me out! I did have the photo saved in a folder and i did open it to analyze it. do you think that I accidentally set it as my background while i opened it? or is it some weird glitch on I would have remembered if I clicked "set as desktop background" and I don't! Has this happened to anyone else? Help me!


  68. Well JJ did have that one interview about the monster saying he's just a baby. So if he's the baby..then..well yanno? where's the parents? Also I believe IF they were to make a sequal instead of having the monster attack another city I think it would be interesting to have the same general plot of it attacking NY just a different perspective, maybe the military? or the media? or just more civilians? I think that would fair better than trying to place the monster in another location. Besides a different point of view could help with some still lingering questions. I mean everyone would have their own experiences and knowledge of that night. Just my thoughts..

  69. The military attack in the night-vision photo takes place at night. We know that during the first night the monster, Mr. Grumpy Pants, was not injured and that even the missiles/guns they were using on him weren't phasing him. The military also did not begin attacking him until after he had already rampaged a bit so the night-vision photo must be the second night. Showing that much firepower in the photo leads me to believe that they were successful and the "chum" in the next photo is the little bits of Mr. Grumpy Pants that are left. The Chum photo was released after midnight on 1-18-08, so that also leads me to believe that it's the final photo, telling us the ultimate fate of Mr. Grumpy Pants.