Monday, January 7, 2008

JamieAndTeddy Video #8 - The Evidence

There is a new video on (password: jllovesth).

Don't do it Jamie! Don't do it! uh oh....

You can download the video directly here:

Or watch it on YouTube:

[mocking Teddy] Don't eat this Jamie
But I'm hungry
[opens the "primary" evidence, and smells it]
Wow, definitely opens my sinuses, that's for sure.
[eats some of the evidence]
Tastes pretty good...
Woah, what is this stuff that you sent me?
I feel great, I'm gonna go out...
* Thanks to W-Three at Unfiction, and Jess, Garrett, Robert for emailing me about his!


  1. Now shé´s going to take out the door with her hands and see mooses?



  2. I'm guessing that it's the Slusho! ingredients...

  3. Wow, so did she ZOOM! at the end there? The effects are that instantaneous?

    This more juicy than the destruction of Chuai...expect a follow-up vid right away!

  4. She eated a bad butter :(

    Now go explode >=D

  5. YouTube

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  7. I'm almost convinced that Seabed Nectar is not nefarious. Maybe it's the only thing that can protect you against parasite bites? I doubt that would show up in the movie though... Whatev, just can't wait to see it.

  8. Guys guys!!

    I think she's gonna explodes question is...why she is in the pic of never see Jamie in any least she is any little monster...i don't know! i said in my last post...i'm confused!! hahaha...but i can't wait to see the movie!!

  9. I'm surprised she didn't snort the stuff. Seems like something she would do. I bet she gives some to her friend the chef from the 1-18-08 picture specifically. He then uses it in his special recipe featured on the back. Feeds it to his friends at Rob's party and then...the rest is history, or future.

  10. Jamie is the monster! ;-)

    This is the first dumb thing they've done on this (not that it's major, either way). What he sent her wasn't exactly appetizing (some mush substance in dry ice, wrapped in tin foil), so why would he think she'd eat it? I know she's pissed at him (and apparently a rocket scientist), but it's still an ridiculous stretch to think she'd eat this stuff that he told her not to (especially when she has no idea if it's rat poison, machine oil, or whatever). If they were going to try to do this nonsense, they could have written it a little better. Don't start doing stupid things less than 2 weeks before the release.

  11. Theres a new pic on, its from the boat fleeing the chuai platform.

  12. I don't think we can expect any videos of her exploding, being kidnapped, dragged off by wee Yoshi monsters, etc. You guys forget that once she records a vid, she then has to make the effort to post it on So it's not plausible for us to see her demise via this forum.

    I know that's redundant of me, but every time we get a new Jamie vid there's a new influx of posts hypothesizing that next time around we're going to see her get attacked/morph/turn to soup.

  13. I really think she will put a new video...we'll see how she explodes or something like that....

  14. I think everybody is forgetting that she is at Rob's going away party. There is a picture of her on the website dated 1-18-08 just minutes before the monster attacks.

    She will not die/disapear/become the monster.

  15. S, I agree. I think this was a dumb and predictable part of the plot this far.

  16. Finally! a new pic in well, well...theres nothing to do...just wait for a new video, new pics, or new anything....

    11 Days...

  17. If a person was truly as incredibly stupid as this, they would have died by drinking antifreeze before this. This is totally unbelievable. C'mon guys -- psychological realism, unlike CGI special effects, is free to create. All it takes is thinking a little bit before you write something as wacky and unbelievable as this Jamie scene.

  18. Yep new pic on Was hoping for something slightly different than that though =/

  19. I'm so sorry for the triple post, guys. Last one, I promise. S and Rick: don't forget that Teddy's present included a Slusho! hat. The fact that the baggie was labeled "Do Not Eat" might have indicated to her that whatever it is, it's edible. She could have easily assumed it was Slusho!-related and therefore consumible. And, of course, being the pretentious skankmobile she is, she chose to taste it in defiance.

    I really don't find it that improbable, given her character. She's childish and feeling rejected. Teddy's not responding. She wants to invoke him.

  20. wow, she's retardly hott,...i think is the website for the monsters personal photo makes sense

  21. Dennis,
    I just E-mailed you this stuff, as I didn't see this on the site. Then, when I clicked the banner up top, it reloaded and it was there. I guess my browser isn't automatically updating the sites (just sticking with the cache). Sorry for the useless E-mail!

    The days are ticking down ... one wonders what's going to happen to everyone's favorite character: Jamie!


    - Mike from Albuquerque, NM -

  22. There is no evidence Jamie is in the actual movie. We only have the pictures, and the director and produce are saying two different things about them. She's not in any video footage seen, and one would think if she's anywhere she's at the party, but nope. She's not in any audio clip, She is no where except ARG related things.

    I'm all for hypothesizing of any kind, but people, please consider what we know when thinking about theories.

  23. I wonder if UNFROZEN nectar she's eaten has the same properties as the one in Slusho!...)

  24. Do you think Jamie will see the news report about the Chaui station? The one in "American" anyway... If she does, could she possibly have enough brain cells to recognize the name Tagruato? Will we see a "Teddy I believe you!" video? I still don't think seabed nectar is bad...

  25. Are we sure that she says, "I'm gonna go out"? It may be the crappy audio but I can hear "Oh My God". Of course you can hear anything if you try hard enough.

  26. Aarrrgh! Slusho and seabed nectar! I just don't see how we will get a satisfactory explanation in the film.

    The viral marketing stuff will (I fervently hope) enrich the movie for those of us following it. But if you hadn't seen any of it and you went to see this flick, wouldn't a discussion of seabed nectar make you ask WTF are they talking about?

    I hope that this can all be tied together so that non-followers enjoy the flick, and those of us who followed religiously get ours too.

  27. I said that in a previous post Soupy. The movie will still have to be simple enough for the vast majority who will see it that have NOT been following the viral marketing like us. We are only a small percentage of who will go see this film. The final product, I am sure will have things that will cater to us or that only we will understand but as a whole, it will be a story that is more simple to follow with most questions answered. The ones that are not answered? ...maybe thats the sequel.

  28. In her defense, she DID smell it first... :)

    I very much doubt she put that stuff in the freezer though. Wonder if it has any nasty side effects at room temperature..

  29. all this stuff might not be in the movie.

    but it would make great video game material ;)

  30. If Jamie is in the movie, it's, so far, an uncredited role:

    Cloverfield Cast

    The only 6 are the other MySpace characters we've seen so far.

    She's certainly not the brightest bulb on the chandelier, is she?

  31. I just got done looking at the French video again, when someone posted that the picture of the young man that Madam Leclerc showed could be Teddy Hanssen.

    I found a picture on Despoiler that was at one time on Jamie's MySpace, but has since been removed:

    Teddy Hanssen on Despoiler

    Put the French video to about 1:37. Now, cover his mouth so all you see are his eyes and nose. Do the same to the picture on Despoiler.

    It's not the same person.

    But, I have a theory as to who it is. I think it might be Randy from TIDOWave...

    Just a thought.

  32. I still think Jamie is the blonde in the movie. Slightly diff face and stature, but same hair, eyes, and freckles.

    If that is true (see for yourself, compare with then she seems to be be doing a lot better, much happier.

    The stuff she ate is undoubtedly Seabed's Nectar, there should be no dispute. I'm just happy I called what it was before the 9th. I think this is the second to last vid, one more.

  33. im taking a stab on this here, we will see another jamie video...and yes we will see her get sick or something...but it wont be real, she will make it a joke to make teddy remorseful and feel bad for "lying" and sending her "primary evidence"

  34. Sorry @Rick, didn't mean to double post or hijack your theory. I don't always read the comments!

  35. You know...I kind of hope they don't put all this in the movie...I think it's going to be simple of just meet the characters, the monster destroying everything and then whatever happens in the end...happens...

    And the rest of us who have spent all this time researching and following all this for months? It's our little secret...we know the backstory and who knows...maybe something will be put in the movie that we all just get and while we smile and wink, everyone else is just like huh? :)

    I don't just wouldn't seem fair to put all this in the movie when we spent so much of our time trying to figure all this out, theorizing, and researching every little thing we wouldn't be fair, now would it?

    Oh! And...why Jamie?! Didn't they teach you in school not to eat things just lying around on the floor? >.<

  36. LOL, its OK Soupy. I was more pointing out to show that I am not the only one with crazy theories or thoughts!!!

  37. I dont think the seabed nectar is bad for you at all, i think it maybe loses something if its not frozen, or maybe it doesnt taste too good, but I think the primary reason he didnt want her eating it is because it is primary evidence and it has an addictive quality to it (you cant drink just six!), if she eats some of it, she will undoubtably want to eat it all, and then there will be no primary evidence!

    I think it was kind of lame to have it have the immediate effects of making her feel good like that, they should have had it delay a bit., do we know who the photographer is for all those pics? Maybe its all the same photographer, and the new photo is up from the site, so maybe its like teddy taking the pics or something. I havent thought about it--that might make absolutely no sense at all--feel free to yell at me if it doesnt.

  38. Jamie ain't bright, that's for sure. Her dude disappears, sends her a strange package with a desperate sounding tape and a mysterious DO NOT EAT package. Not only that, when she calls to try and find her man, the creepy company CALLS HER BACK.

    What does she do? Goes on a man-hating bender, never once thinking that Teddy's distress is genuine.

    I mean, how likely is it that your guy is going to pull an elaborate and mysterious string of bullshit just to get rid of you, rather than just giving the "it's not you, it's me" speech??


    (two minutes later)


  40. I can't believe the dumb broad ate it! lol Two things though...

    First, it's kind of weird that she felt so good after just a little dab on her pinky. Makes you wonder what that whole chunk could possibly do.

    Second, I'm a little iffy about that last line myself, I'm not sure and I'm not going to start making speculations so I don't get "it's a lion" syndrome, but I really don't think it's "I'm going out."

  41. synn syxx what do you think she said? i just want to know.

    also do you guys think that the monster eats the nectar becasue if he does then he must be really stroung or are they "her" babies.

  42. If he sent her the straight or concentrated substance, then just a dab might actually do the trick for her. Slusho might have only trace amounts in it's recipe. Just guessing.

  43. yes, i'm thinking capcom is right on the money - Slusho! has only trace amounts in it. That's why you can't just drink six. You need to drink seven to feel the seabed nectar's effects properly, maybe?

    And I'm pretty sure Jamies says "I'm going out".

  44. to all those who are questioning whether ARG stuff will be in the movie:

    "There was a whole level of narrative being told before people had even seen the movie. We provided background on collateral characters and peripheral storylines, but nothing that was actually critical to the movie. If you've been following the online stuff then you'll have a real laugh at some of the things that happen in the film, but you don't don't have to have seen any of it. All of that, while certainly a part of the puzzle, is not the most important piece."
    -----J.J. Abrams in Empire magazine

    oh, and pinkhamster mentioned psychological realism and how this jamie movie defies that. I'd say, what's the best way to get somebody to do something? Answer: tell them not to do it. Pure psychological goodness that fits brilliantly.

  45. To elaborate on what Capcom said, It would appear that the 'primary evidence' could be a raw form of Katei no mitsu, and not the final product (be that modified, or diluted) that is used for food/drinks.

    My little theory on the side... Katei no Mitsu was discovered by Tagruato (or, more correctly, Noriko Yoshida)years ago, and only recently did they discover that it was a product of MGP. They captured MGP, needed an enclosure to hold tight of their biological gold mine and disguised it as an oil rig. TIDO wave comes along, infiltrates the 'oil rig' presses a button that says 'do not press' and then MGP escapes with a personal vendetta against all things Tagruato (that is, Chuai station and the oil tanker heading toward NYC.

  46. Hey, at the end she says "Oh my God" or "I'm going out?"

  47. You know what, honestly I suspect adi just nailed it.

    Every part of that makes perfect sense.

    TIDO can truthfully (from their perspective) claim that Tagruato is an evil, dangerous corporation, and wants to expose them.

    Tagruato can truthfully (from their perspective) claim that TIDO are dangerous terrorists, and works to eliminate them, all the while turning a huge profit from their new addictive product.

    The secret TIDO "events" have been efforts by TIDO to infiltrate or disrupt Chuai. They just think it's an oil rig, raping mother earth of resources, yada yada. They have no idea what's really going on, and their operations -- PERHAPS EVEN TEDDY HIMSELF -- unwittingly unleash the creature.

    Everyone remember the very beginning of "28 Days Later"? Same premise.

    Whether or not any of this could be true -- or any of it is even revealed to us -- this so far is the BEST summary theory I've read.

  48. You know, I just had another thought, while the creative juices are flowing tonight.

    Who here has read/seen Dune?

    We've all been assuming that katei no mitsu is MGP's eggs; while some suggest it is it's food source.

    Popular belief is that it is being harvested off the ocean floor.

    What if it's MGP poop?

    Melange, the spice that was so pivotal to the story of Dune, was the waste product of the sandworms. People ate it and it had mind-altering effects on them.

    Sound familiar?

    What if katei no mitsu isn't MGP eggs, but it contains the eggs of a parasite that lives inside of free-roaming MGPs naturally? Having been pooped out, the eggs have no chances of hatching in the warm, nutrient rich bowels of MGP, and so lie dormant on the cold sea floor like so many cycaedas.

    Until Tagruato pooper-scoops it up, that is.

    The human-sized parasites wouldn't be much bother to their normal biological host in the intestines of a 300 foot long sea creature, but now, in the bellies of warm humans, the eggs wake up, et voila! Exploding Marlenas everywhere!

    Thus the movie's double threat (which never came together for me until now): the giant monster, and what are essentially its equivalent of hookworms.

    Didn't I read -- a loonnnnnnng time ago -- that Abrams had once referred to this project as "Parasite?"

    Either all of this speculating has driven me insane, or all of that makes perfect sense to me.

    Anyone agree?

  49. I agree a lot with you adam. That's what I've been thinking for a while now. I think katei no mitsu is some kind of "waste" that contains the eggs of "The Parasite" that's somehow responsible for MGP (my guess is that it was a natural organism that came into contact with, and mutated by, the "core" katei no mitsu [possibly something extraterrestrial], which would explain why so many sources seem to point at an alien despite all official evidence of a natural creature. The Parasite/Seabed's Nectar is the alien, using MGP as a host to spread itself).

    Frozen in Slusho!, cut off from the "Core" inside MGP's body, and digested by stomach acids, the Parasite eggs have just mild effects, such as happiness and increased muscle growth (perhaps that's why MGP sinks the tanker... cannibalizing its parasite's own eggs might provide it with a perfect and fast source of nutrients in a pinch).

    But when the SMALLER monsters come (possibly spawned off, or mutated natural creatures which parasitized MGP)... they bite. And their bites contain some kind of venom or chemical from the "core" which "revives" any eggs still alive in the stomach. After all, millions of Asians (and some Americans) have been drinking the stuff for quite a while, and no people have exploded yet.

    I also think that the reason nobody can definitively pin down WHAT MGP is, from points to katei no mitsu somehow "splicing" the DNA of consumed organisms into the host MGP, creating a chimera of sorts. Then again, I just REALLY liked the concept infamous fan art of the whale; which WOULD make sense, considering the whale-like cry, whale references on the sites, etc. It could have gotten a wide variety of DNA from feeding from the plankton and larvae of millions of ocean creatures. Still, that's just an idea I like, not what I think it'll probably be.

    I AM sure about the whole "parastic seabed's nectar getting pooped out by MGP." :D

    Heck, the stuff IS green... I guess the poop makes the ocean floor look like a gooey cloverfield. XD

  50. adam, you are a freaking genius!

    The 'farm' - makes perfect sense! They are harvesting waste material en masse that they were previously collecting in dribs and drabs from the ocean floor. Eggs tend to be seasonal, so seem (to me) less plausible, but faeces can be collected all year round to keep consumers 'happy' all year round!

    Why, together you and I, we could be unstoppable!!!


  51.'s not even something that elaborate :P But that is a good theory, though :)

  52. wow adam that was really smart that was something never thought of before, but very possible.But why would "MGP" as you call him attack Chuai station? to get his shit back? lol

    But i still think that katei no mitsu(deep sea nectar?) is the monsters food source but its not abundant, there is just enough nectar to keep MGP alive. But Tagruato moves in and starts to collect the nectar to make "slusho". And MGP notices that his food source is vanishing
    so he snoops around and finds the Chuai station which has large amounts of nectar on it so he attacks the station because he is hungry(this would explain why some parts of the water were darker then others in the news video, it was nectar which we now know has a dark blue color) After MGP has his nectar feast he gets the effects of the nectar and he can smell better, move faster, and he is stronger. So being able to smell better he sniffs out a large amount of nectar(slusho) in New York. We can tell by Jamies reaction to the nectar that it may be stronger then cociane so MGP wants more. He needs more and he will stop at nothing to feed his addiction.

  53. I'm liking the idea that the monster eats oil. Very good symbolism, since we are in a time where oil is a huge concern along with terrorism.

    Its also interesting that Tagruarto started off as an oil company and happened to discover seabed's nectar. Think about it, NECTAR, like HONEY. I think Chuai station had NO OIL because the creature was drinking it all and converting it into Seabed's nectar. The creature has "hives" all over the world where oil is found, and Chuai just happened to be the place where the monster was. I guess the monster is the "Queen bee" and there are drones too? It could also be alone though. Also, this Katei no Mitsu could be similar to Royal Jelly, which has some reported health benefits.

    Things are getting pretty interesting! Gotta love this mystery and type of marketing!

    I hope whistleblower or Teddy survived and we get an update! Seems like there's something new every day building up to 1-18-08.

  54. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    Stop reaching for the unnecessary twists! Forget aliens. Forget DNA splicing. Forget mutation. Forget venom. Forget...uhmmm, oil-eating??? (*)
    It's simple biology. OCCAM'S RAZOR, people! You don't need all the alien/gene-splicing hokus pokus for this to work. Frankly, I'd be sadly disappointed if they went for something that goofy.

    Mastah you've got my idea all backwards. Seabed nectar is not responsible for creating or altering MGP, it's been here all along swimming around minding its own business, and katei no mitsu is literally just its feces. Plain and simple. Just like we have bacteria that live in us, the gut-buster creatures are a separate and unrelated species that would live inside MGP, essentially feeding off of, and breeding in, its digested food tract. Along comes Tagruato, who stole the old scientist's discovery (of seabed nectar's psychotropic properties, like kids who lick Bufo toads to get high), killed him, and begins setting up harvesting areas throughout the world to dredge it up from the ocean floor (I DO NOT suggest this has anything to do with TIDO's use of the word "farm," which I believe is just their slang for their base of operations -- which could conceivably be a cyberspace address and not an actual place)... NOT knowing or understanding that there is a secondary biological element in the raw product. Tagruato use their geostationary satellites to locate new fields of it (just like ecologists can use them to map deforestation, geological features, etc.), then they move their huge platforms to those locations, and start drilling (the failing satellite could easily just have been an accident... the cause was not important, the revelation that there was a satellite OVER THE ATLANTIC was the piece of the in-game puzzle for us).

    Mastah, you are confusing the "exploding" girl phenomenon with the "got a bite" dialog. I do not believe these are related (I'd explain why I'm certain, but some of the things I'm relying on could be spoilers, and I'm respecting the house rules here). The creatures that start to pop up, literally, do indeed bite, but you've got the chicken before the egg in your formula.(**)

    branj, Grumpy might have attacked Chuai for no other reason than his ecosytem has been disrupted. The species may be territorial; they parked a drilling platform ontop of its turf and churned up its field of poop.

    All that having been said, your alternate theory of concentrated seabed nector as addictive psychotropic food source for MGP -- enticing him to chase the tanker to NYC -- also makes perfect sense as well. Either of these, so far, seem perfectly plausible.

    The hilarious thing is, none of us may likely ever know for sure.

    (*)smokey I take them as sincere when they gave us the whistle-blower's assertion that there is no oil at Chuai. He is trying to expose that the rig is a cover for something else, not that the expected oil supply had been sucked dry already.

    (**) And no, so far I can't make sense of the fact that Slusho would have been marketed to millions of people already, and no exploding humans until next Friday night. I don't think it would be nearly as popular... That's the last piece of this puzzle that I can't reconcile yet.

  55. im just back logging a bit but on the tido wave site it mentioned sending flowers and sympathy card do we know whats that for or is it code because if its code i think flower = nectar and sympathy card = information but i don't know.

    Adam just one thing if it is poo who in the world ate it first because most people don't eat poo

  56. brendan, read Dune. (Then re-read it, twice. It's really dense...)

    And don't ever eat honey, cuz, eeeww, that's bee vomit! And who would eat vomit?

    But more to your point: the "Survival Kit" post on TIDO has always driven me nuts. I'm positive that's all code, and I have never seen anyone attempt to decipher it. The use of the word "array" instead of awry, the quotation marks, the dead webpage link, the list of seven things that honestly just don't all belong together. Ever since they posted that one I've felt like a huge clue has been ignored.

  57. ok adam im gonna help u crack this :) just because because i love bee vomit
    well small comb i would take as code as a item to scan something, flare gun something that can be used to warn others or show something or for help, swiss army knife lock pick? compass gps
    don't know about the others

  58. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster here. Finally decided to chime in now and again (better late than never right).

    adam, I like your ideas, I just have one concern. Why wouldn't a large company like Tagruato put the poo under a microscope? New food products go through many stages of testing before they are allowed onto the market. I just can't believe Tag qould throw caution to the wind, especially when dealing with faeces.

  59. Why do I have the nagging suspicion that Marlena (Jamie's roommate after all) will wander into the room and finish off the "primary evidence" before heading out for Rob's going-away party?

  60. No feense, Adam, but you've been jumping form one doesn't-relate-to-viral-marketing-whatsoever theory to another pretty much daily. Try to tie in the marketing, not obscure books like Dune.

    Soozcat, it certainly seems so.

  61. ADAM,
    Interesting points, especially about the poop. I like the reference to Dune/spice, that makes sense as a possibility. I think you're missing one key point in your statements and poo theory, WHY IS THE POOP/SEABED NECTAR IN THE SAME SPOTS WHERE OIL IS FOUND???? You do have several holes in your theory, and you also get some facts mixed up about Tagruato.

    Ganu Yoshida is the guy who discovered the secret ingredient and is the CEO for Tagruato. He was not murdered, he is alive. Tagruato the founder DIED from SUICIDE because his company FAILED, and he did not STEAL any secrets from anyone. Ganu Yoshida bought Tagruato in 1989 after Tagruato commited suicide. Read Tagruato's history:

    Ganu's mom Noriko was the one who disappeared. Kazui Ichigawa and his family who blew up in their RV was a Marine biologist who retired, and might have known about the monster or something bad about slusho. What he knew which resulted in his and his family's death is a mystery. But obviously RV's dont explode often. I think you are confusing Ichigawa with Ganu Yoshida.

    Remember in the trailers, the reporters note that an oil tanker has capsized in the harbor and there was an earthquake. The earthquake cant be from an explosion because there wasnt one until they got to the roof. Then we learn that after the Chuai sinking a tanker went missing in the Japanese clip. I think Chuai was where the monster was sleeping and somehow someone woke it up. When it woke up, it was pissed and hungry. It then searched for food (oil), found the "missing" tanker and ate it. Then it was still hungry, and searched for another oil tanker, which led it to NYC. Remember according to the trailer, loud roar/earthquake, capsized tanker on tv, explosion, then flying SOL head. This thing was HUNGRY and MAD. I don't think the "missing" tanker made it to NYC, although it could have had communications problems. The SOL head was eaten, and spat out or thrown.

    Think about it, it makes sense. Look at the sites Tagruato drilled all over the world where Oil AND seabed's nectar was found. You cannot deny the link there. Deep sea drilling = oil AND seabed's nectar. I'm also thinking that the monster consumes oil and converts it like a bee, but its just as likely that it could be poop.
    The only problem is how the poo theory connects with the missing tanker and the capsized tanker in NYC and what is the connection with Oil AND seabed nectar. Yes seabed nectar could be poo, but WHY is it always near oil, and WHAT is this huge creature eating that could nutritionally support its tremendous size. There's nothing more energy saturated than good old oil. I think seabed nectar comes from the monster's hive and the drones eat it to be happy and to control their anger. Or the monster needs seabed's nectar to live and be happy, and that seabed's nectar could be a new type of seaweed or organism like plankton which needs oil to grow?

    You also dont get the explanation of how or why the monster goes from Chuai to NYC instead of going to the closest point which is Connecticut (where the US clip thinks the "oil spill" will go. The bee theory also supports the idea of drones that bite (sting) people. Remember the clip, "we've got a bite here" then the exploding girl scene. I honestly doubt the monster bit her, there would be nothing left....hahahah. The bite must have caused the girl to burst or grow/morph and not the slusho. Think about it. Remember some people jumped in a tank of it and started swimming, gulping it up. I think the exploding is the result of being bit by something else. The idea that there's something in the nectar that reacts or wakes up when you get bitten is also a sound theory. I dont think slusho is contaminated with bacteria or some harmful agent, since the numerous scientists at Tagruato would have checked for that before drinking it. I think slusho restricts us to six because people get TOO happy, but it is suspicious that they gave it to animals for testing. It would be stupid for a multinational corp. to sell something dangerous, when its making billions from oil. Unless they are evil and want everyone to die a horrible exploding death. LOL.

    Whistle blower says "Americans no oil here, they must have known before they built". This must connect with the SONAR images too. Which is an interesting clue, but remember this is a theory/opinion from a TIDOO agent or someone with allegiance to TIDOO, so I'm not so sure it is completely factual. Also, I'm not saying that the whistle blower says the monster ate the oil, I'm saying that the only fact we know of is that there is no oil at Chuai, and the reason might be because the monster eats oil. The only fact that the document shows is that the other sites have oil production/revenue and Chuai isnt on the list even though its operational at the time. This led me to think that either they built the rig just for seabed's nectar, or they built it for the monster (unlikely), or they originally thought there was oil there, and upon drilling they woke up the monster (thinking it was oil) and that the oil there was blocked, or was sucked out before they could get it.

    I dont think satellites can scan so deep on the ocean floor, which is why they used sonar. If satellites can track things underwater, the military would use it to find wrecks or to track enemy subs. Instead of satellites, they use sonar. Now if you coaxed the creature to surface, then of course satellites would work well to take a photo.

    I do agree that the answer is probably going to be so simple. However its fun to speculate and have our own theories. I'm just saying that my theory makes sense, because it fits with most of the elements in the puzzle, even though it sounds far fetched or complicated to you.

    Sorry for the long comment, I'm just trying to understand all the clues and figure out how this thing all fits. I'm not saying I'm right and you are wrong, I'm just trying to find out what makes sense. The more we come up with, the better we'll understand the movie when it comes out!

  62. Adam doesnt like bee vomit, but he likes the idea of slusho being POO? thats hillarious....LOL. I just read that after I posed my last comment. I agree with GRIM and his idea of scientists making absolutely sure. Like I said before, if you are making billions off oil, why the hell would you poison your customers or risk them being killed? that makes no sense, unless Ganu is totally evil.

  63. The other possibility is that Ganu isn't evil as much as he is just plain nuts. Though I'll admit freely that I have no idea what drives him right now.

  64. ok ok ok!! the oil company started as a oil company, then it found sea nector (aka crack). now they are making more money with the crack they are selling. started looking everywhere for the crack all over the oceans, and might have found a new life while looking for the crack. and took to do studies on it. and mom is pissed of and wants her baby back. the food sorce the monsters feed on are so rich that our body can't handle it. what happens if just eat donuts all your life you will get big and fat. so it might be after it's baby or we took all it's food and like a crack head it will do what it has to get some crack.

  65. Points well taken, all. I concede I did not have a clear recollection of Tagruato's/Yoshida's history.

    When the thought struck me, the Dune reference seemed like a very interesting template for the idea. The waste product of another species consumed for health benefits or due to addictive properties. Not inconsistent with what we know so far (stuve).

    We humans eat a lot of weird stuff, knowingly. Nobody watches Iron Chef? (the original Japanese one, I mean). Sea urchin goop, testicles, eel penis... A Japanese delicacy is the blowfish which is known to be deadly if prepared incorrectly, but they go for it anyway.

    I dismissed the oil-eating theory before stopping to think that what we use as oil starts out as pockets of precursor material which is entirely biomass left by millions of years of decaying animals and plants. So perhaps that fits.

    I'm inclined to believe (read: making it up on the spot) that katei no mitsu was discovered maybe mixed with a pocket of crude oil, they studied it, probably understood that it was biological in nature, but like oil it appeared to contain the fossil of something that once was alive, not expecting it actually could still be. For the moment I'm assuming that Tag doesn't know the material happens to be MGP poo. They just found it unexpectedly, tested it, and realized what a gold mine they had found. That assumes their motives were noble; it's just as easy to assume in this ARG that Tag knows what the stuff is and doesn't care. "Why the hell would you poison your customers?" I got two words for you: Big Tobacco.

    I still can't rationalize why some kids in New York start ripping apart while thousands of satisfied customers in Asia drink Slusho safely. So regardless, I admit there is some huge piece of this that doesn't fit in my little world.

    (See how I did that? No flame war. It's just a movie. I'm a big boy.)

  66. do you think the food is the oil that we put in our cars. what better place to get your food is new york a major city by the ocean all the waste from cars and boats might be making the monster come our way

  67. I handed in some work in my Film Studies class back in July, and I reffered to Dune in it. I'll be well chuffed with myself if that turns out to be right :D

    probably not though, i still think this is just gonna be a big dumb city destroying monster movie.

    Which is amazing anyway >=D

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. She left really quickly at the end. Either she feels really good and wants to go out, or she lied, and went elsewhere to puke. I HIGHLY DOUBT that JJ Abrams would make a character in this movie turn into a monster because she ATE something! And another thing:
    The movie will almost definately start at the party! Jamie made these videos privatey for Teddy! It shouldn't even be on YouTube! Duh! Common sense, people!

  70. We already knew all that jiffy.

    By the way, I'm together with those who are unclear what she actually says at the end. Phonetically, all I can make out is

    "gla la la la tehh"

    but it goes really fast.


  71. Wow, I feel so out of the loop because I've never read Dune. So I'll guess I'll just chime in on Jamie.

    The "I feel great" part could have easily been a lie due to her facial expression and sound of her voice. There no way in hell she'd admit on camera she didn't feel well after doing something Teddy told her not to do, she can't let him be right.

    I have no freaking clue what they'll be doing with Jamie now though.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Ah double, sorry. Remember when Rob's actor said in an interview that the characters sure could have used some slusho? I gather from that Slusho is an energizer of maximum quality. Now whether the seabed necter needs to be diluted before human consuption, I don't know.

    Let's see, I also agree MGP has been swimming around for a long time, I've been thinking that sense I read about the whales being disturbed by tags drilling.

    I don't think I can contribute much else, except I'm majorly agreeing with adi and adam at this point. The whole theory sounds really plausible.

  74. Why are we calling it MGP now? U look away for one minute and you miss everything!

  75. I just have a theory, what if the monster is from Atlantis? Me and my friend d id some research and it all makes sense. And the Chuai station is located directly over the sunken continent of Atlantis!

  76. Oho, what if the monster was responsible for DESTROYING Atlantis, and now it's going to destroy us?

    (Before anyone breathes down my neck, I'm goofing around here. Even I don't think this holds water.)

  77. Even if you are just joking, that's a valid theory. What if the monster was responsible for the disappearances of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Mu?

  78. Hey ADAM,interesting you mention BIG tobacco. There is one small difference, Tobacco was used for centuries before being mass produced. Seabed's nectar is strange, new, mysterious etc. Heck, American Indians were using tobacco for centuries before we arrived, and in Central America around the 9th century. Cigarettes were not thought of as "Bad" until the 80's and the huge Tobacco master settlement agreement MSA wasnt done until 1998.

    Some people know its bad, but still smoke because they want to. Totally different from Seabed's nectar, where Tagruato says its totally healthy and yummy, and makes you happy. Also, if slusho is bad, the side effect is that you explode. I'd rather get lung cancer when I'm 80 and smoke. LOL. Hell, some people smoke 8 packs a day since they were 16, and still live till their 80's/90's with no smoking related illness. But there are some who die early too. Same goes for alcohol. Alcohol faced prohibition, people know its bad, but they drink. In moderation, alcohol has benefits. But we've been using alcohol for centuries.

    Anyhow you missed my point, why would a corporation making billions in oil, RISK selling a product without testing it for safety COMPLETELY before releasing it, ESPECIALLY since the product is MYSTERIOUS, and ORIGINS UNKNOWN. That is just silly. Ganu Yoshida drank some slusho, he didnt explode.

    Think about it, Put yourself in Ganu's shoes, you're testing slusho, then your subjects start exploding because they cant stop drinking or whatever reason. Then you, the owner/discoverer starts to reason, hmmmmm it makes you feel happy right, and people cant stop! Who cares about why they die, who cares what this thing is or where it came from. It tastes great. Who cares that you explode or might blow up later, I could be rich. Wait, I am already rich, I make Billions from oil, but you know what...I want trillions. I'll just deny deny deny that I knew people explode, and I'll just hide when I get sued and my company is shut down from all these deaths.
    Its ok that I might be killed for being a complete idiot.

    Again, highly unlikely, and makes no sense at all, unless Ganu Yoshida is the Devil or totally EVIL or RETARDED.

  79. Been watching this unfold for a short while now. Read every post and the comments for the last three weeks. I did fear that by the time I'd finished Cloverfield would be out on DVD but I'm nearly at the top:-)
    Anyway, two things that popped into my tired mind.
    Could Jamie give some of the stuff from Teddy to the exploding lady? Exploding lady (name escapes me now) is Jamies flatmate right? (if wrong, apologies). Perhaps Jamie gives her some as a pick me up. If Jamie isn't in the movie it could be a nice lead on to a sequel ie there's someone else out there who is infected. And maybe the reason that millions of people haven't already exploded is because the "nectar" isn't being consumed in it's pure form (like it is by Jamie).
    Also, the TIDO kitlist ; (Honey) Comb = nectar, right?
    Cheers. Great job Dennis, you're a star. Nice to see some in-depth puzzle-solving going on here. Top marks all round.
    Brazil banks
    (ps - as I haven't got near the most recent posts/comments I apologise if this has already been said=)

  80. i'm starting to think that tagruato is simply trying out some good old-fashioned revenge on america. godzilla inspired abrams to create cloverfield. godzilla is a metaphor for the american-led atomic attack on japan. maybe the company is a little more evil than we think? as far as s.b.n. is concerned, it is either the food source for the monster, or it is the gelatinous unfertilzed eggs of the monster.