Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cloverfield on Yahoo

Cloverfield is the #2 search term on Yahoo today, right behind "South Carolina Primary". There is also a special Yahoo Pulse section featuring the top Cloverfield searches, which includes "Cloverfield Clues" :)

Hi Yahooligans!

There is also a special article in Yahoo Movies called Just The Facts on Cloverfield

And, there is a new Cloverfield video clip, titled "Choppers":


  1. man i remeber that part when they went up the building and crossed over the 1 that was half falling i was like noooo way like wtf lmao =P this movie still needs to be majorly cleared up and there is still so much to be added.

  2. Wow! that is the sickest movie scene i have seen so far, and thats coming from someone who hasn't seen the movie. I so want to see this movie, hopefully i'll see it tomorrow! Cloverfield Rules! This video is so cool cause u can see the monsters claw towards the end of the video!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the movie people!!! It was worth waiting 6 months for this movie!!!

  3. Why would they release that clip all edited like that? Seems like a shitty idea..

  4. I think it's great what they are doing with the editing the monster out of the trailer and the clips, when he is clearly in all of the scenes we see in the movie and not in the trailers and scenes on the web. That gives it intrigue and makes people want to see the movie. I think it's great marketing.

  5. just imagine how shitty it would be if they didnt come out with a sequel or didnt clear up where the monster came from and just let us out dry... i would feel reallllly used lmao ive been following viral media for 6 months to be shown a 2 hour long trailer in theaters =P

  6. does anybody else just love the fact that if there is a sequel it will be the same attack from someone else's camera? how bad ass is that?! also... why do we need to know where the monster came from!!?? why can't we just be surprised and clueless for once. Why can't we just have something with no explanatioN?! it makes it even scarier like that.

  7. David, JJ has already said where the monster came from.

  8. what did jj say about where it came from?

  9. Would someone please tell me what fell into the water...i forgot to look.

  10. the monster, according to JJ, emerged from under the ocean floor.

    did he also state in those production notes that the monster had been down there like 2,000 years? can't remember.

    the REAL question is not where it came from, but why and how?

  11. Yesterday, Cloverfield had the most searches on (on 1-18-08). Today Odette Yustman (sp?) is number three in the top searches.
    Just thought I'd let you know, and Cloverfield was nothing short of the BEST movie I've ever seen. (:

  12. lol did anyone notice at the end of the credits it said thye used music from "beast from 20,000 fathoms...i think thats just JJ's way of flipping the bird at all the people that fept saying the monster isnt original and that its from beast form 20,000 fathoms.

  13. One, movie was awesome. Two, what is the weird preoccupation with "I want to know exactly EVERYTHING right now!" pout-pout-pout!!

    The beauty of this movie is that it totally immerses you in the moment, the feeling of knowing something really bad is going down but having no idea what. Even with the viral marketing we knew little more than the characters themselves. During the disaster, nobody would know anything, they'd just be trying to get out with their skins intact.

    Not knowing exactly where the monster came from was my wife's complaint too, and it just drove me nuts that I couldn't explain to her the concept of the movie. Or she just didn't want to *get* it.

    It was a shocker to be sure, and absolutely chilling in its realism.

  14. only reason im upset is because this is my second cliff i jumped off this week... first when i beat Crysis the PC game now this all i have to say is :'(

  15. hey guys i was wondering, when you went to see the movie Cloverfield did all of you pay at the booth or did u call or buy a ticket online? i might go tonight but im wondering if its going to be sold out..i dont live in a city or anything

  16. after the seeing the movie, I kinda realized that the movie wasn't meant to explain what the monster is and where it came from.
    The movie was just fottage of what happened that night, nothing more.
    There is hopefully a sequel in the point of view of other characters cause that would be awsome! oh, and it was kinda cool to see Jamie in the film (even if it was only for a second) cause I thought she wasn't going to be in the movie at all. lol

    the most confusing part is how none of the dates make sense.

  17. My theater was only 1/2 full (I was kind of bummed not to be seeing it with a rowdy group). If you're worried about it, use Fandango. It's only $1 charge per ticket to buy online. I did that just in case.

  18. I'm pretty excited to see the movie, but the hype has died down for me WAY DOWN.

    I mean, come on, six months we've been following around Jamie and Ted and you just see her on a couch... What the hell is up with that? I was expecting, at the very LEAST, to have her die first from slusho poisoning, but we don't even get that...

    I think I'm going to be majorly disappointed; I'll just wait until next week when I see it to say for sure.

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  20. Nevermind, I found what I need.

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  21. People just don't seem to grasp the point of the movie. Drew Goddard already stated previously that he's not gonna have some guy in a lab coat conveniently come up and explain everything about the monster and the whole situation. The whole point was to be just as clueless as they are the whole time and enjoy the ride which I sure did! :)

  22. i just wanna point out a few things

    1) at the end when rob gives his final words he says its saturday may 23. saturday doesnt fall on may 23 in 2008 but in 09. the movie is in the future.

    2)also at the end after rob and beth supposively die they show a shot of the ocean from coney island. did anyone else but me notice something fall from the sky into the water making a big splash. it was small enough not to be noticed but it was there. look again.the thing is from F*cKIng outer space.

    3)the monster overturned a TAGRUATO tankership and it killed HUD after sniffing him with its red air sacks on its head. isnt it possible the monster is drawn to the SLUSHO secret ingredient? im not saying thats true or even if HUD had a slusho but its an educated guess.

    4) JAMIE! after u see the Statue of Liberty's head go airborne and crash u see her drunken ass stumble into cameraview and again when u see the monster go past the buildings. SHE MAY HAVE SURVIVED! and plus u never saw teddy so this could be included in possible sequel which i think will be on may 24 09, the day after the attack. if u saw jamie die and care to prove me wrong please do so.

    these are my theories and noticed facts enjoy

  23. but what about the bullet shaped object marlena put down robs shirt?

    and with that obvious bit of trolling out of the way.

    anyone think marlenas actress (dont remember her name or care to look it up atm) needs to suck it up. what part of her role was physically demanding? hell im incredibly out of shape but i dont really see how the short run through the subway could have been to much work. least i think i have the right actress paired with the right quote.

  24. not to be a killjoy but the subway part was obviously cut. they walked from 6th st to 51st thats a 3 hour walk tops. i live in the city i would know.

  25. im glad its a 3 hour walk, i mean, the whole event lasted 7 hours, it makes more sense that way.
    btw, I just saw the movie again, and all the size discrepencies i had have been alieved. Theres 1 monster, he covers alot of ground, hes the same size at all times, and its totally fucking awsome.

    Im interested to see if that guys right out Jamie being outside the party tho, ill have to look for her monday when i see it.

    This is the best movie ever, i have 0 complaints, and im 100% satisfied.

  26. punk chaos! IT IS JAMIE! She was in the 5 minute exclusive all along!
    minute 3.34-3.36 you see her clearly! same dress and boots,bracelets, and neckless! she runs into the store with the rest of the gang!

    given, if I hadn't seen her 11th video, I would have said it was not her, but thats her all right!

  27. if there is a sequel i hope it has sumthing to do with her and teddy.everyone please take notice of the other things i brought up. i was lucky to notice all of it on the first time i saw it. plus video 11 of jamie and teddy is my favorite. only because it opens with her boobs, includes her smacking her ass and spreading her legs, and ends with her kissing her tits. YAYYYY!!!

  28. one more thing before i take my leave

    i just wanna add another fact about my theory of the monster being drawn to the slusho ingredient,Once again im not sure if HUD had a slusho or not but the little monsters tried to drag him away in the tunnels.This is just another point im trying to bring up about the part of the SLusho secret ingeredient.But this could mean Jamie was eaten since she was basicly high on tht shit be4 the party.

  29. Im not sure that's Jamie are we sure it wasn't the other blonde girl that had somewhat of a major part while they were at the party. I mean I really hope it was her but I think it might be that other girl that kind of looks like her.

  30. Yep, look at her hair. It's the other blond girl.

  31. punkchaos you're definitely right about the may dates. The creators of this movie are obviously not f**king idiots. They had rob say saturday may 23 at the end on purpose because the 23rd only falls on a saturday in 2009 it without a doubt takes place in the future

  32. yea i thought it was the other blonde girl, that's kind of disappointing

  33. thats the other, much cuter blonde girl, damn.

  34. zurcher: she had to run around New York for several hours wearing boots with platform heels. I'm guessing [and correct me if you're wrong] that you're a guy who hasn't had the experience of walking around in heels for hours, let alone running. The poor girl would have had huge blisters, same with Lily [which is why you see her holding her shoes while they're climbing the building next to Beth's].

  35. I think that's Jamie running in there.

    the other blond woman was bigger and darker blonde hair color.

    do a frame-by-frame. you get a tiny glimpse of the side of her face, when they run into the store.

    I'm almost positive it is Lascano!

  36. For the Slusho thing. In interview with some of the crew, they say that when Hud gets eaten/grabbed, the monster is at it's biggest.... is it at it's biggest because Sea Bed nectar is incresing it's growth? Just an idea.

    And who knows... if Jamie is alive (which I would hate), we may just get an other freaky video for all I know.

  37. HAHA now that i saw the exclusive trailer again, there are at least 5 girls that look like her at the party. three of them can be seen while they watch the news cast to the left(one has her hair up)

  38. By tomorrow will we be seeing the clip from The Soup uploaded here? I wish I could supply it but I wasn't expecting it.

    Also if anyone's familiar with The Lonely Island (or not) the website ( has some pretty humorous pictures on the Cloverfield monster concept arts in the Chez Chat section.

  39. No, the blond girl has longer hair then Jamie's, and it's completely flat and silky looking. Jamie has almost shoulder length and feathery hair.

    Why is looking for her so important? She's not an important character, and she already had a cameo.


    not sure if anyone has thought of this. but here it goes

    ok so i think i have a guess on why the monster tried to "drag" hud. IT WANTED THE CONTENTS IN HIS STOMACH. MORE SPECIFICALLY, SLUSHO!
    Since Slusho has been released in the U.S. and since Rob has some ties to slusho, i think its possible that Hud drank some slusho and the monsters were attracted to him, and why monsters were randomly attacking them only. MY THEORY for why the monsters want the is stomach is because of this. REmember you notice how when they were in the infirmary after the subway scene, some guy was brought in with a BIG bite taken from his stomach? yea i thinks its because he drank some slusho and the monsters wanted him only for his stomach. ANd this kinda is the reason why the monster did not fully eat hud. it only ate his stomach! thats why it seemed like it bit him and dropped the rest of him.



    not sure if anyone has thought of this. but here it goes

    ok so i think i have a guess on why the monster tried to "drag" hud. IT WANTED THE CONTENTS IN HIS STOMACH. MORE SPECIFICALLY, SLUSHO!
    Since Slusho has been released in the U.S. and since Rob has some ties to slusho, i think its possible that Hud drank some slusho and the monsters were attracted to him, and why monsters were randomly attacking them only. MY THEORY for why the monsters want the is stomach is because of this. REmember you notice how when they were in the infirmary after the subway scene, some guy was brought in with a BIG bite taken from his stomach? yea i thinks its because he drank some slusho and the monsters wanted him only for his stomach. ANd this kinda is the reason why the monster did not fully eat hud. it only ate his stomach! thats why it seemed like it bit him and dropped the rest of him.


  42. hmmm it does kinda make sense..

  43. awesome movie, but i watched it with my friends and they almost threw up. :(

    anyway, i love how in the theaters, you feel EVERY vibration. every step of the monster, every bomb explosion, every single movement louder than a footstep you can literally feel.

    but at the end, i have to admit, i was feeling dizzy too. it goes away quickly, but its something you should be careful about if you havne't seen it yet. otherwise CLOVERFIELD ROCKED!

  44. what I was thinking though.
    I think that the monters are attracted to slusho but What I've thought was the reason marlena blew up when she was bit is because when they're bit they turn into eggs for the parasites.

  45. response to joeverfield

    i think that what that soldier actually had was a "bite" because someone says "we have another bite over here" when teh cart with the guy is moved in.

    also, when they say "we have a bite!!" referring to marlena, they take her to a tent and she explodes, becoming what that er... opened up carcass seemed to be. just a theory

    also, when they go into the tunnel room, hud says "they tried dragging me away" where as marlena got bitten. i can see your theory relating to that, but i dun think your theory works for the opened carcass


    Has anyone told you about this yet?
    I remember the word bloop on the slusho website being used often.

    Figured this might mean something.
    Sorry if this has already been discovered.

  47. ok, lemme try something...

    Yes, everything was put together why do people think there are all these 'mistakes'?

    Do you think they rushed thru this whole thing making errors along the way and NOONE associated with the film noticed any of them? (including the one theory about the 'incorrect sizing of an animation')

    Or that they would release some of the viral items with incorrect information...

    The photos at have never been about giving answers...they have HELPED us find answers...

    can you imagine how it would have been if the first time any of us went to and saw pics with a date from may stamped on them? It would have created a totally different spin on the game "oh, why does it take place in may?"

    Sorry...I just needed to get this off my chest...

  48. there is no reason for the parasites chasing after hud!!! it was all part of the movie... they had to show interaction with the main characters and the monsters! there is no slusho in the movie other than the t-shirt!!! done deal... it's not relevant to the movie!

  49. Just in case people are going to start saying that there's 'nothing there'

    Check This Out!!

  50. about the date thing..

    when i first saw the movie i thought that maybe the viral marketing would keep going and lead up to may 23rd or whatever day that was. but now that all these websites are going down and everything seems to be coming to an end i wonder if it's just a shift in time between our reality and theirs. so our january is the movie may. this would make the home videos of rob and beth dated in our december. so if there IS something falling from the sky, there's a good chance it IS the fallen satellite piece, since that allegedly happened in mid december.

    although that's still not really anything... i'm just absolutely convinced that they wouldn't "make a mistake" on the dates like that. there had to be a reason.

  51. I have a theory, if anybody would care to listen.

    1) Remember the sonar that was shown by TIDOWave that clearly showed 2 blips on the screen?

    2)How about the pictures of "something" being attacked in the ocean and the supposed aftermath?

    It has been said before that the monster is a "baby" and is confused and angry. I hypothesize that the fight in the ocean may have possibly been the monster's mother being taken down and he is trying to get away from whatever it was that killed her. I dunno, I am going out on a limb here. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  52. If we're assuming that Hud drank Slusho!, then Marlena probably didn't seeing as she's not so close to Rob as she is to Lily, maybe the seabed nectar in the Slusho neutralises the monsters' bites [and I am still going on my theory that the smaller beasts are the big monster's spawn/original incarnation], which is why Hud was bitten and killed [yet not that eaten] whereas Marlena and the random stretcher body exploded. Also, the body on the stretcher added just the right amount of gore that I feel is necessary for a good scary/monster movie.

  53. I notice no one has mentioned this possibility:

    The eco-terrorist people report that their study of the slusho secret "sea bed necter" caused some sort of "expanding" correct?

    Marlana EXPANDED so much that she EXPLODED. So these little things, and possibly the large monster, have a venom in their bite. This venom could be the Ingredient for slusho! especially with the way she felt all woozy. Possibly with a less consintrated dose she would be less wooszy, more tipsey, and instead of exploading she would just have that expansion thing they talked about.

    Just a theory, but it's one I haven't seen yet. Not that that means much.

    Movie was great!

  54. Yea, i think the same.

  55. Can anyone tell me how much screen time the monster actually got in 84 minutes? To be fair, this can include even the few second scenes it appeared in. Once you answer this question, you will know main thing wrong with this "monster" movie--if you can even call it this.

  56. listless: seeing as it's a movie about a group of friends' experience during a monster attack, I'd say calling it a monster movie is pretty apt.

    Now, if the monster had more screen time and exposition of its origins and feeding patterns, I'd be inclined to call it a nature documentary. Maybe the sequel will cater to your desire and be shown on the Discovery channel?

  57. Kendally: You didn't answer my question. Comic-Con 2007, J.J. Abrams: "...I want a monster movie. I want a great monster movie...We need our own monster. We need our own monster movie...I want something insane. Intense." Mr. Abrams did not say: "I want a movie about a group of friends' experience during a monster attack. I want a great movie about a group of friends' experience during a monster attack." Your position is disingenuous, and veiled attempt to support the position that all the pre-movie ends justified the means here. This is *not* a monster movie. You are correct, there is monster in this movie about a group of friends' experience during a monster attack. And this is precisely how it *should* have been sold to us. Furthermore, this, by no means, is a great monster movie. To claim otherwise, I'd begin by asking you exactly what monster movies you are comparing this to? I'll attempt to answer my question: Four minutes in eight or nine scenes? Tops? Out of 84 minutes? And you are fine with this?

  58. joverfield i already said that but its good to see someone believes in the same theory as i do. as for the guy with the bite taken out of him in the med station, i thought he exploded after being bitten but he wuldv been in pieces afterward so this is more evidence on the theory of the monster being drawn to the slusho ingredient.
    1)little monsters tried to drag HUD away
    2)soldier with huge bite in him
    3)overturned TAGRUATO tanker in the harbor
    4)big monster sniffs HUD and eats him and not rob or beth
    5) the picture of dead sperm whales on 1-18-08 .com. they all have huge bites taken from them. they live in the ocean so its possible that they had some contact with the ingredient.
    6)the attck on the TAGRUATO oil station. they could've had the ingredient there

    just some ideas to support the theory

  59. listless just chill out. no need to troll because you didnt like the movie that much.

    wouldnt the slusho ingredient eventually get cleared from the human body? i would think hud would have to have had slusho around the time of the movie for it to still be in his system enough for the thing to eat him.

    anyone else think the group was stupid for not running as soon as the rats went running down the subway? hud seems like someone whose seen enough movies to know that always means something bad is on the way.

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  61. One thing im confused about, at the end when Hud got chewed on by the monster, where did it go? Did it just chew on Hud then run away? Why didn't we hear its steps? And how come right when Hud fell off the monsters mouth, how come Rob and Beth came running towards him? Wasnt the monster right above him? Why would they just run beneath the mosnter? I dont get this why wouldnt the monster go after Rob and Beth? That part of the movie just doesnt make sense..

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. listless they showed the monster alot more than i thought they would.
    Pretty much every scene from the commercials and trailers had monster in it, and even some bits we didnt expect, like the awsome electronics store scene.
    Considering the point of view, id say they did a damn good job.
    what did you want, full coverage cameras everywhere that showed every nook and cranny of the monster?
    whats the fun in that?

  64. i noticed that some are taking this "baby" thing way too seriously. the context jj or matt(whoever said it i caint remember) said that in wasnt an age refrence but a state of mentality. he ment that it was seeing things brand new like a baby walking around looking at things trying to figure them out, easily scared. he is not a actual baby but being on the ocean floor for thousands of year or even space how can you call ssomething that old a baby, there is no sense in that. but if you look at it as a deminer of the character it becomes a lot more clear.

    i just said this b/c every1 seems to think its brand new or something. just something for yall to think about

  65. I'm throwing my hat in the ring along with "listless." He's brave enough here to part with the fanboyism that the ARG whipped up. And factually he is spot on. I wanted, desperately, to love this movie. It's a good ride, but it's not a great movie. It is not extremely insane nor intense, as promised.

    Technically, the movie is brilliant. Every scene with the monster actually in it (what few there are) was amazing. Except for the last scene in the park, the suspension of disbelief, necessary to enjoy this kind of movie, was complete.

    There just wasn't enough of that. I couldn't wait for Hud to die; every time another lame, inappropriate PG-13 attempt at humor escaped his mouth my interest in the movie wilted just a little more. The reason that audiences are leaving the theaters disgruntled (and in some cases I've witnessed, actually booing!) is that the movie does not deliver what its creators promised the fans for the last eight months. This simply will not go down in history as the genre-redefining monster movie Abrams said he would create.

    They appear to be proud of the fact that they only spent $30 million. Another five or ten million or so could have bought another ten minutes of special effects face time for that amazing monster we kept hearing about all these months.

    If Paramount had its own theme park like Universal Studios (or maybe made arrangements with them), this story would make the PERFECT immersive thrill ride like Back to the Future or that Star Wars one. That would be fun as hell, getting swatted around in an evac helicopter on hydraulics in front of an IMAX screen or something.

    But as a movie, unfortunately, this was "Entourage" with a loud giant Admiral Ackbar stomping around in the background.

  66. Hey guys, cloverfield has almost made 20,000,000 dollars in profit in only two days!

  67. You know Adam, not everyone who likes this movie is a fanboy. I haven't blasted listliss, and I'm not going to blast you, for disliking the movie, because taste in anything is subjective.

    It's a nice ride, and I enjoy it. I don't expect anything from my movies, thats way I always enjoy them at least a tiny bit, and I'm never disappointed.

  68. Right before the monster was chewing Hud, the army was still following and attacking it. That could be the reason why the monster went away after he killed Hud.

    Also I don't think the monster did bite Hud because he drank a Slusho... think about it.. who would have drink more Slusho other than Rob?

  69. Adam,

    I respect your opinion, but I disagree with you.

    One of the most important scene was the first 10 seconds (the introduction showing that it's a recovered piece from the attack). You need to "believe" that when you first watch the movie and it will make the experience much more intense. You'll take the movie as it is, like if you would be working at the Government, discovering what really happened.

    Hud might be annoying to some people, but think about it, we all have at least one friend who can be related to Hud. Saying silly things is part of his personality and they show it perfectly when he was around Marlena, asking her to do the "goodbye" thing for the camera.

    Also a lot of people don't realize that it's not all about the monster, but it's all about the point of view of a group of people who try everything to save a person and in the meantime, trying to survive while a big monster attacks the city, and mostly it is all about the love of Rob for Beth.

    This movie wasn't meant to be your typical blockbuster, where everything is predictable so cheesy.

    I give Cloverfield a 10 out of 10 and I plan on riding again this "rollercoaster" a lot of times ;)


  70. I agree with Terry. I can totally understand why some people may not have liked it but I loved it. So did my girlfriend and she had no idea about any of the ARG stuff.

    One of the reasons I liked it so much is that it's NOT about the monster. It's about the people. The monster could have easily been an earthquake, a tornado, a foreign army invading. It was the embodiment of a "disaster situation" and the real story was how they dealt with it. I felt like that party scene was the roller coaster going up that hill and once that first earthquake, it just doesn't stop.

    I thought the moments worked really well. My heart broke when Rob's mom called to check on him and Jason. I also thought the humor was welcome and not too slick like it might be in a regular blockbuster.

    I give 5 stars out of 5 or 10 out of 10...whatever rating system you want. I loved it and can't wait for the dvd (I hope they do a documentary like Blair Witch had on their was actually better than the movie!).

    Also, I didn't notice this before but the character who was carrying the camera is named HUD. Isn't that the first person shooter display acronym as well? Heads Up Display?

  71. Oh having said all of the above...I did think it was weird that they SHOWED HUD at the end laying in front of the camera. Especially when it looked like he was eaten. I say don't show him or just show a ripped off arm or something. He looked fine. lol

  72. Cloverfield made an estimated $41m over the weekend! This is the biggest January opening ever!
    The actual amount of money it made will be said by tomorrow.

  73. Here's my two cents. I loved the movie, it was perfect. But i can't help but actually regret getting so involved in the viral campaign. People that went to see the movie with no knowledge of this ARG were able to just enjoy it for what it was. People who have followed the ARG though, are forced to wonder, "Where are my answers?" It's not really fair actually that the ARG followers were unable to enjoy it all that much when we put the so much time, -months- into it. JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves and everyone else created an alternate world for us, asked questions, and now we are left to never know the answers. And it wouldn't even be that difficult to tie everything up. Set up a seperate website and just answer everything. I won't go through the lenghty list of unsolved mysteries because we all know what they are. But yea, that's how i feel. Movie: 100% awesome! Viral marketing campaign: Over rated and insulting to all of its followers with its incredibly unsaisfactory ending.

  74. I have to say that I'm pretty much on the side that Adam (and to an extent, Listless) is on. I would not have expected certain things from the movie, if we had not been led to expect certain things from it. Those "certain things", would be whatever we were meant to get excited about via the marketing hype. And I guess that everyone took their own expectations from the pre-hype with them to the movie. It basically seems that some peoples' expectations got fulfilled, and some didn't.

    I'm glad that a lot of people enjoyed it. I felt that much of it was very exciting during the chase. But for me (and my nephews), after all the build-up for expectations, it just kind of left me flat when it was all over. We really didn't want to feel that way, and fought it all the way home...but that's the conclusion that we came to for our own Cloverfiled experience.

  75. The movie was designed to make it a story from a single camera's perspective, to actually give a sense of going through the event. It's a good approach.

    At times, I was sucked in and scared for the actors. I thought the scenes with the monster and military were great. The sounds added to the a sense of being there.

    I still only gave the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    If the shaking wasn't so bad--good trick, unfortunate consequence for a lot of people--I might have given it a 4 out of 5.

    I thought the acting was a bit lacking. The acting did nothing to add to my sense of how terrible what they were going through was. Mostly, this sense of it being first person came from the camera angles and glimpse type of effects, not acting.

    There was in general nothing thought provoking about the movie as a whole either. We are left to guess what happened, fun yes; it's not new either.

    It had its good first person appeal, nothing more. It was decent, not amazing.

  76. I have the feeling that the ARG isn't completely finished yet and there will be some answers. I didn't do the LOST one but was everything neatly tied up in that one?

    I followed the ARG since it began and didn't feel let down. I felt like I knew a little more of the backstory. I can understand and respect anyone who did though.

  77. Ok everyone, my father is a Colonel in the National Guard, and he pointed out some very interesting things in the movie.

    When the monster first attacks, there is a HUGE explosion, was this from the monster blowing something up, or being attacked?

    Since there probably isn't anything to be blown up in the city of that magnitude, it had to be the military attacking it.

    There's one problem with this.

    The attack takes place over 7 hours.

    It takes 2-3 days to arm a sizeable force, not to mention to bring tanks, rockets, ect. into Manhattan.

    This CAN NOT be done in 7 hours, it is IMPOSSIBLE.

  78. In this video they add the part where HUD asks about what time the helicopter leaves ( atleast i dont remember it)

    that and the fact that if you use firefox to look at the information on the tagruato page the picture expires 5:56 or something like that..could something be happening at 6?

  79. random, he asks that in the movie as well. It's as they're leaving Beth's building.

  80. metalhead73....

    The first explosion was not the military attacking it, it was a oil tanker capsizing in a harbor, if you paid good attention to the lady talking on the news..and maybe the government knew something was coming? Who knows but then again, its a movie.

  81. Im a little confused about something here..when the statue of liberty was thrown and landed on the streets, did the monster carry it untill it got to the city, then threw it? If not then how did it throw it from the statue of liberty, then a few seconds later appear in the city? Because in the movie Hud is filming then the statue of libertys head comes down, then a few seconds later Hud catches something on is this possible? There aren't two monsters are there?

  82. Wow Adam, what strange tastes u have. I loved HUD.
    and did they not show the monster in every scene the characters spent above ground?
    Im pretty damn sure they did.
    2 things i will defend to the death:
    1) Cloverfield WAS insane, intense, and one of the best movies ive ever seen.
    2) Saints Row is a MUCH BETTER series than GTA, and Saints Row 2 is going to kick ass.

    I dont care about being polite anymore, u wanna call the movie bad, expect me to be a dick about ur opinion.

  83. Metalhead, good points! I used to live in upstate NY and I thought the same thing about how fast the military got, where's the nearest armed base militia that could get there so fast, Jersey? West Point? The only thing I can attribute it to (barring complete suspension of reality) is that the govt already knew this thing was coming.

  84. Metal:

    I actually considered the military strike as well.

    In the site they show a night vision photo of a large military attack on something in the water. I don’t think it was intended to be after the attack on the city--nothing else as I recall about the viral campaign was after the attack (?).

    We also know the Coast Guard responded to the Chuai station collapse.

    Not to mention as you said the military had a ton of fire power within minutes a short hour or two of the attack. Tanks, you name it all rolling through the city.

    Plus, we see the oil tanker later when they try to cross the Brooklyn bride, and it didn't look like it had exploded to the extent we see at the beginning of the movie. I also think crude Oil doesn't really explode without a huge ignition source.

  85. Kevin:
    They can see the oil tanker explode (which was near the SOL). It also means that they were not that far from the SOL. Since the monster is humongous, it moves pretty fast. It's all relative and I think it's pretty "believable".

    You might be right. If you look at, you'll see miltary actions in some of the latest pictures posted. So this might explain that they knew something was up and were getting ready.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. metalhead73 makes a good point that I thought of as well:

    The huge explosion they all witness in the distance after they go to the roof (AFTER the first jolt that gets their attention) was on land, in among the buildings. This explosion is of a magnitude that could not be caused by anything built in to the buildings or city infrastructure (diesel fuel tank for a generator wouldn't detonate like that, it would deflagrate - there's a difference).

    A Mk84 2000 pound aerial bomb would make an explosion like that, and throw debris for a half mile in all directions like it did. There's plenty of footage out there from the first Gulf War in 1991 that shows them going off, they look a lot like that.

    I think the military were attempting to kill this creature long before it made land at NYC, and the big explosion seen from the roof was maybe a Mark 84 that "went stupid" - either it lost its laser designation or if it was equipped with a GPS guidance package (JDAM) it failed and simply fell unguided into the city. Friendly fire.

    Also, has anyone figured out what the guy who ran up to Hud in the alley was saying? This guy was maybe 45 years old, and speaking Russian, I think? He seemed to be trying to explain something. We need a translation.

  88. Wow, thanks for all the interesting info Atomicbob! I guess that's not your name for nuthin'. :o)

    Also, jets could have of course gotten there in a matter of minutes from where ever is the closest airbase in NY/NJ that hasn't been closed down yet. But tanks, not so much.

  89. Okay, let me answer the military thing.

    On the 1-18-08 site, there is a photo that shows an attack on something. We don't see anything but an explosion and two black censor bars (near the bottom). In my opinion, this was taken some time before the creature reached New York, but in just enough time for the military to have formed a sizable attack force. In short, they were dealing with it long before it got there.

    Also, that explosion was in the city, not the water.

    Now, about the "baby" thing. I believe that Abrahms was speaking metaphorically. It basically behaved the way Godzilla did in Godzilla vs. The Thing: Curious, confused, and easily angered. Furthermore, if Abraham WAS speaking literally, then I do NOT want to see what a parent looks like, because that thing would be big enough to stand on HALF of Manhattan!

  90. What did you all think of the news footage shown on TV when Rob was in the electronics store, that showed the little spidery things dropping off, then leaping at soldiers on the ground nearby? A couple of soldiers fired on them, then simply turned and ran, if I remember right. (I don't blame them one bit) One of them got tackled by a spider. Did I see that footage correctly? It happened so fast.

  91. Can someone explain for me how they could see the Statue of Liberty so well from the Brooklyn Bridge? It's not that close. Unless that camera had an amazing zoom lens on it. Even if that's the case, it seemed like Hud didn't know how to use the camera all that well.

  92. Atomic:

    The thing I enjoyed most about the movie was the interactions between the military and the monster.

    I am thinking if a big monster 25 stories high started dropping aggressive, creepy looking little monsters around me, where the monsters almost instantly start going berserk biting other solders, I would run. Fast.

    That's what I took from that scene. I don't remember the response of Hud though, and the others. Did they run right away too? Or say anything? I don't recall.

  93. PEOPLE!!!

    Everyone knows that JJ and Matt said that they were not going to relate any of the ARG with the movie!!! They said there would only be a wink/nod to the ARG players! Now you all are losing track, we have been given enough information through the ARG to keep up the momentum for what will be coming from the manga telling us the backstory to the Tagruato tanker cap-sized near the SOL. and how Tagruato and the monster are related! And whatever fell into the ocean at the end of the movie.

    HUD WAS NOT BEING DRAGGED AWAY BECAUSE HE DRANK SLUSHO!!! as you can all see there was no mention of slusho in the movie!!! all except for Jason's t-shirt, there is no mention of slusho or anybody drinking it... NOT TO KILL EVERYBODY'S PARTY BUT GET OVER THE SLUSHO HYPOTHESIS!

    If you want to keep talking shit about this movie because there was not a lot of monster time, what the hell did you expect?! We all know that it was going to be a documentation of the night that a group of friends were having a party that was interrupted by this disaster! That's what makes it even better and gives it human emotion! nobody knows what the hell this "thing" is and we see a bunch of friends lose one another in the process. I think they did a great job of that!!! it tugged at my heart strings and makes me sad whenever I check their pages on myspace and realize that their characters are all worm meat now... except for Lil presumably.

    any thoughts? or arguments?

  94. According to IMDB:

    The man, who is speaking Czech, asks for help finding his daughter and his family. He says he wouldn't want to live without them.

  95. Adam's review in a nutshell:

    I don't like HUD, and 10 minutes more of the monster would have made the movie PERFECT!!!

    Fanboy my arse. Get off yer high horse. You're just another whiner who had previewed the movie in his mind and, when it didn't match up exactly with your expectations, decided that you couldn't get into it. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't spout off and denigrate those of us who had a great experience, butt-munch.

  96. Let me clarify.

    I liked the movie. A lot. Didn't love it as I had hoped I would, but I like it a lot. I was excited enough about it since "day one" (which for me was long before the Transformers teaser, because friends I know in the media told me something interesting was coming soon, and I started to poke around looking for it...) to admit that I was caught in the fanboy excitement. I bought Slusho merchandise.

    Terry, I knew it would emulate "found footage." No complaints there. Unlike the vast majority of the audience that stomped out of the theater grumbling and cursing Abrams when the lights came up, I sat with a huge grin on my face in appreciation of the inconclusive, abrupt finale and the atmosphere they created with the hand-held perspective. I was expecting it, and I loved everything about it. The sequence where Hud gets caught in the street between the monster and the tanks had me practically ripping the armrest off my chair.

    Ty, I only expected what the movie's creators told us to expect. They delivered something different. I enjoyed the result quite a lot, but the misdirection was puzzling.

    The acting was weak but forgivable because I knew they had cast relative unknowns, which added to the "everyman" illusion perfectly. Knowing that much of the dialog was ad-libbed made it feel real, but the over-abundance of Hud's humor swept away some of that illusion, and this was either something the director tolerated, or encouraged, which is curious if the goal was to be "insane and intense." Hud has to witness the deaths of several of his closest friends, and yet he's making jokes. These were not tension breakers or dealing with grief, it was just clumsy non-sequitor humor. A very close friend of mine died 14 years ago and to this day I don't joke about that.

    guesstimate, I have no idea what either Saints Row or GTA is. The movie is not bad, it's just not great. And I harbor no expectations concerning your dickitude. ;)

  97. Question: Did anyone catch the voice at the end of the credits. It sounded a lot like Rob but the it was so mumbled we couldn't make out what was said.

  98. Has anyone else seen this website, it has a thumbnail animated GIF that is definitely the monster right before it kills Hud.

    How long has it been up?

    Could be old news to all of you, I only started looking at the viral sites a few days ago.

  99. looney, we offer our observations in these discussions for the benefit of people who might come to this site to learn more about Cloverfield. As such, the reaction that I had -- which is not unique -- may be helpful to our fellow fans. While it doesn't faze me too much, some of those people may be put off by behavior and language that includes ad hominem attacks against other commentators. That sort of thing got at least one person banned a few weeks ago.

    If I were to presume to offer a review of the movie (which I don't really care to do), it would be this analogy:

    As an educator, when a student turns in an outline for a term paper, and then writes a paper that is about some other topic than the class assignment, I can't give that student a grade of "A." It might be a great paper, but it isn't what I was promised to expect.

  100. They should have left the part in where the tank gets smashed underneath it's foot like a coke can, just to show how fucking tough the thing is, and that was just bad ass. As well as a taste of how good the special effects are. And its just a goddamn foot. I state my point.

    When that did happen everyone in the theater just said "OOOOH!" Thats how intense and awesome it was.

  101. Adam, I respect your opinion but I don't see how the movie gave anything BUT what it was advertised to. You've mentioned that a few times so I'm just curious what, in your opinion, it was supposed to deliver.

    To me, it promised an American version of a Godzilla-type attack on NY told from the perspective of the people in the middle of it. That's what I feel I got.

  102. why are you all arguing about the movie reviews?

    move on.

    time to start focusing on the newest installments of viral marketing/the ARG.

    starting with a new little ad that is playing on 'The N' (paramount owns it) - it's like channel 117 on cabelvision.

    during the popular show "Degrassi", the screen gets all statitc and there is strange text with the general idea of stuff like "Are you there?" and "Help us" and bla bla bla.

    then the episode cuts to a shot of Rob's face in the tunnel. and then the Cloverfield commercial plays...

    VERY strange. I will be looking for it tonight. never seen it.

  103. Can someone please explain the timeline of this movie? The original 1-18-08 site had that date on the first party pictures but the time in the movie is may. I DONT GET IT. ALso what is up with Slusho, Jamie and Teddy, and Tagruato...I need more...I just dont get the timeline.

  104. Mike:

    Here is a decent time line someone put together:

    The rest is sort hit or miss to piece together at this point. From what I can tell, and I only started catching up on this myself 3 days ago, opinions are all over the place on almost every aspect of the viral campaign. It almost depends on what board you visit, or at what point over the last six months stuff is discussed.

    Have fun.

  105. Folks: We were all used. Point blank. Every "clue" or road in this rather unique way to advertise and promote a movie experience was *supposed* to lead back to one thing, and one thing ONLY: a monster. In a monster movie. In a monster movie unlike anything we've ever seen. This did not happen.

    Honestly, why in the world should we care about the characters in this movie, if they are going to be killed off, literally, minutes later, with no chance of ever reappearing in a sequel, or anywhere else? The answer is we should not. Seriously, a fourth to a third of the movie in the apartment? Seriously???

    Mr. Abrams sold us all a bill of goods that this was an "intense" "monster" movie. In reality, what this was was a one hour episode of "Friends," splashed in the background with, oh, this enormous and terrifying monster, that we never even fully see for longer than a couple seconds at a time. If the focus of this movie was to be about these characters, then Mr. Abrams should not have promoted this as a "monster" movie. He should have promoted it as a love story.

    What Mr. Abrams said at Comic-Con, and what he said in the productions notes, are, in the net-effect, two entirely diffrent things. On one hand he wants us to prepare for an "intense" monster movie like never seen before; on the other, he wants us live through the "experience" of a simultaneous love story/monster attack as seen through the eyes of a small group of people. While these things may have been envisioned not to be mutually exclusive, it is also not hard to see the problem with trying to deliver both.

    I will say Ive lurked here for quite a while without ever commenting (until that new age f*&cker almost brought me out of hiding), and that Dennis, you have done a yoeman's work creating and updating this site. But I fear we all (and that includes myself), have gotten lost in the unimportant and minor details. Look over here...look over here!!! Honestly, what did ONE piece of ANYTHING you've ever learned on this or any other site, help you with when you saw the movie. Nothing. He *had* to do it that for the folks that didn't play the game, or that dont have computers, etc.

    My complaint is not with any of you or your opinions. We're all entitled to our own opinions--much like this one. And, truth be told, I personally enjoyed the movie on one or two levels. But, by and large, we were all used by Paramount and Mr. Abrams, et. al., to promote a movie in a way that can rarely be pulled off, without be given, in return, really the ONLY thing we all wanted to see the most.

    This point is driven home pretty easily: When you got back to your computer after seeing the show, did you do a google search for the next jaime and teddy myspace, or did you furiously scour the ends of the web looking for a legitimate and clean copy of the actual monster? Most of us all know the answer to this question.

    Fool me once,...

  106. i know that this isn't what happend but these are my Okay so Tagruato or w/e drilled close to the monster so they could go and get the seabed stuff so when they did that they pissed it off it got angry and destroyed the oil thingy so after hammer down( i'm assuming thats what they did) the sequel comes out a year and a half away from now and it focuses on Jamie and Teddy assuming that Jamie gets away she then goes and gets a bf teddy who works for tagruato and they send him to go find evidence if the monster and to make sure that the attack can't be pointed towards them and teddy finds out to much like that tagruato has done testing on the monster and that would explain the package sent to jamie and the cause mentioned in the videos so since lilly got away that could still mean that jamies vid's arent in our time but in the movie time thingy..... idk me and my friend courtney came up with this please just think about itthoughts

  107. i for one came home and hit up jaimeandteddy, tagruato, tido and hell even slusho. the movie was what i wanted. how did you expect a hand held video camera to get good clear shots of the monster? hell you knew goin in the movie took place mostly at night. what did you want hud to pull a magic camera our of his ass? one that can see clear as day when its the middle of the fucking night? so you were dissapointed thats no reason to expect the impossible from a hand held camera.

  108. dustid: was that even english? use some form of grammar and punctuation because i have no clue as to what your talking about.

    And I know we have all of our different opinions about the movie and the viral marketing campaign but let's not to lose sight of the most important fact here:

    That c lover field (a new age) fucker was dead fucking wrong! hahahahahaha. Some thing down rob's shirt. hahahaha, what a tool! Finally! Vindication! haha. I hope he still visits this board and realizes how much of a dickwad he was.

    Okay. I've just been waiting for this movie to come out to officially prove him wrong and i've wanted so badly for so long to write all that. I feel great now!

  109. Just to say 'Cheers' for this excellent blog, I've not been this excited about a blockbuster movie for a long time - I guess this is true of alot of people - and I've found the tone, quality, attitude and attention to detail of this blog really top drawer. Thanks again.

  110. here is a question that popped up on yahoo:

    Was anyone watching Degrassi 9:30pm 1/12 when a weird message appeared on the lower left corner of the screen?
    The message was written in white letters against a static background (while the show was still playing) and it said "Can you read this? Are you OK? I'm still alive... but so it it." I just wanted to know if this was an ad for a movie.

  111. Sorry for the double post, but i forgot to mention that the event happened immediately before a cloverfield trailer.

  112. ok i know that i had an issue up there with my punctuation but if u look at it it kind of made sense.

    and wtf does rubbing the fact that some guy was wrong in his face have ne thing to do with what i wrote?

  113. 2 seperate subjects dustid. didn't feel like double posting

  114. Kevin:

    I looked for the thread for you on another board, and didn't find it. :(

    That whole Degrassi thing was running about a week ago, or more. It's just a part of the commercial, which follows the letters and static.

    What's funny is a site where this show is talked about had a thread where people were trying to figure out what it meant. Some actually thought the cry for help might be real in some way (they had it Tivo'd and didn't see the subsequent commercial about the movie, only the letters and static).

  115. was perusing that cloverfield despoiled site and threw together a theory. if this has been touched on my bad.

    here goes...

    Kazui Ichigawa made a "magnificent discovery" and shortly after died along with his wife, daughter and granddaughter. his computer and all his files disappeared.

    his death occured in september which was the same month chuai was supposed to open. so my guess is tag had him on the payroll until they didnt need him anymore. killed him took the files and from there things steamrolled out of control.

    probably very wrong. but its as good a guess as any.

  116. What I find interesting about this movie is that it's the first one (minus the American Godzilla and King Kong remake) that is being reviewed without the phrase, "...for this kind of movie." It is good in a mainstream sort of way (as was Lord Of The Rings). When someone says it's not great, you have to think about the context. I'd give it a B or B+, because there were ways they could have improved it (possibly by adding comments by the people viewing the video). However, as it stands, I loved it and it's easily the best movie of it's type I've seen.

    Depending on how they choose to follow it up, the choices on a 2nd film could wind up improving people's impression of this one. If the questions around the monster's origins and what happens after are answered later, this movie becomes an awesome thrill ride, instead of a movie that leaves you feeling confused. We'll just have to wait and see.

    BTW, for everyone questioning the origins of the monster, did they ever explain how a 35 foot shark came to the vacation town? Was there ever exposition into the history of the Aliens, Predators, or the race whose ship was originally discovered by Ripley's ship? Some of the best movies force you to except the premise. For some reason, people don't want to do that in this case; they want answers. I'd like more in the future, but for now I had a great time in the theater, so thanks to JJ & Matt. Hope this encourages the studio to sink more money into a sequel.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. And ty: I think a lot of people that are here who didn't like the movie were still involed the months long viral campaign and are looking for the answers they and tie-ins there were/are hoping to get. They invested just as much time as we did into this whole thing. Just because they didn't like the movie so much doesn't mean they're gonna give up on the whole ARG. obviously one didn't really have to do with the other anyway, as per many complaints

  119. I know, vernon that's why i deleted my comment.

    Adam, what were you conditioned to expect? I'm not trying to be sarcastic, please don't read it like that, I just want to know.

    I was expecting a monster movie from the citizen's perspective, I was told none of the ARG stuff would be in the actual film, so I didn't expect any Tag or Tido, and that occasionally, I would see a little bit of the monster.

    I got everything I expected.

  120. Could you imagine how lame it would have been if they had tried to cram information about TIDO or Tag into the movie? That stuff would have been utter nonsense to someone who hadn't participated in the marketing campaign. They could have pointed out who Rob was working for (which would have made sense later in a sequel), but other than that it would have been too much random information. With MGP hitting the Chuai station, then NY, this would have looked like a carbon copy of Godzilla (minus the French Secret, which most of us hated. They did a similar movie (well, kind of) and it's ten times better (for less than 1/3 the cost).

    I'm baffled because I've seen a lot of bad movies in my time, but have never felt the need to seek out a web site to complain about them. I'm not telling anyone they should have liked it, but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell me I'm stupid or have been duped because I do like it. I think it was told about as well as they could have, considering the limitations.

    I was watching Ebert & Roeper (although I don't think Ebert does it any more) and both reviewers gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up, but said it was just at the edge of "wearing out it's welcome". If we'd gotten the extra 10 - 20 minutes of monster footage some people wanted, I'll bet there would be entire sites dedicated to how this movie defined overkill.

  121. My last cloverfieldclues post

    Guys i am sad to say but you are all wasting you time. I think its all over there will not be any viral stuff that they didnt have on the internet already, nothing new that wasnt already here. Come on and were both closed down to make it "look" real but they are just closing them until Cloverfield II is being made.

    And the movie did not have enough parts with the monster but i was happy because that made it real. And my brother and moma said the movie was crap and many people in the theatre said that was B.S. and they wanted there 8 bucks back, But again i just thought to myself why do i care what they think human beings are stupid.

    Also i hate fanboys this movie was no where near "perfect" vernon141

    Its been good guys ill see ya CloverField 2.

    Look for clues on the CloverField DVD, which COULD be released on May 22 or 23

    1 LAST THING vernon141 this movie was NOT made to tell you anything, it wasnt made to tell the story of the monster BUT the story of Rob and his friends. Their story for survival

    And there were some clues in the movie just think about the only 2 of robs friends that the monster killed and what they both "ate".

    vernon141, ty, adam you all are not very mature.

  122. Ciao, branj! You'll be missed. Send my regards to the rest of the members of MENSA.

    ty it's hard to put into words what I'm driving at, and yes I appreciate your patience with my attempts to find the right way to do it. The more I think about it, the more difficult I think it would have been to push the movie's grade from a solid "B" to a heartfelt "A" in my estimation, because there's a conflict in intent. Part of what holds it back is its PG-13 rating, and the softening of the edges that has to happen to stay in those boundaries, like when they put "R" movies on the USA Network and all the cuss words are replaced with silly things like "well double dumbass on you!" ;) I stand by my criticism of Hud's over-use of humor in unbelievable situations, and I'll defend it with this analogy: We all agree on the unavoidable visual parallel between the events of this story, and 9/11. Much of what we have seen of that horrific event comes in part from the real equivalent of "found footage" by amateur videographers, of a catastrophe that killed several thousand people. Try to imagine that footage with someone telling jokes about "flaming hobos running down the street." Cloverfield depicts an event that multiplies the carnage of 9/11 by a factor of hundreds, probably, and more to the point, some of the people we watch die are the very close personal acquaintances of the narrator. The flaming hobo moment was very funny, I admit. But while Marlena is defying reality by wiping gigantic deep bite punctures with a kleenex, rather than collapsing in complete bleed-out system shock, she's painlessly flirting with Hud. "Golly, Marlena, what do you think those were? Gee, it was dragging me away, I'm so happy you came to my rescue."

    It's almost a shame that the earliest rumors were false and that this didn't turn out to be a Cthulu movie, because I imagine someone as fixated on detail as Abrams would have understood something about the way Lovecraft told a story. Underneath all of his mythos is the underlying theme that there are some things in the universe so horrific and alien to our way of thinking, that when exposed to them, the human mind collapses in terror. That simple idea could have been exploited to an incredible level, but it would require a movie experience so disturbing, to do justice to the idea of an indestructible creature destroying civilization, that a PG-13 rating would be meaningless.

    Based on the earlier interviews that either Abrams or Reeves or Goddard put out there (not important to me which one said it), I guess I was expecting something mind-bendingly horrifying, something so grotesque that it would leave audiences disturbed long after they saw the movie. But you can't get away with that in a PG-13 movie. And let's be honest, the "lice" creatures were frightening, but our friend from the deep, while big and violent and intensely hostile, was not horrifying. The concept artwork (NOT the whale thing, but the other two that are clearly related because the include the red air sack structures on the face) are more frightening than the model that appears in the movie.

    At the same time, we were told to expect the next great (but uniquely American) monster movie franchise. So there's this other competing intention that has to do with marketability. A truely horrifying creature might sell among the comic book store crowd who would keep the toy in its box for maximum collector value, but the creature has to be approachable, I guess, to try and compete with Godzilla. And I don't think it does that, any more successfully than did the visitors in Independance Day.

    And then there's the third competing intent, to tell the story from the hand-held viewpoint. I find no fault in this, I think it was daring (screw the lightweights who got nauseous!) and pulled off completely successfully. The nature of this technique limited our exposure to the creature, which must have been a very delicate thing to get right. The ONLY thing I've said about this, which a few people here seem to think is both a criticism of the movie, and somehow, inexplicably, a denigration of their opinions (huh?), is that it would have been awesome to have seen a FEW MORE minutes of the monster. To all the people who find fault with me for suggesting this, let me close by asking:

    If, when the DVD comes out, they package it with lots of "never before seen footage" that didn't make it into the movie (which you know they will), will you REFUSE to buy the DVD, because "hey man, quit yer bitchin, it ain't cool to want to see more of the monster!"

    Yeah. That's what I thought.

  123. Thanks Adam, I completely understand your position now. I can't really say much though, because I don't really disagree with you on anything.

    JJ did say they filmed a harder version then was shown in theaters, so a "directors cut" or "unrated" DVD is definitely in the future.

    For the record, I don't think the movie was perfect, I would have liked for the monster to look more sea creature ish for instance, and the party scene did drag, but it was a nice January movie. Personally, a B for me.

  124. Hmm, it hasn't been released by any release groups. And it wants me to download a 500mb web player...uh huh.

  125. I'm tired of reading about the movie playing off of 9/11. I mean get real. Ok, JJ should have made a movie about a monster that is misunderstood, but in the end, unites the people of NY with great intellect and love for all. Its a monster people. Get serious.

  126. Adam: It wasn't ad hominem. I take serious exception to the idea that it takes a fanboy to love this movie. Where I wouldn't call it perfect, it met *my* personal expectations quite well. So don't grouse about name-calling when you came out with your own cap-guns snappin', dood.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Ok just for the sake of it, the link posted is the actual movie, but it's cam recorded, so the sound and quality is really bad.

  129. I've said my peace. I want to thank you (to the only ones that I did not think my greviances would fall on deaf ears) for listening. I exit as I entered this morning. You folks are pretty neat and dedicated. Good evening.

  130. Adam Said:
    "guesstimate, I have no idea what either Saints Row or GTA is. The movie is not bad, it's just not great. And I harbor no expectations concerning your dickitude."

    hahaha, Idk what came over me, i guess i felt like sounding like a total dick all of a sudden.
    Meh, Adam, everyones tastes are different. I think my expectations were lower than the movie, which is why i loved the glimpses of the monster, and was also pleased with the acting.
    HUD making jokes is out of place yeah, but everyone handles stress diff. Thats how im gonna play it off anyway.
    Idk why i brought up saints row, i guess now that cloverfield has passed, thats my next big franchise to defend. grand theft auto SUCKS!
    I was absolutly satisfied with the movie, but i will add that i had to see it twice to be satisfied.
    the first time i saw it i was confused about the monsters changing size, which ruined it, the next time i saw it, i got my perspective right and it went smooth as coca-cola.
    fuck the po-lease

  131. I know this movie isn't perfect, but I love it anyway. I love the characters (especially Rob, Beth, Hud, and Lily), I love the way it was shot, I love the intensity, I love the Cloverfield Overture, I just cherish this movie basically and hope they make another, especially since Rob and Beth and Lily are possibly alive! :-D

  132. It's been a long time since I've had such a strong emotional attachment to characters too! This movie was like Star Wars to me in that way.

  133. It's been a long time since I've had such a strong emotional attachment to characters too! This movie was like Star Wars to me in that way.

  134. OOH, now that ive read ty's post, i pretty much agree with him.
    The party did drag, tho it set up important character developments, it did drag.
    And i DEFINETLY was expecting a giant 4 legged lion shaped sea creature with big ass tentacles coming out of its face. Instead i got a praying mantis. I liked the mantis, but the big ass squidlion would have been cooler.
    And it is getting alot of negative reviews because of 9/11. Thats why all film critics deserve to be shot in the balls, even the female ones.

  135. I just feel like clarifying that i did not think the movie was perfect as a movie. Nothing is perfect. I just felt that the movie was perfect for me, as it met and exceeded my expectations. I just feel like people are evoking my saying that it was perfect a little to often so i felt like setting the record straight. Nothing is perfect, it was just a freakin awesome movie and i couldn't have been happier with it.

  136. So I saw Cloverfield on Friday and I missed the Coney Island part when the thing falls from the sky.
    So then I went to the movies again today to see another movie and I managed to sneak in to see the end of Cloverfield again and I did see it fall from the sky!

  137. FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER RELIGIOUS FIGURE YOU BELIVE IN!!!! We were not USED...if you were paying attention at all, you would have known that this movie was NOT GOING TO INCLUDE all of the ARC stuff....seriously...

  138. My guess is that ingesting the Seabed nectar actually makes you an acceptable host to whatever the smaller monsters are doing when they bite. This is why Marlena blows up -- she hasn't had any Slusho for her body to be able to handle some rapidly growing parasite.

    I don't think either the monster or the parasites are natural creatures either -- I think they're a product of the Seabed Nectar. Something grown well beyond what it should have because it was exposed to or ate the stuff.

  139. Yay! I got the greatest email of the year (so far)!!!!

    "MANY HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have been selected for being one of our
    BOUNTIFUL winners!!! MANY HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS!!!! In order to claim your
    prize, please complete all attached material and return them by next
    Wednesday, January 23.
    Failure to return these documents within the specified time will force the
    judges to select a different winner, and you will forfeit your prize.

    Please be proud of yourselves, we are most full of JOY!!!!

    The Slusho! Contest Committee"

    I'm so happy!

  140. Guys, guys, guys! There's one thing you are forgetting that absolutely links the viral to the movie, and that is ROB!

    Don't you remember? He was leaving for Japan because he had accepted the Vice President position of the Slush-O! franchise. He said it himself on his MySpace page!

    And the recording at the end? The weird messages during Degrassi? It's Rob, it has to be! Lily may have survived, I don't know, but Rob wasn't just the main character, he's a frickin' plot device!

    Abrahms is FAR from done with Case Designate: Cloverfield, my friends. This is FAR from over.

    Also, the production notes revealed that the parasites are to the monster as fleas are to a dog; it scratched its back against a building and that's what caused the things to jump off.

    Still not sure why they were trying to drag Hud away instead of just biting him, though.

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. And I wanted to be yet one more.

  143. Rob's alive. I'm certain of it. And he's going to take the job at Slusho. He already knows that it's one of Tagruato's subsidiaries, but when he learns about what happened to Chuai, then he'll begin investigating.

    Rob's going to find out where this thing came from and why it attacked New York. It may not be in the next Cloverfield movie, since it appears they'd want to redo the first from someone else's perspective, but it will happen.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that you can see Mr. Smiley in the poster for the movie? He's hidden in the clouds. Right in plain sight!

  144. Does anyone remember in the movie if Hud, Rob and Jamie took a picture together? I missed about a quarter of the party scene thanks to Taco Bell food, and I just saw the picture of the three on 1-18-08. It has Hud holding a camera, with Jamie and Rob on either side of him.

  145. It's kinda sucks that some people didn't like the movie because they didn't show enough of the monster.
    What'd you expect!? Do you think the monster was gonna stop and pose for a picture!?

  146. ...holy crap...

    someone needs to get a hold of this so called 'degrassi' video...............

  147. yea Higgins, someone does need to get that video. I really wanna see that

  148. Well Bubba, I think in central park we got a perfect view of it.

    Anyway, why exactly would something relating to cloverfield show up during a show like degrassi?

  149. it may not have just been during that show...but if you live anywhere near canada like me...Degrassi has a following.

  150. mosnter here


  151. yea Ty, but some people obviously thought that still wasn't enough. lol

    Higgins, what do you mean by "Degrassi has a following"?

  152. so again with this Cloverfield add on Degrassi.
    I googled 'Cloverfield Degrassi Add' and Yahoo Answers came up. Someone posted a comment sayiong they were watching the show when suddenly the hole screen filled up with static and (in white letters) the words "Please Help" came up.
    Think it has to do with Cloverfield too??

  153. bubba--

    I mean that Degrassi is a fairly popular show in this area.

  154. sorry for the double....but i've just had an interesting idea...

    Some of you are concerened as to why Hud was not eaten by MGP....

    What if Hud wasn't dead....he wasn't eaten for whatever reason, it doesn't matter why...

    but what if he was just knocked out?

  155. Then the subsequent bombing killed him?

  156. It's always a possibility

    but i really really doubt rob would have left his best friend without knowing for sure. He stated he was dead.
    But its always a possibility.
    I just doubt he'd take the time to remember to grab the video camera before knowing hud was dead for sure.

    and something i wanted to say to the people that wanna pretend like its not a known FACT that hud was drinking the slusho.

    He said he was addicted to the stuff on the my space. Its a fact he drank allot of it. and wanted more.

    And some one here wants to say slusho is irrelevant to the film while that is a very ignorant comment to make, and if you think like that about the things we've learned over the months then you will be ignoring important possibilities. Do not tell people to stop thinking of all possibilities.

    Just had to say that

  157. we need to find this so called degrassi video! lol

  158. there is no tie in between slusho and hud... they corrected that on his myspace... the monster was not following hud because of seabed nectar..

  159. Oopsie it was Jason that drank an ass load of it and he died first so whoops doesnt matter :'D
    But hey you still never know

    And what im saying is people shouldnt tell people to stop speculating clues its important in this situation.


    above link is to yahoo answers where a bunch of people are talking about what they saw from the degrassi commercial...apparenlty someones alive....bumb bum bummmmm! and the plot thickens

  161. whats wierd about that commercial is that it came out about a week or so before the movie...doesnt make sense thatd theyd do that before it was released...any ideas yall?

  162. Maybe noggin (does that show still air on there?) has a show in the works or something thats totally unrelated to cloverfield.

  163. As far as the creature... It's face with those weird teeth thing looked kind of like the pics of some of the deep-deep-deep sea fishes I've seen. I'll try to find a link.

  164. You mean like the angler fish? Yeah it did resemble that, but the body didn't look sea-ish at all to me.

  165. anyone else confused about the thing falling into the water? if its the monster it goes against the production notes. anyone else think it might be a red herring (hope i used the right term. otherwise im gonna sound more ignorant that i already do)

  166. still no vid of the Degrassi thing?

  167. I personally think the little buggers were dragging Hud away because he wasn't posing much of a threat. Rob and Marlena were actively kicking and hitting them, while Hud was kinda just freaking out and filming it. He threw a couple kicks, but how he was laying, they were probably too weak to phase the monsters, since the one trying to drag him away kept at it.

  168. reinstalled an older game i have and i think i finally figured out what the big secret of this movie is.

    its Sim City 2000: The Movie

  169. "FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER RELIGIOUS FIGURE YOU BELIVE IN!!!! We were not USED...if you were paying attention at all, you would have known that this movie was NOT GOING TO INCLUDE all of the ARC stuff....seriously..."

    So you pursued the ARG for six months knowing full well that it wasn't going to contribute a single thing to heighten your understanding of the movie, arguably the only reason most people were following the ARG in the first place?

    *claps* Bravo. JJ Abrams has acquired a new pet.

  170. well for the ppl who did the ARG we know the back story of these ppl, the reasoning bhind the monster. and whats going on for all of this to happen, when i was talkin to some ppl who knew nothing of the arg they were like wow great movie but where did all that come from, y did it happen they were hoping fo an explination in the sequel, but for me i knew what was going on, why jason had a slusho shirt, where roba was gonna work, y jamie was passed out on the couch, y beth was late. thats the purpose of the ARG,we knew more about this movie and what happened than those who just watched it

  171. I hope the viral marketing doesn't stop. If Jamie survived, she can make another video. Also, there could be more news reports about what happened in New York... I want more!

    I loved this movie a lot. I have to say that I was really taken by the love story behind it. I assume Beth and Rob's short love affair was a discreet one. It was pretty tacky of Beth to have brought a guy she was dating to Rob's going away party, but I think she was trying to piss off Rob because he decided to move away for his job and broke off contact with her.

    I liked all the characters in the film. I really cared about them and I'm glad, at least, that Lily apparently escaped.

    The creature was very strange looking. The limbs of the creature looked kinda deformed or bent in a strange way.

    I'm just wondering... I may have missed something, but why is the 'case designate' called Cloverfield?

    The only thing I didn't like about the film is the unbelievable coincidence that the video contains Rob who is going to work for the guy (Yoshida) who is responsible for the whole event taking place... it's a movie, so I don't mind so much.

    Great film! I will definitely see it again when the hype dies down and there are less to none morons in the theatre talking through the whole film. The DVD should be great, as well!

  172. You mean like the angler fish? Yeah it did resemble that, but the body didn't look sea-ish at all to me.

    Yeah, something like that, although I was thinking more like what's on this page, 4th and esp. 7th pic down

    That said, I know what you mean about the body, though...

  173. Zurcher, its most likely that the object falling into the ocean is the piece of tagruato's sattelite that they said fell into the atlantic.
    makes sense no?

  174. Matthew--

    name calling is cool

    i was sure that matt reeves had said that the movie wasn't going to be all about the ARC in an interview, but i cant seem to find it....none the less..yeah, im jj's pet...and i forked over a whole 7 bucks.....i got schooled

  175. blkrose said...

    well for the ppl who did the ARG we know the back story of these ppl, the reasoning bhind the monster. and whats going on for all of this to happen, when i was talkin to some ppl who knew nothing of the arg they were like wow great movie but where did all that come from, y did it happen they were hoping fo an explination in the sequel, but for me i knew what was going on, why jason had a slusho shirt, where roba was gonna work, y jamie was passed out on the couch, y beth was late. thats the purpose of the ARG,we knew more about this movie and what happened than those who just watched it

    WE have no greater understanding of anything!!!! The reasoning behind the monster? You know?!? Oh well then please explain because i'm under the strong impression that NOBODY KNOWS! We all have our theories based on facts from the ARG, but that is all they are, theories! You know why it happened? Please tell.

    And what kind of people who didn't follow the ARG would be asking questions like, Why was Jason wearing a Slusho shirt, Where is Rob gonna work, y Beth was late and y some blond girl was passed out on the couch. If you didn't follow the ARG then that's all just part of the movie and was pretty well explained. What I'm trying to say is, if you didn't follow the ARG then you don't care about someone's shirt or some person who never says a word in the movie sleeping on a couch.

    As far as I'm concerned, and as i've stated earlier, the people who did not follow the ARG are a lot less clueless than those of us who did because they have no questions where we have the same million that we always have.

  176. After the first huge explosion, the lights go out all over New York.

    I think thats consistent with a nuclear explosion.

    Perhaps trying to kill the monster?

  177. I doubt it was a nuke. You're thinking of the EMP pulse that happens but that would have shorted everything out and nothing would've came back. Also, there was no bright flash and a nuke would have taken out a hell of a lot more than what we saw.

    I don't know if it was in this thread or not, but someone stated it looked exactly like a type of conventional air to surface missile/bomb that went awry.

    To add to the fact, the military's first action against the landfall of the monster would not be nuking Manhattan spreading radioactive waste to the financial epicenter of the western world.

  178. But we do know about the monster. JJ said it was very old, and came from beneath the ocean floor. It could have just been like that, and tag's drilling woke it up, but due to what the whistle blower says, it probably was much smaller, consumed sea bed nectar, and Tag caught it and studied it, and messed up someway, leading to it escaping; thereby sending in their army to both try and stop the monster, and silence the scientists.

    Tido was just a version of PETA, and had no idea what the hell was really going on,and unfortunately, Teddy suffered from that ignorance.

    Slusho is not evil, and I gather that from Rob's actor saying the characters could have used some. I think slusho is an energizer, and undiluted seabed nectar is just one hell of a mood adjuster/narcotic/what have you.

    Please tell me something we don't have at least an inkling to.

    Really, this kind of reminds me of people complaining about TBWP, you don't need to know everything

  179. Oh, spotted, a confliction. Jamie consuming it and the monster consuming it could be different, due to the differences between species.

    Teddy did learn about it someway, and warned her, but maybe it was just because the narcotic effect.

    Of course, I don't really know, but I'm okay with that.

  180. ty - everything u said was just theory. good, plausible theory, but theory just the same. I'd love to know where Janice's picture is, where Randy went to, and many other things. What i really really really wanna know, is what is the true connection between the Slusho ingredient and this monster. Anyway tho, that was my point, we can speculate and theorize but we know no more now than on Jan 17

  181. This comment has been removed by the author.

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. I admit there is some theory, but it's not all theory. The monsters age/origians is a JJ fact. And what Rob's actor said about slusho is also fact. Everything else is theory though. My point was we know enough to assume with reasonable certainty with some things, like Tag's personal army's mission.

    TBWP= The Blair Witch Project

    People didn't like not knowing what happened to the kids/not showing the witch. I always thought it was very hitchcockian.

  184. But TBWP didn't have months worth of viral (it kind of did, on it's website) But it's a pretty thin comparison looking back, I apologize.

  185. has ne1 found nething new at all since the release whens the other cartoon thing cumin out, ne of yall no?

  186. hey has anyone found out what that one guy wasw saying...whan Rob,Lily and Hud were going back into the city....?

    the guy was speaking in some other langauge?

  187. Russian. I heard someone translated it. I think he was asking if they knew where his daughter and wife were.

  188. do you think he was involved with the whole Tagruato ship accident or anything?

  189. Do ship workers usually have spouses and children on the ship their working on?

  190. yeah i guess so...
    i just needed to hear it from someone else...

  191. The review I wrote for my blog:

    "I was in Rochester, NY visiting friends this weekend, but I had told my wife that I would be taking leave of whatever ongoing festivities to go see the movie I have been waiting for. There was no way that I was going the miss the opening weekend to watch my friends' kids play around on the floor while we played a Mortal Kombat tournament. I mean, the kids were cute and all, but dude; BIG FUCKING MONSTER LEVELING NEW YORK CITY! There is no contest. Besides, I already knew what the kids looked like. Nobody else wanted to go (because they're a bunch of fucking tools) so I went to some suburban mall on the outskirts of the city to fill my brain with apocalyptic goodness.

    I was not disappointed.

    First of all, if you're looking for plot or a neatly tied-up resolution of events, go watch "27 Dresses." You will not find any of that shit here. This is a movie about a small group of people stuck in the middle of a big city while a BIG FUCKING MONSTER beats the shit out of it. And that's it. No conspiracies, no intrigue, no real backstory; just a lot of destruction and carnage and running around screaming and an annoying chick blowing up like a frog with an M80 stuck up its ass. Really, what the fuck else do you need?

    There's a lot of people out there who are all pissy because the movie didn't answer the questions brought up by the online viral marketing campaign. To that I give a resounding "No shit, Sherlock." This is J.J. Abrams, the guy who is the biggest cock-tease in geek media. His stuff presents a question, then answers it with another 15 questions. This is probably the most direct he's ever gotten: "La, la, la,; we're a bunch of trendy, annoying downstaters having a party; la, la, la; I'm a fucking loser who can't get over this girl; la, la,- HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WAS THAT THE STATUE OF LIBERTY'S FUCKING HEAD?!" And then it's just awesome amounts of destruction and death for the rest of the movie.

    The best part is that there is a huge opening for a sequel. There's really no shortage of cities that deserve a good monster attack, and since the online stuff was never reall resolved, they might even give us some semblence of a plot next time. Not that a movie like this needs it. It could be six hours of the monster just going on tour across America, fucking up everything in its path. No dialogue or any of that lame shit. Just the monster, a city (I'm looking at you, L.A.) and a soundtrack by every kick-ass death metal band available. My nipples are so hard right now.

    The creature design was spot-on. Even though the mini-monsters looked kinda like kroot-hounds, I was cool with that. The only thing I can say against the movie is that if you get motion-sick you should eat some Dramamine before you go, cuz the camera work shakes like Courtney Love on a sunday morning. But other than that, the movie delivers exactly what it promised, no more, no less. Definately worth seeing again.

    So go see it. And for those of you who were following the viral campaign, keep following it. I don't think that it's over yet."