Friday, January 11, 2008

CloverfieldClues on the Radio

I was a guest today on NPR's All Things Considered, along with box office analyst Jeff Bock, and YouTuber Tom Simmons. We were interviewed by Neda Ulaby, for a story titled 'Cloverfield' Release Will Be Test of Online Hype.

The audio interview, and transcript are available on

CloverfieldClues was also mentioned on a Spanish radio show in Cancún, Mexico called Adixión. The interview was with one of our regulars, Tankobear, who was kind enough to subtitle the video in English for us.

I am half Colombian, like Odette Yustman, but unfortunately I don't speak Spanish, so Muchas Gracias!


  1. I feel like were being bombarded with info lately..idk myabe its just me.But hey the more the merryier right?

  2. Hey guys! I want to thank Dennis and ALL of you as well for being part of all this, also to thank Alexander Detweiler (tue guy in red) for invite me to his show.

    One week...



  3. Well, congrats Dennis! (¡Y Tankobear también!)

  4. I'm with the guy from the UK: as long as this movie rocks, I'm happy. This whole experience with which I got totally sucked into has been fun and really interesting. I hope the questions get answered one way or the other!

    Dennis and cohorts, you deserve some serious thanks from the studio and from JJ and his cororts.

    One freaking week!! Sweet.

  5. Awesome Dennis!

    And new Tidowave update!!

    January 11, 2008

    We’ve been laying low (those hunters are after us) but I’m sure everyone’s seen the latest drool about that putrid drink. Wake up, America’s heartland!! Ganu shouldn’t be allowed to sell anything without FDA approval. This is just another of Tagruato’s many lies. First they murdered their own workers, then they spilled their death-station into our ocean. Now they’re trying to put their garbage inside all of us…

    But we’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. Our loyal members know the truth about Slusho. And it’s those members who are going to bring about the change.

    I don’t know how people keep falling for Tagruato’s constant deception….maybe it’s Ganu….maybe everything lies with him?

  6. I feel in love with a Colombian girl once. She ripped my heart out and I cried for at least 2 months. Her and I are friends again but I so wish I could of married her or somthing

  7. buena tankobear ^^

    mm what we gonna do after the movie is in the theters and everybody see it?... what its gonna happend with this page? :(