Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cloverfield TV Commercial #9 - Rats!

Here is another new TV commercial, now with rats!

Rob: Approximately seven hours ago, some thing attacked the city.
Unseen: I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!
Announcer: Some thing has found us
Lily: Do you know what that thing is?
Soldier: Whatever it is, it's winning
Hawk: We need to get the hell out of Manhattan
Rob: We're with you, let's go
Announcer: On January 18th,...
Unseen: OG! This is nasty!
Rob: [???] they're running away
Marlena: From what?
Announcer: Cloverfield, rated PG-13

* Thanks to Chris H. for emailing me about his, and to TheEnchantedOne for posting the video!


  1. WOW! Nice! 1st post!!!! I have been a long time checker outter of this site. After the trailer before Transformers I have been obsessed with the secretive nature of this movie. I have alot of thoughts and ideas of what exactly goes down but I will spare you all. Someone please send me the 5 minute clip from the UHHHH widget? I cant see it for some reason. Its driving me MAD!!!

  2. Is it just me or is there just a fraction of a second more monster being shown between the buildings here?

  3. 1 more thing I know this is a spoiler free site BUT is there a place where there is an actual picture of the monster or the little monsters. The quick shot in the trailer is kinda cool. You can see in slo mo the right leg of Clovy lift up and move foward almost in a running motion. When u distiguish the leg it is easier to make other body parts out!

  4. I forgot in my 1st post to say Hi to Dennis and to tell him that from someone who is not really into this whole Internet faze (ha) You have a great site! Just really wish there was a way to see the widget clip!

  5. Try youtube "cloverfield widget" or "cloverfield 4 minutes".

  6. Yeah I can't get the widget thing to work either, maybe because the widget contest is now over?

    I like this new commercial. Yes there is like another second of the monster but it only shows that the monster has a tail. I also think this guarantees that there will be smaller monsters. What else would the gang be running away from? Not like they couldn't see the big guy coming from a mile away, lol.

  7. Sorry YouTube is a NO GO! I can only go online at work and they have a bunch of random sites blocked You Tube, MySpace, etc etc BUT "go ahead look at all the porn u want" Doesn't really make much sense

  8. LOL Herpe...I To Cannot View YOUTUBE Due To Being At Work....

  9. herpe is this the picture you were talking about

    if so thats fan art. how it circulated through the internet as official im still not understanding because the guy who drew it stated on his site that its fan art.

  10. I hope this is the last TV Spot.

  11. I think it probably will be the last, because there really isn't too much more that they can reveal without giving a lot away, imho. I'm just waiting for one last Jamie video...

  12. this movie is going to be insane. i can't wait!

  13. I'm sure there will be maybe one more tv spot. There are only 2 more weeks till the movie comes out so there's time for one more.

  14. I wouldn't be surprised if we got at least 1 to 2 more spot's before the 18th arrives. 10 sounds about right.

    Anyway, this has to be my...third favorite out of the 9 we have. I love the rat's running away, haha. And dude, I love that eerie sound the, presumably, smaller monsters make.

    13 more days.

  15. Is that red dot on the screen that's there for the last few seconds a drop of blood?

  16. Rats running away? It's a giant mutated ORKIN MAN! :)

    In all seriousness, thanks for maintaining a great site. I've been very recently caught up by the whole Cloverfield thing and have been looking over the various websites etc. with relish.

  17. julian:
    I believe that red dot is just the red recording light from the camcorder that's recording this commercial. It's there through the whole video.

  18. Hey. I'm in Atlanta, Ga and just recently heard "Slusho!" and "You can't drink just six!" Fused into a regular radio commercial. Pretty smart advertising if you ask me. Anybody else heard this yet?

  19. Is it just me or are all of the "i" letters in the MPAA rating at the end missing on tv spot 9?....

    Someone already pointed this out on Youtube, so I thought I'd mention it here. I thought the video was just poor, but I really can't see any of the "i" letters in the MPAA rating.

    no i's....

    no eyes?....