Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tagruato and TidoWave Restored

The websites for Tagruato and TidoWave have been fully restored. They don't appear to have any updates.


  1. jordu: He said it in the production notes.

    "...And he’s been down there in the water for thousands and thousands of years.”

  2. finally, the comments were all deleted. Now we can start fresh. lol

    thanks Dennis.

  3. Whoa what happened? I saw earlier there was 80+ posts......

  4. Unfortunately, I had to invoke the "hammer protocol" :(

  5. Oh man, Children....did I miss anything good in the last 12 hours?

  6. I don't post here much at all Dennis but your site has always been the source to look at as far as this whole viral marketing goes. I've been following this site since the days the first teaser came up. I hope this arg keeps going even though they probably won't officially release anythign that has to do with a sequel for a while.

    That said I have noticed that you've put the hammer down on that dickhead cloverfieldnewage or whoever that is. Good job.

  7. Let's last post was something to the effect of, "I didn't see the thing drop into the water at the end...I maybe saw the water riple a little, but I didn't see anything go in...especially not anything building-sized."

    So...that's where I was... :)

    Thanks for cleaning that up, dennis. I've only been posting here about a week...but I really dig your blog. Thanks for doing it.

  8. Has anyone fleshed out the idea that both Tagruato and TIDOwave's lasts posts were extremely similar?

    TIDO speaks of "horns down"

    Tagruato says that TIDO tried to hold Ganu's "hands down" but he "can still point to the stars.

    I thought maybe this meant something from the Slusho site -- there are two flavor bots with arms in the air - the red one with the oven mitt and the brown one. There are also stars on that part of the site. I fussed with it but found nothing.

    Definitely seems like those last two posts are pointing us somewhere.

  9. Once i got a view of the ocean i clearly saw a long, thin silver object shaped like those toy submarines that swim under water crash into the water. It apperared in the top right side of the screen and came ina at an angle.

  10. derek, I and many other did see the satellite piece(that's what I think it is), however, I understand your skepticism. As soon sources permit, I'll get you a screenshot. Unfortunately right now, quality is terrible for shots.

  11. Well, I'm sure it was there, I just missed it. I have no reason to think ALL of you would lie to me. :)

    Would like to see the screenshot, though, if it's out there somewhere. I was even LOOKING for it, and I missed it. I'd love to get a look at it.

  12. Unfortunately, the source vid I have veers towards the left, so the falling object is cut off, or the quality is so bad you can't see the light gray of the object. I can't decide which it is. As soon as something better comes out I'll get the pic.

  13. Maybe we'll get lucky and Hasbro will sell a limited edition "object crashing into the ocean" playset for $99...

  14. I think the ocean object isn't of much importance. There were a lot of nods to the ARG in the movie, that I don't think tie directly into the reason all of it happened.

    Plus,an object as big as Clovie, falling from the sky that close to Conney island? It'd make a pretty big splash I think.

    Most defiantly sat pieces IMHO
    If it is the monster,its the biggest cop out in history. I don't think they'd do that to us :-/

  15. Whatever falls in the water at the end is most likely pieces of sat. The chances are slim that people would miss something the size of Clovie falling into the ocean,it'd cause a pretty big wave.

    I think a lot of things in the movie were just nods to the ARG, like when Hud is talking about where the monster could have been from, those are all the places a normal person would guess in todays society due to the influence from movies and whatnot,but they are all the possible places in the ARG.

    I think they added the sat calling in at the end just to throw off people who weren't folling the ARG.
    I know a lot of my friends were convinced it was the monster,and when I told them otherwise they got involved.

    The end scene just adds more reason for people to talk about it.

  16. I said it before everything was deleted... there is no way that could have been the monster falling from space unless there is more than 1. They have officially stated that the ARG is related and it's the "backstory" so there is no way the monster fell into the water right next to NYC from space (without anyone noticing), swam over a thousand miles out into the atlantic, destroyed the deep sea drilling station, swam 1500 miles back to almost the exact same spot it initially landed in and THEN attacked the city.

    If you ask me, that "easter egg" splash down in the video was only put there for the average fan who didn't follow the ARG to quell their "I want to know where that monster came from!" Because of everyone I know who saw the movie without knowing about the ARG, that's their biggest complaint... that they didn't know what it was or where it came from. It was a safety net in case there was a huge uprising as to why they didn't give the origin of the monster in the movie.

  17. i posted before dennis used the hammerdown protocol on the kiddies :p

    anyway, the falling object is a Japanese satellite which i believe may be the reason the Beast was awakened.
    however, there's also the oceanic drilling for deep sea nectar (see slusho) which could have woken the Beast up. I'm still stuck as to what woke this thing up, or what angered it enough to attack.

    I think we need to keep checking out the Japanese manga (search site for Kishin) for more clues and also wait til February when the next issue comes out.

    p.s. i hope this isn't tied to lost cuz i haven't seen a second of the series.

    good luck.