Thursday, January 17, 2008

MTV Sneak Peek - Start Running Now!

MTV's Real World something-or-other had an exclusive clip of Cloverfield, titled 'Start Running Now!'

Check out the clip here:

* Check the comments for a transcript from


  1. Transcript courtesy of Gabriel:

    [Examining map]
    Rob: This is the sixth.
    Hud: Uh, Rob, I don't think the trains are running right now, man.
    Rob: No, we can just walk the tracks, see? Look, Beth lives here. We can circle and just walk up the sixth.
    Marlena: What? You want us to walk in the tunnels?
    Rob: It's either that or stay here.
    [Light's go on and off, everyone looks around]
    Hud: I'll walk the tunnels.
    [Lily gives a defeated expression to Marlena]
    [Group walking in tunnels]
    Lily: I can't see.
    Rob: It's kind of freaking me out.
    Hud: I think there's a light on the camera.
    Rob: Let me see.
    [Light appears]
    Marlena: There is?
    Rob: Okay...
    Hud: Hey, do you guys remember a couple of years ago, when that guy was lighting homeless people on fire in the subways and...
    Rob: Jesus, Hud.
    Hud: What?
    Rob: Maybe not the best time for this conversation down here.
    Hud: Right...I just can't stop thinking how scary it'd be if a flaming homeless guy came running...
    Rob: Not in the dark right now (I think he said this)
    Hud: I'm just saying. Sorry.
    [Sound of metal rumbling]
    Marlena: What was that?
    Rob: Let's just keep moving.
    [Group moving forward]
    Marlena: Oh my god. Oh god this is nasty!
    [Rat's running forward] This is disgusting.
    Hud: They're all running in the same direction...
    Rob: They got to be running away.
    Marlena: From what?
    [Group rushing forward in more of a hurry]
    Hud: Hey, how much further?
    Rob: I don't know, let's get out at the next station.
    Hud: Yeah.
    [Marlena spins around]
    Marlena: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait, did you guys hear that?
    Lily: What is that?
    Marlena: Ssh, just listen.
    Rob: Hud, turn on the night vision...It's right here.
    [Rob helps with camera]
    Hud: Yeah...oh god, run.
    Rob: What?
    [Group begins squirming around, unsure of what to do, but moving forward anyway]
    Hud: Just run, run!
    Lily: What?!
    Marlena: What are you...?!
    Hud: Just run, just run, just start running right now!
    Rob: WHAT?!
    Hud: Just run, run, run, run. RUN! Just RUN!
    [Everyone sprinting forward]
    [Strange noises, loud screams]

  2. *goosebumps*
    *dirty underwear*
    *soggy chair*
    *stained carpet*

    ...still happy...

    this is friggin' sweet

  3. Aw... I live in Canada so they won't let me watch it. Sucks...

  4. I cannot wait until tomorrow night!!! going crazy with anticipation... the scenes just keep getting better and better!!!

  5. mtv won't work for me! the stupid page never loads! is there another way i can see this clip??

  6. You know, with it being 3 days away from the movie, i have a couple last words before we all get engulf in the "Cloverfield" universe that has yet to start to unravel...quick couple of points:1-I'mma need a "hands up if u agree" type notes-lately...the pics being released all have some type of "maybe, they connect" type feel to em...and some of the old clues are now tying into the new clues...remember AKM? from the paddle on his wall in the clip...thought it was a phraternity? Naw...AKM

    or Army Knowledge Management...?I draw this conclusion because we've been seeing alotta action in clips lately and pics too all military. i sat on this one for a while, but check out the link.basically this solidifies the fact that the government knew about MGP already...2: i've turned the nite vision pic of the planes n shit (missles blowin up the water...)i turned it black and white...i found what i'll now coin as the Bluur Blocks or BB's.i seen 3 BB's at what would be the camera taking footage off the vessel that was firing tha weapons, on the B/w photo u can clearly see, every weapon firing at least a fleet of deployed know...ponder that. about the BB's theres 2 clearly at the bottom, and theres one hiding u'll have to look closely bottom left. I was thinking they blurrin dates...coordinates...times my summation is this is after the events of the movie...and it ends with the impression that the military has destroyed MGP...but they havent, enter they expansive world of Cloverfield, perfect launch board into manga comics, toys, video games, real life slusho, minus the SBN. Maybe eventually we'll play, into the story line and have our own TIDO, we might even be made to choose see whether Tag is bad or maybe it's Tido. Since it's its' own universe the options are endless...our questions may never be answered, Jamie may jus dissapear from the party, like the black dude on the roof with the fro...havent seen him since?Only to reappear as sumthin else due to sippin her purple slusho cake...i jus wanna say...may the speculation end where it begun...with a lil curiousity alotta drugs and a alotta speculation

  7. Heh, i've seen the movie and I can tell you that they've edited something out of that MTV preview, I won't tell you what it is, now go and see the movie!

  8. Wow! That was the part of scene, which the actors found as "very special", isn't it?

    I can't wait for seeing the movie. (But I've to wait for 2 weaks...)

  9. that was awesome!! gave me a good thrill just from watching this clip..cant wait untill the movieeee

  10. I'm am so excited about this... so excited from the beginning when this all started in July. But sometimes the dialogue doesn't feel real.. i don't know if it's just me or i need to see the movie as a whole - sometimes it feels forced or something. I'm still excited though - lol.

  11. It sounds more like Rob is saying, "Hud, seriously, seriously."

  12. i skimmed a review and cloverfield is going to get a lot of i dont know what is happening from a lot of people simply because they havent been keeping up with the ARG so i dont know how this may affect any sequels for it

  13. ok, it's official. this movie might scare the crap out of me. i had dream after dream after dream about it last night. it was somehow attached to everything.

  14. Hawk-eye, if you're going to post something that long, please for the love of god, use some proper grammar.

  15. Yeah, Hud says he "just can't get over how scary it would be if a flaming homeless guy came out of the dark right now" and Rob says Hud seriously, seriously

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