Thursday, January 10, 2008

JJ Abrams at TED Conference

JJ Abrams gave a very funny and insightful speech at the TED Conference in March. There's NO information about Cloverfield, but it shows a unique view into JJ Abrams' mind and his "Mystery Box".

* Thanks to Eddie at for passing this along


  1. this bloke will never stop amazing me!!

    omg! this is the slowest month of my life! stupid united kingdom release date! GRR!

  2. That was great! That gave so much insight to how he is, and the way he thinks. For anyone who's been trying to write movies scripts/books/story for games, that's inspirational to hear. Plus, the mystery box analogy...genious!

  3. Thank you for posting this video, Dennis! I love JJ Abrams! He's doing things with passion. That is what's missing with too many people nowadays, sadly.


  4. I enjoyed that so much.

    He is one of a kind.

    I am predicting he will surpass Spielburg as a director/producer.

  5. I love JJ Abrams so much more now. Such a thoughtful, inspiring speech.

    Thanks Dennis.

  6. john! where are you in the uk?
    i'm heading over there on the 16th and i've never been! we should see cloverfield together!

    and yes, thanks dennis! god i love this man. he is seriously such an amazing guy.