Saturday, January 19, 2008

MySpace Update - Rob's Party

New MySpace updates which all point towards Rob's surprise party:

HUD to ROB - Jan 18 2008 4:03 PM
hey man. do you have any like, plans for tonight? cuz I was thinking of watching the complete 7th season of buffy, if you're in

ROB to HUD - Jan 18 2008 4:08 PM
That sounds awesome, actually. However, Grimes randomly invited me to see My Fair Lady, he got some free tickets or something. What time are you starting?

HUD to ROB - Jan 18 2008 4:13 PM
Time is an illusion, Rob. Lunchtime doubly so.

JAMIE blog post - Jan 18 2008 4:13 PM - Current mood: energetic
SOMEONE is seeing me naked tonight - and his name won't be Teddy. Tonight is all about me having fun as a free, single, sexy young woman. This is the start of a new era, I can feel it.

LILY blog post - January 18, 2008 4:35 PM - Current mood: stressed
DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ICE BUCKET!?!? - Ahhhhihateboystheyarelazyanddon'thelpahhhhh!

BETH to LIL - Jan 18 2008 4:39 PM
Alright, I think I'm still gonna come. I might be late, though.

* Thanks to DarrenandKatieForever for emailing me first!


  1. Ya girl Jamie better be wrapping it!

  2. I wonder if there will be another update from Lily since she seemingly survived.

  3. wait, the movie takes place in may. what is up with that!

  4. the movie takes place in may but i think theres a clue in there. time is an illusion. from hud to rob. maybe that means something about the may movie to january viral? or I'm going out on a limb and I'm wrong...

  5. yo dennis, you think you could come up with a timeline of everything that has taken place.....i know its a lot to ask....but this ish is gettin' krazie

  6. We were discussing that earlier today. I can't make sense of the timeline.

  7. i think i have a theory....but im not gonna test it yet....

    does anyone know if IN THE MOVIE they say its january 18?

  8. in the movie rob states that its the 23rd.

  9. If you guys remember from NY 1's first newscast in Rob's apartment, the temperature was 67 degrees. That is May weather in NY.

  10. okay... let's clear this up. ONCE AND FOR ALL

    for those who haven't seen the movie -- EVERYTHING in the movie takes place in either April or May (which is when the party/attack happens)

    I think you all might be looking into this too much. The production staff obviously changed some concept or idea, whether it be with the actual movie OR the viral marketing.

    Reeves told us that the whole timeline of the marketing DOESN'T MATTER!!!

  11. But then why do their myspaces pages say they've logged in 1/18/08...lily's planning a party, the mentioning of my fair lady---the attack was to happen at that party! But everyone in the film is dressed like it's april/may...THIS IS ALL GETTIN RIDICULOUS AND CONFUSING! MAYBE WE ARE MAKING TOO MUCH OF THIS. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE!

  12. I don't know much about myspace, but unless there's a backdating/forward-dating feature there was really no way for them to post entries as if it was May.

    And it's May in the movie, there's no arguing that. So don't pay attention to the time stamps on MySpace.

  13. doesnt rob also say its a saturday? that means it happened May 23, on a saturday, which means it would have to be in 2009...

  14. "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so."
    (Ford Prefect, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

    I think that line is just Hud being his geeky self.

  15. everyone is looking into this too much!!!


    because of JJ Abrams and the theory "everything means something", many of us Clovey-fans always analyze and make these wild assumptions.

    Reeves stated that the timing/dates of the viral marketing had NOTHING to do with the timing of the movie.

    why are we obsessing over this?

  16. HOORAY at the 7th Season of Buffy! ;)

    (That's probably mentioned 'cuz Drew Goddard wrote a few of the episodes...)


  17. Look let's not get angry. It's pretty simple, we are running on the same timeline as the movie. we are running parallel to their timeline. while it is in our time dec. (satellite falling, chuai attack, drama in the atlantic ocean with pics on 01-18-08) and jan. (attack, party) to their april (rob's job offer, him sleeping with beth, thing falling into the water at coney island) and may (party, monster attack on ny)... we are running parallel to the story. Everybody is dead now. The last post on Tagruato was Ganu getting attacked. TIDOwave will be shut down. Their site is now government property because they are eco-terrorists. Maybe Lil's myspace will be updated since we pressume she survived. More than likely Jamie is dead since she was passed out and they leveled NY. but the only sites we have left are and the manga that will describe the tie-ins between tagruato, tidowave, and the monster. Since we all clearly saw that the oil-tanker was a Tagruato tanker. (I was right the whole time about that by the way.) It was sad to see the myspaces and knowing everybody is dead at this point and it was cool to see the juxtaposition of the last scene of rob and beth dying to them proclaiming it was a great day a few weeks earlier. just like the irony in the teasers with $11 guy.

    At this point... there might be youtube accounts of the attack. it may be in our time but remember the movie did take place in may so you have two options to look. but knowing the final end credits audio says "It's still alive." maybe it is a hint to future attack movies with different casts? either way it goes this movie rocked my expectations!

    But wasn't it funny how Hud was a wink to all of the speculation that we all the cloverfield nerds were making? He was a nod to us the fans making all these presumptions on the web. That's the great thing about this movie is that we don't know what the hell the monster is. He is totally original and OUT OF NOWHERE! we don't know if he is from the bottom of the ocean or from space. All we know is he is a baby and is a couple of thousands of years old.

    BY the WAY! He has four arms and two legs! he has backward elbows! and the second set of arms was by his torso. Maybe that's why we all assumed he had tentacles? he is not three-legged, there is not multiple large monsters. HE WAS NOT FOLLOWING HUD! remember that the military was trying to keep him at bay so Rob decided to run into the area that the monster was in! that's why they kept running into the monster.

  18. not seen the film yet due to being in the uk and have to wait 2 more hellish weeks, was just thinking tho, since the film is meant to portray a day in may, could this be around the time that the dvd maybe released? Don't really see many films to figure out how long that takes just the dvd release seem to be happening quicker.

  19. cloverleaf (comment above) has a point. There's usually 3 months in between the film's release and the film's DVD release. So films January start to come out on DVD in May (or sometime around there)
    Good point.

  20. the different timelines between the movie and all the great viral activities is my ONLY complaint. they did such a wonderful job w/ all the viral things... i loved how all the activities (myspace posts, oil rig incident, etc) were all leading up to 1-18-08... to make the two video timelines in the movie april/may is really frustrating. all the original photos on the site were stamped '1-18-08' w/ the corresponding time judged by the events unfolding that night.

    i don't even want to bitch or complain too much about this... but because the viral campaign was so well handled... i need to vent a little... haha.

    i do hope they continue the viral story line a bit past the end of the movie... can't wait to see it for a second time as well...

    well done, folks!

  21. ok, lemme try something...

    Yes, everything was put together why do people think there are all these 'mistakes'?

    Do you think they rushed thru this whole thing making errors along the way and NOONE associated with the film noticed any of them? (including the one theory about the 'incorrect sizing of an animation')

    Or that they would release some of the viral items with incorrect information...

    The photos at have never been about giving answers...they have HELPED us find answers...

    can you imagine how it would have been if the first time any of us when to and saw pics with a date from may stamped on them? It would have created a totally different spin on the game "oh, why does it take place in may?"

    Sorry...I just needed to get this off my chest...

  22. Rob's Party, huh?

    I know someone who was supposed to be there.

    He has not returned.

  23. I had a bit of a marketing idea. I'll mention it here, since Abrams' crew probably has been watching this closely.

    Every once in a while, a movie is released where you can download a free copy of it off the internet with a special promotion code. I think that Abrams needs to do this, and give out coupons for SD cards, or juts release a special edition of the movie with the film on an SD card.

    They could label it, "Rob and Beth, Apr 27," since the footage was supposed to be from a confiscated SD card.


  24. alright... i believe everything will happen in real time...
    just cuz it seems plausible...

    so i'm ridiculously excited for
    April 27th and May 22/23rd

    if you look at the comments on jamie's profile (the only one i've noticed) the comments have some weird dates... the latest is from Nov 16th... and then the two after that are from Dec 4th... and then from there it goes to sep 14th...

    it seems that the "right" dates are from characters in the movie

    i dubbo


  26. ok could someone please explain what the heck everyone is talking about? i just saw the movie today and it was AMAZING!! tho i dont understand anything about the creature and what happened at the end and it looks like no one else does either...but what is all this tido stuff and all that other stuff? if anyone could maybe fill me in, that would be great because there seems to be so much to look at and i cant understand it all =/

  27. @fellish: go look at the older posts and read up on it all. no point summarizing it for you when it's all right there for you to read yourself.

  28. ha ha. a HHGTTG quote. i love Hud so much.

  29. Hmm...Just realized. A Hitchhiker quote... In Hitchhiker, the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything is...wait for it... Forty-two.

    4+2 = 6.

    ...and I still don't know what the 6-fetish of this movie is all about! :)

  30. Anyone else notice Hud's height changed as well - now it says "2'6"

  31. ...maybe that's what he's at, post-monster-attack. ;)

  32. ok i think i'm starting to kinda understand all this stuff.

    oh and this probably means nothing...but i just noticed that on the new episode of Psych that was aired on the 18th, the bad guy's name was Merideth Cloverfield... >.>

  33. Ok... I have been follwoing this since I found this site after Transformers. I don't go to the myspace and all of the interview stuff cuz I can get the most important parts from
    Now I see that the director says the photos (if I understood it right) and the dates on the myspace pages do not matter to the movie.
    WTF? I thought the greatest thing about this movie was that it was happening in real time... The monster was going to attack on 1-18-08. All of the clues pointed to the Jan 18th date from the Chui Station to Rob's party... now we see it is a few months later.
    This is not to say the movie sucked...I thought it ROCKED IT LIKE A HURRICANE! But, I wish it had a little more of the back story. If the photos on did not matter to the story of the movie, will they be explained latter in another movie or the special edition DVD?

  34. Damn.. the photos I meant on the last post were the ones from
    They show stuff... but if I understand the other posts, they don't mean anything to the movie.
    Again I say WTF?

  35. yeah beagslie, the dates really dont make a lot of sense. by the looks of the myspace it seems it was supposed to happen on the 18th, but the movie says its like may...but then again you cant really change the dates on myspace...but the pictures are in wouldnt it make sense to put the movie in january? idk it makes no sense...but hopefully it will be explaned in time lol

  36. "Hmm...Just realized. A Hitchhiker quote... In Hitchhiker, the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything is...wait for it... Forty-two."

    The filimg began at 6:42am and ended at 6:42pm. Hm. 42 ...

  37. Everything has been set up well over the internet so I think the next movie will be following these stories