Monday, January 7, 2008

More Chuai Station News Videos - English, Russian, and Japanese

Three more Chuai Station news videos have been found, English, Russian and Japanese!


In the English version, you can see a website mentioned - The website was created in 2004, so this appears to be a real organization, and is NOT in-game. (i.e. don't bother them!)

Russian Translation by Theos:
Celebration of the New Year distracted the society from the accident in the Atlantic Ocean which happened in the end of the past year. A huge drilling platform also known as the Chuai station collapsed into the ocean and sank to the bottom in several hours. The platform located in hunderds of kilometres from the american coast belonged to the japanese corporation Tagruato. At the moment the amount of people on the place of the accident is unknown. This video was got by news agencies from an anonymous source. Experts will have to investigate what exactly this footage shows. But now we know for sure that the collapse of the platform is not a result of enviromental cataclysm. Some moments of the video show that there was skirmish. All parties releated to the incident prefer to keep silence. We may only guess what happened there.

Some informational sources say that at the current moment there are ships of US coastguard but there is not official confirmation on that from the coastguard representatives.

This is the second video shot afterwards. The people on the video might be the only survivors of the catastrophe.
This story has an important aspect for Russia. The Tagruato corporation has 3 drilling platforms in Russia: the Suizei station in the Okhotskoe sea, Kosho in the Chukotskoe sea, and Koan in the East-Siberian sea. The most of the crew on them are russians. Are they safe from such kinds of incidents? We may only guess who could profit from such kind of attack and hope that interests of mysterious criminals won't be applied to russian assets.

Alexander Vasiliev for RNNS.
Japanese translation by Mukatsuku of Unfiction:
December the 27th, this was the situation on the Chuai maritime platform.
This shocking scene of a group of three to four people at the moment of an attack was caught on a mobile phone camera.

This full details about this event have not come in, the condition is at a standstill but, from a helicopter, a news liaison person filmed it [Chuai station] breaking and falling into the sea. Two Japanese people from Tagruato and five people of unidentified nationality are missing [location unknown].

Today is the first time this event has come to light.

Tagruato denies existence of armed troops on the Chuai platform, yet in this video we can see that these people are wearing Tagruato logos on their clothes. At the end of the video, the lifeboat is fired upon by missiles but no word has been heard from them

The spokesman is just saying that there is no loss of life and the channel is reporting to have received this late.
The families of the missing Japanese people have been notified, etc. The spokesman is saying that this is a difficult situation and that the environmentalist group TIDOWave is known to have been close to the scene.

A Norwegian tanker when returning to New York, ran into difficulties and all contact was lost from it.
In the Japanese video, the Tagruato memo is shown in English(?!?!), here is what it says (Thanks to Transparent Blue of Unfiction):

2 January 2008

In the news statement transmitted earlier today, January 2, 2008, for TAGRUATO CORPORATION, the name of one of the missing individuals is Francois Nouvelle, not Francoise Nouvelle as was previously reported. The correct and complete statement follows:

CHUAI DRILLING STATION - TAGRUATO CORPORATION reports that a serious incident took place on one of its deep sea drilling stations, CHUAI DRILLING STATION, located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

A comprehensive internal investigation is underway, but details are limited.

TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm that the incident took place between the 26th and 27th of December 2007. No loss of life has been confirmed, but TAGRUATO CORPORATION regrets that a number of TAGRUATO employees and independent contractors who were on the CHUAI DRILLING STATION at the time of the incident are reported missing. Confirmed missing are: Hideaki Sakamoto, Gerhard Ploecker, Tsuneo Matsuhara, Dr. Paul Nightingale, Donald Carter, Francois Nouvelle, Andy Young-Mun. Search operations are in effect and every effort is being made to identify and trace the missing individuals.

A further number of individuals are reported missing, but these reports are unconfirmed at this time. Press-reports are circulating regarding the existance of footage purporting to show the total destruction of CHUAI DRILLING STATION. TAGRUATO CORPORATION has not seen this footage, and cannot comment. However, TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm the presence of members from the activist group T.I.D.O. Wave in the vicinity of CHUAI DRILLING STATION. T.I.D.O. Wave is a clandestine group of extremists who have intentionally caused damage to TAGRUATO CORPORATION property in the past, and several of whose members are currently incarcerated.


  1. No way it's an oil spill. The Whistle Blower said there's no oil at the Chuai Station. If anything, the "dark shape" is the MONSTER!!!

  2. Sorry for double post, but at 1:43-1:46 of the English clip, it looks like a dark spot at the top right of the station "leaving" the scene.

  3. OH... MY.. DAD.... What about at the end where the American reporter says "On thing's for sure... it's likely the full impact has yet to be felt.." Hairraising!!

  4. Obviously... it's a Petroleum Monster!!! Oil Monster!!!

  5. Tagruato == Slusho!

    The mining platform is just to get the main ingredient to Slusho... guess what...

  6. Hey, if you look behind the enviromentalist woman they interview in the English version there is a website on a poster that looks to be There is a website with the address but I don't know if it's fake or if has anything to do with the movie but it might be worth checking out.

  7. in the video taken inside of Chuai Station, you can see a guy in a white coat that isn't asian...

    Is he Teddy?

  8. Anybody else notice a white "spark" on the right side of the rig, shooting diagonally away from it, right before it pauses to show the "oil" thats leaking, and right as it pauses to show that, on the right side there is another white spark-like object shooting diagonally towards the rig that is frozen as it zooms in. Take a look!

  9. The missing tanker mentioned in the Japanese news, could be the tanker that would explode near Statue of Liberty. Mabye the monster's using it as a cover to get to NYC?

  10. Guys!

    Is my imagination or someone is shooting before the platform colapses???

  11. The website is registered by a Mike Kaschack and he lives in Los Angeles. The site is pretty suspicious, I've never heard of End Oil and why would a website about oil have Digg and other stuff like that on it? Not to mention it has some stuff about Paris Hilton and sells T-Shirts and Plush toys. If you ask me it's another viral marketing site or whatever they're called.

  12. OMG!! the new video from jammie!! she tasted it!! OH MY GODDDD!!!

  13. hahaha, she is very stupid....but i don't wanna think she is the monster....maybe she just explodes like the other girl in the trailer, cause she never appear in the party, but i still don't understand why she is in the picture of the site she in the party or not?

    I'm confused hahaha....

  14. I believe that the oil tanker has Slusho! ingredients on it, and the monster is attracted to those ingredients in New York Harbor. I believe that's when the 'earthquake' takes place at the beginning of the trailers,and the anchorwoman mentions a sinking oil tanker near the Statue of Liberty.

  15. The oil tanker in the japanese video and the tanker in the trailer are completely different... go check the exclusive 8th trailer you can see the tanker on fire clearly... and it looks like a tagruato tanker... but we'll see about that... as for the new JAMIE VIDEO!!! OH MY GOD SHE ATE IT!!! but it shows the wonderful things that seabed nectar can do to a person... Look for another jamie video in a couple of days... definitely... we're going to be bombarded with viral stuff the next couple of weeks it's so EXCITING!!!

    AND ONE MORE TIME!!! STOP QUESTIONING THE DARK SPOT IN THE OCEAN!!! ITS THE MONSTER!!! we all know it's the monster... all of you act like none of you went to college!!! think critically people.. IT'S THE MONSTER!!!

  16. Endoil seems to be legit. Though I'm still a little skeptical.

    I found Endoil on IRS's web site ( The real name listed is actually Endoil Inc. I'm not sure about what the "Until December 2008" means. (Maybe it was created in December 2007 to exist for 1 year just for Cloverfield?)

    Here's more information on Endoil:

    However, I couldn't find it on Charity Navigator, which is an award-winning web site that evaluates charities.

  17. Me: what tanker in the Japanese vid? You mean the escape boat? There is only the oil rig itself. I see no ships.

    And, uh, calm down a little about the "dark spot." All of this is interpretive at the moment. That's the whole point of the ARG: to hypothesize. We don't "all know" anything yet.

    I do share your enthusiasm, though. =D

  18. The Japanese vid showed a pic of a tanker. And according to the translation, contact has been lost on it's return to Norway from NY (but probably the other way around).

  19. Wow, you're right Ken. Forgive my ignorance. God, there's more information than I can process. With this barrage of clues I can't help but think that we're missing key stuff, things that are staring us right in the face...

  20. Check out the American Clip here:

  21. two things:

    "the name of one of the missing individuals is Francois Nouvelle, not Francoise Nouvelle as was previously reported."

    maybe they are trying to point him out?? i haven't found anything on him, but it stood out to me.

    also, the seven people who are missing... perhaps the people escaping on the boat? i count at least six people, and there could be one more behind the camera?

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  23. lets go back to Teddy's message
    what was Tagruato secretly working on?
    is it destroyed now?
    is teddy still alive?

  24. I have a friend who is a Japanese foreign exchange student here in the States for a year. I showed him one of the news clips and he said that the spokesperson on behalf of Tagruato is a famous Japanese actor (but he didn't give me his name)...

  25. the english video has been taken down... WTF!

  26. heres another video but i dont know if its any different

  27. Blurboy: thank you for being so understanding with the enthusiasm... all I'm saying is to my conclusion... there is no oil under the rig it is all big bad beastie.

    But the oil tanker they show in the japanese vid does not look anything like the capsized tanker in the commercial... I think we'll be hearing some news about the missing norwegian tanker soon... I still think the monster has a taste for oil... with a missing oil tanker, an upcoming capsized tanker and an oil rig that has no oil... some connection here! but also it makes you think that maybe in the end jj's message will be about oil and our over consumption of it as humans. hmmmm...

    But c'mon people... I'm sure jj and matt want you to already get the clue that it is the monster attacking the damn oil rig!

    stop dissecting the news vids and start looking for clues from the myspace pages and jamie's vids... more news reports will be coming in as the days go by... probably more by tomorrow... i'm sure of it.

  28. ..."Hanssen" is a Norwegian surname.

    The tanker is coming from Norway.

  29. Interesting point, Me. It may be JJ's message about human over-consuming oil. It's like an analogy to Godzilla - Cloverfield : oil, Godzilla : nuclear.

  30. OK. i seriously have a good guess at what the monster could be and its intentions.

    The Monster is some form of mutated Whale or something. This would make sence with the whole whale legend thing in the beginning of the Slusho marketing. Plus, if you add together the strange ability the monster has to shoot air. (kinda like a whale's blow-hole). It could have multiple blow-holes on his back. We have seen the monster do this twice now.
    First was in the teaser trailer, when the explosion happens. We see the firey debree shoot out of the expolsion. And the second time we see this, is in the new videos of the Chuai Station being attacked. After it has sunk ,giant shots of air are shooting debree into the air. Makes sence huh?

    Now, the monster's intenetions could be that its just attracted to the Deep Sea Nector. Maybe the Deep Sea Nector is what created it. But this could be completly wrong, cus i feel like the very small amount that Jamie has at her home in New York, wouldn't attract a monster. But who knows? Maybe the monster is just attacking new yourk for now reason. Thats what im leaning twords.

    So, tell me. What do you guys think?

  31. Does anyone else find it a bit weird that there has been nothing posted on the Tag site about all of this? I mean, I know they put up the "Altercation at Chuai" article, but after all this publicity and such, you'd think they'd put something up.

  32. I see everything you guys are seeing but why did the monster attack the station? I think that "dark shadow" in the water isnt oil or the monster but it could be the nectar which is dark blue.

  33. I too am starting to wonder whether the monster has blow holes. In the first trailer we see the fiery debris shooting out. At first we were wondering if the monster shot fire balls, but then figured it was just oil barrels exploding and shooting out. Now with these videos of debris shooting out of the water, I have to wonder if the monster doesn't just grab a mouthful of the oil rig and the tanker and not like the taste so it just shoots the junk out it's blow holes like whales do. Except, the monster would have multiple blow holes.

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  35. The names of the 7 missing people...maybe that's why the man that's wearing a lab coat doesn't really look japanese >.< I don't know if any of the names have appeared somewhere before but I'm interested to know why they mentioned those seven as missing even though the platform must have had more than those seven working there >.< Maybe they ran away into hiding...after seeing what they've seen...

  36. On the english version look at the bottom left pillar at 29 seconds totally a tentacle grabbing hold of it email me with any comments

  37. I dunno, mabe it's 7 because You can't have just 6 people escape, I guess??? :P

  38. If you look at the japanese video, the clip is dated 12/27 (2007?). Makes me wonder, were these clips released back then and it took us a few days to figure it out?

    Do the other clips have dates on them anywhere? I'm gonna check again.

    I like the idea of an oil eating monster. Perhaps seabed nectar is the byproduct, like BEES that eat pollen and convert it to honey. I'm starting to like the idea of the monster having many hives all around the world, probably where Tagruarto drilled.

  39. Now things are getting tasty XD! We all know that the "Dark Substance" is NOT AN OIL SPILL!! Its the damn monster here to eat all the seabed nectar deposits (I Think). And we ALL know when its the monster when all of a sudd- ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR.....Uh...Yeah that...*Dies*

  40. Hi everyone, new here.

    In the english video - at 1:55 -there is a gentelman that very well could be the cook in the photos.


  41. Grapeape49 is right.

    There is a tentacle at 29 seconds.

    Or at least something that shouldn't belong there.

  42. As the lifeboat speeds away during the debris "storm," did you hear someone yell, "incoming" in english just before the camera goes dead? Hmmm...

  43. I have a screen shot of that thing that sort of looks like a tentacle. I'm not quite sure if it actually is a tentacle, but it does seem to come down off the pillar and make a splash. It's hard to tell since the video is so shaky.

    and Here's an image of what I believe is the monster moving out of the way as the rig falls down and sinks. It looks too small to be the actual monster since it is supposed to be the size of a skyscraper, but maybe the top of it's head or a fin or some random lump. I first noticed it just after the rig falls. It's at the top right corner of the rig and moves slowly to the upper right corner of the screen.

  44. jester17: What you see as the monster moving away is only black smoke blowing across the water from a small explosion that occurs on the falling platform at about 0:30 of the english version.

    On another note: After rewatching the I find it funning that they say its a an oil spill under the water, an oil spill will immedialty come to the surface since it's less dense then water. Just a little mix up in the logic of the writers of this fake news report. Even a fake news agency should catch that :)

  45. Yeah I guess it could just be smoke. Just a bunch of people are seeing it and claiming it could be the monster.

  46. can we all agree that the english news clip is the funniest thing EVER recorded? that woman they got to play the activist was hilarious, "and suddenly, we have toxic fish in our bodies." magic! just like that.

    the oil rig itself looks soooooo bad and how did they get cell phone footage if everyone is missing. ridiculous.

    i really like the viral marketing of this movie but this video is really bad.

  47. I'm definitely seeing something in the upper right corner of the screen, in the water, starting at about 1:40, and near the end, at about 1:46 it looks like something sticks out for a second. It reminds me if a whale when they stick their tail out and back in, though I'm not saying it is a whale.

  48. I find it funny that when a huge scaffold or part of a crane falls hundreds of feet from the sky on a tiny boat, that EVERYONE would SURVIVE(according to the news reports and Tagruato).

    JTB I was wondering about that paradox too. If these people were missing, how did they get the footage? cell phones dont float well in water....

    Only thing I can think of is that all the phones were broadcasting or streaming to someone or a satellite. I guess a multi-billion dollar company could make it work?

    Hey JESTER17 and DANBART you know the US clip reporter thought that shadow in the water was OIL? So if people think the cloud is the monster, maybe it is, maybe its not. The resolution and CGI isnt that great. I think the clip is supposed to make people get excited and speculate. Thats been their M.O.

    I do however clearly see a tentacle or something grasp the lower left support before dragging it down.

  49. I see three black things come out of the water, right beofre/as the rig goes down. they look as if it could be three black fingers from a hand (MGP) pulling the station down. the black you see in the water is the body of MGP. they were obviously shooting down into the water at MGP. SOL had three gashed on its head, much like the "three fingers" pulling the rig. watch the clip and keep pressing pause, you can see the three "fingers" come up and tug down the rig

  50. God I'm way too into this at the moment lol... after
    watching all those videos at the Chuai station site... I'm
    noticing a bunch of
    those people on that oil rig are wearing white coats like
    scientists... I'm wondering if the oil rigs are actually for
    scientific research? They also say they believe the 'coast
    guard' was there to rescue the ppl... obviously the guys
    look like ninjas though... probably a special ops team
    because of classified info? Research being done at the
    rig probably caused the mutations, and when the satellite
    fell, if one really did fall, caused a some kind of
    disturbance near new york.. butterfly effect... bam you have
    the monster invading new york.

    Also, in an interview they say the monster is a baby, or atleast supposed to be like a baby who's frantically trying to find its mother... Anyone else notice that the monster at the very end of the movie is coming from a different direction than the city?

    I'm thinking the monster they ran into at the very end was possibley the 'mother' coming to rescue her baby... I mean how else would it have been out side the city already, headed towards it, when there was still bombing going on in the city?

    For a possible sequel, I'm not thinking it'd be a new movie, possibley a different video/perspective of the events that went on that night or a collection of different peoples' videos from that time period.

  51. If you watch that clip at Chuai, look on the shoulder of the 'ninjas', it's the tagruato symbol.

    If you go here,

    you can read about The Effect, and how they want to stop Tagruato, and they say how Tagruato does testing on exotic and endangered creatures for production of food and drinks, and that Tagruato owns Slusho.

    So the drill sites are probably cover-ups for secret testing for food products, and they were probably thinking of using something from the monster for 'slusho' or some kind of product, and when T.I.D.O. or The Effect blew up the drill site, Tagruato agents came to try to rescue some of the scientists, and the monster was released.