Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloverfield Manga Translated

The Cloverfield manga 'Cloverfield KISHIN' has been completely translated by Arienai, and Kosmopol and his girlfriend.

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Here is a gallery of the translated pages:

Cloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo TranslatedCloverfield Manga Photo Translated


  1. Kishin is Ganu Yoshida.

    His mother is dead. Yeah, it's not much to base a thoery on, but I think this is all a big backstory on Ganu.

    Ganu and the monster may have some kind of psychic link.

    That or the monster is Ganu's mom, which is something I've considered from the start.

    First post here, btw.

    And first comment.

  2. these comics make no sense to me...

  3. WHOA!! mindblowing..
    I think the New pictures from are from Whistleblower.. BAsed from the Manga now we can safely assume that those ships in the night vision are not US Navy but Tagruato's Private Navy.. they must have captured & transported IT to Chuai Station, but IT wrecked Chuai station.. Now Tagruato's Navy was able to track it & tried to destroy it &possibly fail (Sonar Pictures) to cover it up.. i think the the light haired uy from the manga inside the Tagruato Boat is Whistleblower.. he looks american & carries a camera phone with him & pictures of his wife on his cam-phone is just his cover.. that explains the new pics view-point or perspectives being at sea-level.. Whistleblower is riding one of the Tagruato boats.. hmmm..the last pic(CHUM) is kinda off.. if a small civilian fishing boat like that is fishing or chuming then they are not that far away from coast.. Chuai Station is like in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean..

  4. Does anyone understand it? Someone needs to explain to me what the heck is going on. So he's drinking toilet water for the first like 4 pages? Then a random girl appears to train him. The some guy on a ship is talking about his pregnant wife. You see the chain break and you know something is under the boat. He starts remembering his mother, but I don't understand whats wrong with her. Then suddenly she's dead. He gets angry and feels he needs to unleash some type of wrath and you see some kind of monster rising from water?


  5. First!
    And i've never been so confused in my whole life.
    This is why i don't watch anime.

  6. Wow that clears everything up..... not really.

  7. Ummm. All your base are belong to us?

    Well, we know homeboy won't be seeing his kid. Or anything else for that matter.

    Don't know what to make of the high school kids though.

  8. Hmm..OK.. here's a weird thought.. what if this kid being beat up is a young Ganu Yoshida? Or is a characterization of him? I mean, he's not real, but maybe they're trying to give us some back story on him?

    ARGH!!! Confusion!

  9. Maybe this comic is the story of Nariko...Or is it Noriko? "the little Whale"

    can´t remember..just a tuought..

  10. I think I had a better understanding of the manga BEFORE the translation!

  11. Wow, it kind of makes scenes, but its really random. maybe we might get a better translation from some one who speaks English and has studied Japanese.

    I have two friends and the both like magna stuff. I'm going 2 c them 2marrow, so I'll show it 2 them so they might understand it more. I might get back 2 u.

  12. Does anyone know that TIDOwave has a new update and it makes no scense to me. here's the web site ( and this is what they said, "Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands." I just don't understand it. I haven really fallowed TIDOwave. But this might mean something and idk! some one please help me!



    review from Entertainment Weekly

  14. This has nothing to do with this particular post, but since this is the newest one I thought what better place to say this.

    I'm not sure if this has been said or thought about before, but I think the deep sea nectar could be an egg of some kind, the egg of a dangerous creature. I believe it must be kept extremely cold so it does not hatch. This is also why on the slusho website it says special scientists will be sent to every store to teach them how to properly take care of the machine.

    Perhaps the monster is the "mother" finding out about the eggs being consumed in mass quantity and she attacks. OR, perhaps, the eggs hatch inside of people- causing monsters to explode from them. I don't know, but this is what I think.

    I'm currently doing an expiriment where I will leave the page open with those six flavor-bots, perhaps the secret is to wait long enough for the "sea nectar" to get warm and hatch.

    Oh well, I'm probably talking to a wall anyway, lmfao. My e-mail is if anyone has any cool discoveries or ideas... :P

    I realize it's comming out tomorrow, I just like to explore possibilities :D

  15. Well, many japanese mangas make no sense if you are looking it with an "occidental" point of view.

    But, the story is kind of simple...this boy, Kinshin is being bullied by some guys. Then, they said that his mother is "weird" (this is interesting). When his mother dies, he feels like, really angry, and when it happens, we see that the Tagruato ship is going to be attacked by the monster.

    So, we can se basically that this guy, Kinshin has some telepathic powers that make the monster appear, he manifests his anger through the monster or something like that. Maybe the bullies say that Kinshin's mother is weird because they know somehow, that she has these powers (maybe like a rumor).

    In the end, New York is destroyed becacuse some Japanese guys bullied a kid. Or maybe, Kinshin is a grown up and he is pissed because he lost his job on the "Slusho division" of Tagruato, because a guy named Rob got the job. He knows that he is american and lives in New York, so he sends the monster to kill him. But, if this theory is true (which is kinda weird) we would need to know why the monster attacked the ship, assuming that this stoty happened years ago, and it's not the same ship from the movie.

  16. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to excuse me for my bad english because I'm not a native english speaker ;)

  17. I actually like Manga, and I found it confusing to read too! I'm guessing this was translated word for word? I appreciate the effort though. Better than nothing.

  18. New TIDOwave post....sounds like they know whats going on...and getting ready for a 'war'.....i cannot freakin' wait.

  19. SOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!
    is this read right to left, or what????

    i dont see any connection!!! someone help!

  20. I'm confused too!!!

    Hahaha...and i'm bored!! What else?!!! more Jamie's videos??? No more pics ??? No more updates on MySpace??...

    Well, i think i can wait a little more for tomorrow...

  21. Dennis....Guys!!!

    New post in Tidowave!!!

    "January 17, 2008

    Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands."

  22. Well, it's not exactly a great translation and i'm not quite sure what exactly is going on but the one thing I can say for certain is that the kid is not says right on his ID card "Kishin Aiba" (first panel on the 4th page).

    Other than that it almost looks like smoke rising from the city in the last panels of the 7th page (if my panel locations aren't clear, remember to read right to left) so maybe the creature was captured in Japan and was being transported for study when it was let loose (possibly by Aiba?)...considering that this is to be continued I don't think it's really supposed to clear anything up yet.

  23. This may be a dumb question, but you are supposed to read the left page first and then the right page? I thought that you read them opposite than you would an american book or comic.

  24. January 17, 2008
    Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands.

    newest update on

  25. tonite sthe night we all find out how wrong we were about the monster and how lil we were right

  26. I have to agree with the earlier post that I had thoughts that the monster could be Ganu's mother. And I also believe that the Seabed Nectar had something to do with the mutation. But now the question is posed... if the monster is Ganu's mother and she was mutated by a large ingestion of the Seabed Nectar, then what does that mean to all those who drink Slusho?

    A Cloverfield sequel perhaps???...


    Finally! I'm glad I was on the ball for at least ONE viral update without checking here first.

    It sounds like they damaged/angered something, I think now they know about the monster too.

  28. What do you want to bet that this will somehow tie into Heroes and that this kid has an Aquaman like ability of talking to underwater creatures?

  29. Dang, I wasn't first, after all. Sad Face.

    6.5 hours!!!! Yaaar!!!!! Roooar!!!!! BLAERGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope they don't do a sequel to Cloverfield.

  30. Cool theory for Heroes Tom! But we will never know if its true if this stupid Writers Strike won't end!! UGH! Will Heroes ever come back!

  31. This explains the monster's motives. JJ talked about in some interviews about how the monster was startled from his sleep and was just a boy. But I guess it got separated from its mom and that's what has caused it to lash out like this.

  32. There we go...

    According to some information on the Cloverfield comic found here:, there's a connection between Kishin, his mother,

    and the monster.

    Kishin's mother is dead - he himself wishes he had died with her, but he hasn't, he's been captured in a storage

    room and is getting pissed off about it. A simple analogy suggests that the mother of "baby Clover" has died.
    I think the Japanese government sattelite (Chimpanz III), which is seen falling in the Coney Island scene, wakes

    Clovers momma near Chuai station, which was set up there in september '07 (check the Tagruato site), not to

    harvest oil (according to Whistleblower) but to harvest the deep sea nectar.

    Clovers momma gets pissed cuz Tagruato's stealing her eggs/food, so she destroys Chuai, after which Tagruato's

    army destroys her - hence the 1-18-08 pictures of that battle at sea and (as a result) some sperm whales and a

    giant claw (which then would belong to Clover's mother) at the beach. This leaves baby Clover alone, and with a

    bad temper.

    The harbor-bound ship in the comic seems to be the same ship as the destroyed tanker from the movies. Maybe the

    ship was towing dead Mama Clover to a place noone would find her (it certainly is towing something as we can see

    in the comic), but destroyed as baby Clover surfaced to even the score.

    The guys at TIDOwave knew about the deap sea nectar harvest for a while, because they were captured at Chuai

    station (Teddy, who had been working for TIDOwave, states in his tape to Jamie that he had been captured at one

    of their stations). But Chuai, and with it the guys from TIDOwave, was destroyed by Clover's momma. Before that

    there has been an exchange of information with the TIDOwave HQ though, which explains their last post (on

    january 17th, 2 days before the incident): they know there are monsters down there, and an attack is imminent.

    They just can't do a whole lot about it. Why they don't ring the alarmbells confuses me though...

  33. I've got it. Ganu(Kishin) and the monster are connected. We don't know how, we don't know in which way, we just know they have some form of bond. The monster itself has been asleep for God knows how long, because Ganu has always been the weak, shy kid, never fighting back and always having people step all over him. Ganu never had enough mental, let alone physical, anger or frustration, etc. to awaken the monster through their bond. Now, Ganu lost his mother at a young age, a very traumatizing experience. As we know, Ganu's bullies make fun of his deceased mother, and it was enough for Ganu to finally snap, for him to finally go over the edge. He acquired true anger and hatred, which is just what the monster needed to awaken. That's what we see at the end of Chapter 1. However, it seems that due to Ganu and the monster's special connection, the monster's personality and behavior will replicate what awakened it, which was Ganu being reminded of his dead mom. So, the monster itself is like a child in search of his mother(just like how Ganu has no mother),with no one to care for it it becomes frightened and goes on a spooked and terrified rampage. It seems that this rampage goes from Japan to New York, but I don't know about that. If you have any questions about my theory, please go ahead and ask. I assure you all, this is what's going on.

  34. I'm reminded of what the Doctor said in the Dr Who episode 'The Empty Child';

    'There isn't a little boy alive who wouldn't tear the world apart to get to his mummy; and this one can.'

  35. Manga reads right to left. The links on this page however go left to right. I believe that both story arcs will eventually meet and all of the confusion will be tied up. Here's what I wrote on slashfilm:
    Okay, I didn’t read all of the comments because it’s pretty long, but this is what I think:

    The movie was great!(9/10) I loved Hud(flaming homeless guys) and Rob was a great guy.

    I think the monster was disturbed underwater(maybe by Slusho?) and it was pretty deep down, sleeping. It was woken up all groggy, confused, and mistook Lady Liberty as an assailent. It attacks in defense and knocks her head off. I have no idea what the explosion was, but possibly the remains of that destroyed oil tanker (oil=fire=BOOM!) Everywhere people are scared and screaming, so the monster(probably pretty young for whatever it is) gets scared too, even more when it starts getting shot at. Note: those red bulb things on Clover (what the monster was called during production) are found on some frogs as well, possibly confirming it was indeed an amphibious creature from the ocean. As for the spider/parasite/louse things? My guess is that they are barnacle things that stuck to Clover for protection(if you look at one concept sketch their heads are similar to those of crabs) and if you look closely at one scene, Clover seems to be rubbing his back against a building, scraping them off. I am waiting for the last scene to find its way onto Youtube, because I did not catch the splash(?).

    At the very end of the credits reel, you hear some static, apparently it sounds like “Help me”. However that is backwards, as many others caught, saying “It’s still alive” with some added static.

    The cell phone batteries? I didn’t look very closely, but he grabbed a bunch of black objects. He did take a while in the store, but a new theory: tracfones?(prepaid cell phones with minutes already loaded) I’m not sure if this is correct, but it’s just my somewhat educated guess.

    The title:Cloverfield…My guess on the matter is that Cloverfield was a production codename used to give not one bit of information away. If you saw Transformers, you saw the unnamed preview that played Wolfmother’s “The Joker and the Thief”. The line that goes “as he’s standing in a field of clover…” is played at the exact moment you hear the infamous roar.
    Another theory I found from someone who posted a comment on Youtube; he said that clovers are little plants that are pretty hard to kill, if you leave one tiny bit of the root left, it will grow back. Remember when clover was hit by that huge rocket. It seemed dead, but that just made it mad, possibly giving it the adrenaline to jump high enough to smack the helicopter. The reason our heroes didn’t die is probably related to the Stormtrooper Effect(look it up).

    Overall, I thought it was a beautiful movie. The Handycam perspective didn’t bother me in the least, and I felt I was right there in Manhattan. What you saw was exactly what Rob saw. Any other camera view would have ruined the movie and all the suspense. NOTE: This movie is full of subtleties; the characters all progress, and the camera takes you all over the city.

  36. The end of the comic shows many egg sacks so i think the monster that attcked Japan is the mother or is related to the one that attacked New York.