Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Slusho Happy Talk Update #5

The Slusho Happy Talk page was updated today with new quotes!

In case you don't already know, most, if not all of these, are fan submitted.
  • Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!!
  • never had tell me what its like tho
  • Is this how you send Happy Talks?
  • I hope my commercial wins the contest!!
  • drinking slusho has made me plusho!
  • Slusho makes my toes happy like the whales!!!!!
  • Dear Slusho! Bring it to England Please! I need the FLAVA! Please?!?
  • Everything is the best happy-time!! Lucky and Satisfy!!!!!
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! whats the upwards notion of your doings???
  • slusho the world
  • I Feel as If all thE other LiquiDs I consume are sub-par.
  • All your Slusho is belong to us.
  • Bryan Happy! Slusho Happy! Everybody Happy!!!!!
  • slusho makes me happy! I wanna go out on a boat and drink the magic ingredent pure!
  • she's one of them
  • I love your history, the stories, the adventure... do you have any other stories to tell?
  • thank you slusho i enjoy the taste
  • I can't drink just one! They're too cold! I get brain-freeze! Please tell me how to be more like the smallest whale, and drink more!
  • Why is the number six so special in regards to Slusho?
  • Cranberry Crush flavour would be infectious!!!!!!
  • I drank some Slusho! last night and haven’t stopped laughing since!! Thanks!!!!!
  • It could be more than coincidence that the month following World Cup. Group has found that much work still needs to be done to extend the range of.
  • Slusho is the most tasty of treats
  • Slusho make good in my belly!
  • I've just tried your new drink and boy do I feel good, happy and so strong, I just cant wait to taste them all. Please let me know when there will be more to taste.
  • Slusho came to me in the night. It told me sweet secrets.
  • I can't stop smiling!!!
  • I no longer fidget with sadness.
  • My grandmother says that Noriko isn't real. How much Slusho should I feed her to make her believe?
  • Can I download a Slusho ring for my car alarm?
  • My store is out of blueberry zoom. i mashed some blueberries into nashi but it didn't taste the same. like copper.
  • Does it rain Slusho in heaven?
  • our teacher made us write poems in class about our favorite thingsd and i wrote a slusho poem and mrs. foshner liked it and gave me a star on my paper so i got to go skating on friday thank you slusho!
BTW, You can see all the old Happy Talk quotes here.

* Thanks to Baydog at Unfiction (aka Daryl) for finding this AND emailing me! Double points awarded!


  1. 1st post! Slusho! happy talk updates bore me. I feel a big update rush coming on tomorrow!!!

  2. all your slusho are belong 2 us

    hahahaha, so great!

  3. We need some more updates. J.J. Abrams is not being very considerate of my crippling addiction to this game.

  4. uh cloverfielf monst spoiler if u want to see go to the link im 80 percent sure it is legit

    http://i09.com/341385/cloverfield-designer-tells-i09-about-the -movies-stark-realism

  5. Link doesn't work.

    "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!!"


  6. "I Feel as If all thE other LiquiDs I consume are sub-par."

    do you think there's something special about the fact that there are only some letters capitalized?

    IFIELDI. think it means anything? besides the fact that the word "field" is in the movie title. or maybe that's it.


    WWTDD.com and other sites are posting the same old pic of art director Peter Konig's model from his website and calling it the official "sneak peek" at the monster.

    Whether it is, or it isn't MGP, I thought it would be helpful to give fair warning before more false assumptions spread like wildfire.

  8. I always thought it would be interesting if that pic was official, and it was just passed off as fan made.
    "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!!"

    I don't know if there really obviously foreshadowing or if their just messing with us. Regardless, slusho has to be the best upper ever produced.

  9. Adam, and everyone else...

    That’s not the Cloverfield monster.

    That photo is from a "concept" art site: http://www.conceptart.org/?artist=Smellybug

    On that page, it says: Peter Konig ... is Tippett's art director for the upcoming, top secret JJ Abrams production "Cloverfield".

    There is a discussion about it at Unfiction here: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=22852

  10. What if Slusho isn't dangerous at all, and we're all oblivious to what is?

  11. Okay neat, I spoiled myself and it was way to godzillaish. I'm really hoping it's like the the whale fan made art. That was awesome.

  12. norik: I really don't think slusho itself is dangerous. I posted this in the other topic, but remember Rob's actor saying the characters could have used slusho? Undiluted nectar on the other hand..I'm not sure. We have to see what happens to Jamie.

  13. Hmmm, Beth's myspace page won't load for me. Maybe it's in the process of being updated?

  14. Nope matt, loaded fine with her last logina as the fifth, and no new comments by anyone else.

  15. i know kinda off subject but this is a theory i thought up one day and i dont know if its possible or not. well we know how the whole case of the Monster is nicknamed "Cloverfield" right? so im thinking actual clovers might not be the thing here so i thought maybe the monster's feet have a clover shaped imprint on the bottom and as it walks around and destroys the city, it makes these imprints in the ground and thus making it look like a "cloverfield".

    and i know it sounds a little out there and probably isn't correct but i just wanted to put it out there. love the whole "makes my stomach explode!" quote, very funny.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. harishmabish said... "Cranberry Crush flavour would be infectious!!!!!! " -CRUCIAL! jamies videos- first we hear her say she had a stomach ache and that she wanted her roommate to get her some cranberry juice. the video after that, she is seen with cranberry juice. wow, these happy talk comments are sure making a lot of references to the movie!

    Most, if not all of these are fan submitted.

    Here is evidince as to the origin of the "Cranberry Crush flavour would be infectious!!!!!!" quote:

    Red Walrus wrote:
    It would be kinda cool if we could all decide on one quote we would like to see on Happy Talk and then all of us pepper the email with it so it would have a good chance of being picked. It could be a hidden message, or a good question,or something only this forum would know.

    Arkaham wrote:
    That sound like a great idea Walrus. Something nice and related that they may put up....
    "Cranberry Slusho would be like an infection!" Wink

  18. "she is one of them"

    The littlest whale, anyone?

  19. Dennis declared this a spoiler-free site. so if you go and spoil the monster (or anything about the movie) for yourself, please don't post your reactions to the spoiler on this website. i.e - "Okay neat, I spoiled myself and it was way to godzillaish. I'm really hoping it's like the the whale fan made art. That was awesome." - Ty

    Some of us don't wanna know anything. and that includes what it reminds you of or what you think it looks to much like.

  20. well of course the happy talk is fan made. even the guys an unfiction made their own. but still, there has to be some relevance that these are the comments that were picked to go on the website out of the possible thousands of submissions recieved. whoever picked these picked them for some reason. maybe an official confirming of the theories that lie within the happy talk?

  21. I hope there will be more updates tomorrow. After that updatefrenzie from yesterday i'm getting impatient.

    Oh and a question for Dennis. What is gonna happen with the website once the film is released? It won't be realsed here until the 24th. So that i know if i should ignore the site untill i have seen the movie.

  22. What are Nashi and Nariko?

    I couldnt find anything on a google search that seemed even remotely relevant.

  23. nashi is a slusho flavor and dennis that link has the same exact photo but the guy who made it talks about cloverfield and crap i dont think there is no new info

  24. Okay, sorry, I see your point. It was very stupid of me and I'd delete the comment, but you quoted me so it would do no good. It's not like after seeing the movie I'd spoil it for everyone, and the "ish" part made my statement at least a tiny bit vague, and I only posted that after Dennis assured me it wasn't the actual monster.

    But again, you're right, and it would have been better for me to not say anything and again, I apologize.

  25. Forgive the double. Alex, Noriko is the woman who supposedly discovered the seabed nectar. You can read about her at the slusho.jp history page.

  26. ha let me clarify that the monster s the last photo the one that looks like a turtle a little let me go get the correct link

  27. http://io9.com/341385/cloverfield-designer-tells-io9-about-the-movies-stark-realism

  28. Hi Guys...

    Just to let you know... trying to understand what is Nashi and Nariko i found this:

    Nashi : Sin Nada (Means WIthout Nothing)

    Nariko doesn't exist but ...

    Nanika : Algo (something)

    I found it in this page:


    Maybe could be something...i don't know...

  29. c&a:Alex made a typo. In the actual quotes, it's Noriko, and like I said, she discovered the sea bed nectar.

  30. jesus christ, u guys r getting to spoiler-ish for me. Im gonna have to stop reading the comments, ill just post things i want to say from now on.
    The dude with the spoiler link sux, and thats not a flame, just an honest observation.

  31. sorry if ur talking about me i dont know whats happening it works fine for me just go to dennis and look for the monster that looks like a turtle it should be the last one that the monster

  32. It's not the monster. That image is FAKE.

  33. ty - thanks for your apology. i didn't mean to sound dick-like. i just feel like after waiting since july 4th for this movie, i wanna make it another 10 days to find everything out. you understand. but yea, i certainly don't wanna start sounding like c lover. lol

  34. Vernon: You didn't sound like that at all. The only reason I clicked the link myself was because adam made it sound like old news and probably fake. I've been waiting months as well and would be horribly pissed If I was spoiled too. I know I don't need to again but I do apologize for being stupid and I assure you it won't happen again.

  35. its fake im glad that monster looked like if it were pissed on it would melt it probley couldnt even kill anyway shut worst it could probly do would be what pinch some one it also looked like a monste ror of the godzilla movies

  36. Whats with the "spoiler" phase. Dennis's job is to find us "spoilers" and trust me if something is REALLY A SPOILER, and Dennis feels that its a spoiler he will say on the first line of his post "possible spoiler".

  37. I'm glad it's fake. It would be really stupid if the monster got spoiled just a few days away from the movie.

  38. no, dennis wont post it at all because this is supposed to be a spoiler free zone, tho i know the comments rnt so much his jurisdiction.
    And yeah, im still reading, but just to see if i got any "whatwhat's!".
    I didnt...
    u dont suck dude

  39. hmmm there is nothing going on today at all on any of the sites probably some major happenings tomorrow. I am still surprised no pic has showed up on tidowave.com yet

  40. Happy talk characters are getting increasingly more drunken. Remember, a while back, that one Slusho char said, "GIMME THE TASTY SEA BEVERAGE IN MY MOUTH!" I bet the monster was one of those few who went berserk on slusho OD.

    The two (possibly) important quotes:
    Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!

    Blueberries + Nashi = Copper??!!! That is certainly odd... revealing deadly Slusho stuff, that guy is.

  41. http://clues.myminicity.com/

    Just made a minicity on that new fad cite. "Clues of Clover". So... I figured that could kinda be CloverfieldClues' minicity. Cloverfield was taken and CloverfieldClues was too long of a title.

  42. I'm too lazy to check if someone else has said this, just have to let it out: "Exploading stomach?" Sounds awfully similiar to a certain something in the trailer, wouldn't you think?

  43. It's going to get progressively harder to stay oblivious to any spoilers out there, It'll be impossible to keep certain anonymous groups of people from flaming boards.

    Yeah, YOU know who you are, guys. :P

  44. BranJ said... Dennis's job is to find us "spoilers" and trust me if something is REALLY A SPOILER, and Dennis feels that its a spoiler he will say on the first line of his post "possible spoiler".

    BZZZZZZZZZZZZT! Wrong Answer!

    I have already stated that CloverfieldClues is a SPOILER-FREE ZONE, and that I WILL NOT post any spoilers here, and I will do my best to to keep any spoilers out of the comments.

    If necessary, I'll start moderating comments again...

  45. Dennis, I really think you'll need to. Once the sneak peeks are given, you know those people will post everything about the movie, and certain people would probably post them in the comments on purpose.

  46. I can't recall if it is my exact words or not, but I did submit something along the words of the "exploding stomach" quote plus obvious proof from Unfiction guys' cranberry quote tells me that they are indeed fan based.

  47. I know someone who got invited to Rob's party in New York on Thursday.

    I have already told him I refuse to talk to him again until AFTER I walk out of the theatre the next day.

  48. Wait a minute..
    "My store is out of blueberry zoom. i mashed some blueberries into nashi but it didn't taste the same. like COPPER."
    Isnt the Statue of Liberty made of Copper?? And of all the possible ways of destroying a statue, why would the monster rip its head off then just throw it?? Just a big maybe the monster liked the taste of humans from Chuai, saw this big human like thing(SoL) bit the head of , it went "EWWWW Copper?!" then spit it out.. and that made him destroy New York more.. hahaha...

  49. Live 4rm Planet 10:
    I was real curious bout these slusho flavors...like the not so obvious ones...Mikan:Citrus unshiu Marc. is a seedless and easy-peeling citrus mutant of Chinese origin, but introduced to the West via Japan. In Japan, it is known as unshu mikan (Japanese: 温州蜜柑, unshū mikan, lit. Wenzhou sweet citrus). In China, it is known as Wenzhou migan (Chinese: 温州蜜柑; pinyin: Wēnzhōu Mìgān; literally "Wenzhou honey citrus"). It is also often known as "Seedless mandarin" (Chinese: 无核桔; pinyin: wúhé jú).I guess u can see the word mutant, which i've never heard referred to as a fruit, but lets move along shall we?...Nashi:Not actually Japanese as thought before...Russian in fact...so what other russian has been mentioned in dis story?Khodavoskyonimoni (sp?) anyway Ganu accepted the award for which they named this dude...cross google Nashi/Khodsavo....w/e his name is. Nashi is actually very "T.I.D.O" like in this article i pulled up-http://jbanc.org/weapon.html-i think this is why were getting info in so many languages, cuz we were so stuck on japanese, we forgot some words are the same, but have different meanings...actually upon observation of the flavors on Slusho, Mikan and Nashi are conspicuous by the placement of their characters. in between 2 actual fruit flavors in the order of Blueberry/Chocolate/MIKAN/NASHI/Banana/Strawberry? isnt that weird to anyone but me?and they are on both sides of the sea honey nectar melon w/e...I really don't even know where the assumptions are supposed to start, but i'm almost for certain this is something we could have come across a while back if in fact it is relavent...anyway i'mma combine just those two...and see what flavor slusho i get...CLOVERHEADS...do your homework...it's fun!!!

    P.S.A From Planet 10

  50. Sowwy for the 2x play, yeah, Nashi and Mikan don't make shit...damn cloverfield confusion

  51. Hawkeye,

    Nashi is a type of Pear. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nashi_Pear

    Notice the robots on Slusho's flavors page all resemble their fruit - the Nashi robot is pear shaped.

  52. oh yeah...call this a bonus feature, Mikan, Nashi also appear in this rather displaced short story...Darkling Dawn(http://lantessama.netfirms.com/Candidates/Trix/KMMNRI.htm)read...

    3X play, and i'm seriously...seriously sowwy...

    PSA from Planet 10

  53. hey i just thought of a new thing to do with deep sea nectar what if it's something that the monster makes to atract its pray make them fell good and they want to come back for more like a venous fly trap

  54. Got my Slusho T-Shirt today!!

    SLUSHO! ZOOM!!!!!

  55. Well i thought that the Slushio is what the monster needds, such as food, his children's blood etc!
    his rath then is to stop to taking of slushio from the sea...what ever this "sea nectar" is!
    hence the oil rig! matbe it too was getting nectar or disterbing him??

  56. i have been watching this site for a long time now, and i probly dont know as much about this movie as some of you, but i have some thoughts that some people may find interesting, first off we all kinda know why the monster may be attacking, well i have thought about it even though this monster is huge, the sea is a realy big place too, so if us humans drilling down there was bugging it, chances are it would swim away probly scare of the strange nosies. second, the happy talk from slusho "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy" ya we all seen what happened in the trailer, so that leads me to belive the resound this monster is attacking us is its motherly natuer this sea neacter in fact holds the monsters eggs witch are very very small this may be hard to belive that a monster so big started so small but we were all microscopic at one point, so people are drinking the eggs the little monsters grow in side the and reck there own havok, and then mommy" the monster" comes in pissed trying to save her babys. these are just my own ideas and thought from what i have gather, so what dose every one eles think

  57. '' Slusho came to me in the night. It told me sweet secrets. ''

    The monster attacked the city at midnight...

  58. It doesnt seem like its here, but theres one happy talk quote that says something about slusho or some other thing being alive... and that might have to do with the commercial when the guy said 'its alive' before the windows broke.