Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TidoWave - Chuai Station Missing

TidoWave has a new blog post, answering the question of what happened at "the event":
January 01, 2008

As many of you know, we returned from our journey late last night. There are already more rumors going around than I’d like, so I want to set the record a little straighter before all of us go crazy.
Yes, we had the coordinates correct. There’s no possibility that we weren’t in the right spot. But there was simply nothing there. No debri, no clues, no anything. Just ocean. And calls to our comrades got nothing but static. This doesn’t mean that we’re giving up - exactly the opposite. Something went on out there. A mess too big for Tagruato to wipe up with their handfuls of money. People are going to want to know what happened to that station. And we’re going to find out.
Was the station ever there, or has it disappeared? If it is missing, could this be a Tagruato cover up, or the work of the Monster!?!?!

* Thanks to Carlos, Alex, Theos, Treefrog19, Matt S., and Dr. Rob for emailing me!
** BTW, my internet is down again, but I'll do my best to keep everything up-to-date!


  1. well, we would have to assume it was there and is no longer there since the post refers to their comrades who gave them the coordinates and didn't respond to their call once there. i guess this also means that there is no hope for teddy now if he was at this station. this also explains what the warm towel would be used for but not the swiss army knife.

  2. Perhaps, it isn't disappeared? Perhaps it's a "undersea" station? Somebody on uF told about an old news from Tagruato, "Tagruato announces plans for "undersea construction sites".

    It would explain the absence of debris or something else on that place.

  3. If it was underwater, then TIDOWave would probably know it. Especially since they had people on site

  4. what gets me is theres is no debris and crp that means the monster had to be from this location it escaped it was enraged and destroyed it what teddy saw had to be unbelivable

  5. "people are going to want to know how it all went down."- in the trailer

    "People are going to want to know what happened to that station. And we’re going to find out."-in tidowave's blog.
    i dont know if theres a connection or not

  6. The two images of the radar when animated they do not move, only the mass is showing, revealing a very large size thing, but, there are 2 more objects besides the Main Large image, this may be the Underwater Chuai Station, Of Course we never knew if the station was open or not, build or not because no one says Directly "Chuai Station is here" we just figure from here and there, but, what if "Der Merzmensch" Is right..

    Think about it, no debris? please, this is a Japanese Station...Must be state of the art, maybe is like a sub lab or something...

    don´t close doors guys, this JJ is capable of anything...

    Maybe even Dennis is part of Tagruato!! or Tagruato is Hacking his never know hehhee!!!


  7. Guys, I know this is the wrong place to ask, but i have this doubt...and is killing me and i want to share...

    If the sea bed Nectar is been since Slusho (apparently has some time on the market), and the japanese man on the 1-18-08 page cooks with it, why are we looking on the Chuai Station as the Station that probably started it all, if the openning was going to be on september 2007?

    maybe the monster is not from from another station since they have a couple stations north from there and the nectar thing must be freezed...

    i don´t know and sorry, joust a thought

  8. how do tido wave know about the monster?????? or that it might be responsible

  9. just checked this site:

    says it's only 84 mins long =/

    that's a bit naff, no?

  10. lol nick i thought the same thing but i thought about it and i know now that Dennis wrote that.

    And i think der mertzmensch is right, that makes a lot of sense.

    But i have one question, what station is Teddy at? and Teddy said that Tagruato has found something or is making something, and now Tidowave says a station has disappeared. Are these the two same stations?

  11. For god's sake don't tell me you've just found it's an underwater station. OF COURSE, it's an underwater station: they ALL ARE. How are they gonna be drilling the sea bed if not? Tagruato's site says that all of the stations are assembled (and the most recent - built) under water. And TIDOwave of course knows that they should be looking for it underwater. The point is they have not found anything there.

    Most probably, everything is happening with the Chuai station, because TheWhistleBlower wrote
    "The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing". By good people, he means the TIDOwave comrades that disappeared leaving the next-to-last person who posted on TIDOwave alone on the station.

  12. theos not all stations are gonna be underwater search on google images for ocean stations and you will understand what they really look like.

  13. for everyone saying that the monster is jamie or teddy or some PERSON, unless this movie is going to delve into the realm of magical occurrences, the physical restraints are too large to ignore. it's impossible for a body to gain THAT much mass and size, even with mutation.

    as for tagruato being the creator of said beastie, first off they would have to genetically engineer a creature that doesn't exist, and since all genetic materials come from existing animals, there's no way the outcome would be a monster like that without synthetic DNA (which would be impossible to control on such a scale, not to mention decades from possible).
    SECOND: why would they?

    no ladies and gentlemen, this is a beast of the deep, disturbed by tag's chuai station which it has now ripped to shreds.

    so now teddy's dead, haHA jamie take that!!

    and now little wee beastie's coming for the rest of us.
    I, for one, am ready.

  14. There's also 3 new articles on the Tagruato website. All dated in the past but wern't on the site till today or yesterday. Wonder if the myspaces are updated as well.

  15. That's odd. I checked Tagruato not 10 minutes ago and there was nothing new...

  16. "no ladies and gentlemen, this is a beast of the deep, disturbed by tag's chuai station which it has now ripped to shreds."

    I agree with your hypothesis. In addition, this means that given how all creatures arrive on earth, there are other creatures out there like it who gave birth to it and who are intended to mate with it to continue the species.

  17. C LOVER F IELD (a new age), i am not speaking about SOME ocean stations
    i am speaking about Tagruato stations which are all underwater as it is told on their site

    "Another benefit of these new technologies is the ability to actually construct drilling stations from the ground up. In the past, the process has been to build the various parts of the station in Tagruato's mainland factories, ship them across the oceans on aircraft carriers, and then reassemble them underwater. The process can be costly and time consuming".

  18. Part of me thinks "Monster! Haha it showed those Tag guys!", but part of me thinks "The monster leaves TONS of debris in its wake"... very strange... I stand by my theory that the monster drank slusho! that was dumped at Chuai.

  19. Maybe the Chuai station disappearance is a cover-up by Tagruato. They disturb the monster, then implode the station to cover up any evidence of their involvement. Then they put out a bunch of happy, friendly press releases about how great they are.

    I almost expected them to remove Chuai from the drilling stations web page...

  20. Participem:

    Cloverfield - Monstro: O Filme - The Movie


  21. annalana: ?

    Dan, I don't wanna dis you or anything, but if you get too far into realism, then the monster doesn't exist. Nothing that big could be supported by any form of skeleton.

    I think Tag made it. I don't think we'll ever really find out, though.

  22. the stations cant entirely be underwater. Its clear that tidowave ppl, and that whistleblower douche, were on the station. Ud think tido wave would know it was underwater. Sure the equipment is underwater, but theirs probably some sort of platform above water to.
    "From the ground up" can be to any extant.
    Also, the implosion/cover up theory sounds very plausible.
    If we say the sonar is the monster, then they discovered around that time.
    The whistle blower may very well be dead.
    Thats what im thinkin anyhow.

  23. Given how all creatures arrive on earth, there are other creatures out there like it who gave birth to it and who are intended to mate with it to continue the species.

    What about asexual reproduction? ;)

    Also, Stuve, um, skeletons support[ed] things like whales and dinosaurs :)

    What I really hope is that they have a mention of this backstory in the movie, but then we get some sort of follow up detailing what happened before the 18th. A couple of X-Files episodes are coming to mind.

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  25. stuve i do agree, an imaginative mind that neglects some rational thinking is needed to enjoy a movie, and while i'm watching movies that's exactly what i do, to get the best experience.
    i hate people that criticize the movie as it's playing, and i would never do that, but when i'm looking back on a movie i don't want to remember "jamie ate some sea nectar then became a GIANT MONSTER" or "tagruato bred a whale and a genetically modified komodo dragon on steroids"

    that skeleton thing would be an interesting debate... i wonder if there would be some form of thick skeleton supported by massive ligament and muscle structure that could potentially support something like that... one day i'll make a monster, i'll let you know what i find out.

  26. how do we know that teddy wasnt moved to another station before all this went down? He still could be alive! there could have been survivors but if turo has covered up the destruction of the station, they would have taken the survivors as well.

  27. Personally, I'm just looking forward to a (hopefully) really good monster movie,in the 'old-school' flavor...giant,scary city-stomping,etc..
    Now, to be 'Geek'...
    As far as a skeleton supporting something that big...With only slight formulaic variances in the calcium-carbonate structure of the bone itself,including more of certain elements (carbon and boron) the bones would easily be strong enough.Ligaments and musculature also work out as perfectly possible,too.
    (I looked up all kinds of physiological info as I was curious also.)
    It's origins??? Based on one particular pic I'm sure you're all familiar with -and all I have to work with- that shows it's scale to the Statue of Liberty and the 'lice' scaled to a Human male...It's 'head' looks like one of the whale species,as does it's extremely long body-tail section...Blue whale I think,but one of the Baleen whale types regardless.
    But, that's just based on a single pic,so...big margin for possible error.
    Theoretical Cryptozoolical disertation concluded.
    But remember;Where's there's one, there's likely more...
    Fun thought,huh?

  28. Wouldn't it have been a lot cooler if the movie had been done Combat-Photographer style???
    Same reality-sense, but not running around with a bunch of civilians...

  29. Er, John, that pic is fan-made. It does not depict the actual creature in the film. Nice analysis, though. Perhaps you could track down the kid who thought it up and share your thoughts.

    There are a number of prehistoric species that have survived millenia and are still prevalent today. It stands to reason that a larger creature could accomplish the same, given the right environment. I don't see why it's so hard to believe that an adequate "skeleton" could exist. Are you saying that you don't believe in dinosaurs?

  30. Dan, all skeletons are ligament supported... I don't want to get into a huge realism debate, but a movie that features a 275-foot tall monster has to have some degree of fiction to it.

    I think Tag made and then either a) imploded the station to cover it up or b) IT imploded the station for them.

    I think Tagruato has come too far in viral marketing to become another innocent victim of the monster. That's NYC's job. Tag must have made it. But, it's not like in the movie they will tell us. Maybe after the release the viral marketing will tell us everything.

  31. PS- Sorry for the double post. I think the monster is definitely on the loose now in the viral marketing, since the movie comes out so soon it would take it about 15-20 days to reach NYC from Chuai.

  32. Hmm, usually with giant monsters people talk about the "square-cube" problem, where volume/mass increases faster than surface area. So you have problems with dispelling body heat fast enough, having legs wide enough to hold up the body, that sort of thing.